99 Bricks is a physics stacker game which utilizes bricks similar to Tetris. Build the highest tower! With 99 Bricks at your disposal, how high will your tower be?


99 Bricks Gameplay

99 Bricks game being played

The gameplay is similar in appearance to the classic Tetris game, however is very different in objective. The familiar blocks fall from the top of the screen to the platform at the bottom and the player can rotate the blocks and speed their descent, just like in Tetris. In a twist on the classic block stacking game, this game challenges you to stack your pieces and make a brick tower. The object is build your tower as high as possible before it falls over. You may drop pieces you don't want outside the platform or choose to discard them, but you only have 99 bricks at your disposal and no way of gaining more bricks.

The game engine involves some physics and the taller your tower becomes, the more it seems to sway. The impact of placing another brick in your tower seem to affect a tower's movement. Should your tower topple and bricks fall off the platform, you lose height but may choose to continue playing. It is your biggest height reached which counts toward your scoring, not your height at the end of the game. If you quickly pile lots of bricks on each other without worrying about the tower becoming unstable, you may be able to reach a lot higher before the bricks topple over.

Use the arrow keys to move your brick. Up key or space bar rotates the brick, 'c' key discards the current brick, 'z' key can be used to zoom out. 'p' key brings up the in-game menu. You can submit your score from the in-game menu at any time. On the left side of your tower is the number showing the highest your tower has been this game, and on the left is the current height.


  Toddler Tower Badge
Easy pts
99 Bricks » Reach a height of 250
  Conservative Constructionist Badge
Medium pts
99 Bricks » Create a tower with 33 blocks without losing a single one
  Reach for Dubai Badge
Hard pts
99 Bricks » Create a tower with a height of 600
  99 Problems Badge
Impossible pts
99 Bricks » Use all 99 blocks to create a single massive tower


Hard badge walkthrough:

99 Bricks Walkthrough - Hard Badge - 622 Score

99 Bricks Walkthrough - Hard Badge - 622 Score

Impossible badge walkthrough:

99 Bricks Walkthrough - Impossible Badge

99 Bricks Walkthrough - Impossible Badge