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Achievement Unlocked
Name Achievement Unlocked
Author jmtb02

Armor Games

Genre Puzzle
Published 2008-12-18
In-Game Awards? Yes
Gameplay Style Platformer
Upgrade System? No

Achievement Unlocked is a platformer meta-game based on getting achievements, where you control a little blue elephant exploring the facility it is stuck within. The blue elephant is the same one as in many of jmtb02's games. The intro song was done by Minoff, while the music playing during gameplay was created by Kevin MacLeod.


This game is all about meta-gaming. You control a blue elephant while trying to find all 100 the achievements in the game. Don’t worry about beating levels, finding ways to kill enemies, or beating the final boss. There are none of these. The achievements are related to random things like dying, finding secret spots and touching blocks. Exploration is key, as well as trying to do new actions until something awards an achievement. You have endless lives and dying is often encouraged.


     0. Don't Move a Muscle: Keep the elephant from moving

  1. It's a Jump to the Left: Find a way to move westward
  2. And it's a step to the Ri-i-ight!: Strain yourself to move right
  3. Fight Gravity: Figure out how to jump upwards
  4. Elephant Skewers: Hit a spike strip
  5. Ascension: Be lifted into the sky
  6. Lefty: Show love to the left wall.
  7. Righty: Show love to the right wall.
  8. Purple Ceiling: Hit the top of the hardest level
  9. Rock Bottom: Find the bottom of the easiest level
  10. Speedy Downfall: Fall from the top to bottom without stopping
  11. Escape Velocity: Go from bottom to top without stopping
  12. Stalactite: Skewer yourself at high speed on downward facing spikes
  13. Stalagmite: Skewer yourself at high speed on upward facing spikes
  14. Found Point 0: Uncovered secret point 0
  15. Found Point 1: Claimed secret point 1
  16. Found Point 2: Excavated secret point 2
  17. Found Point 3: Popped open secret point 3
  18. Found Point 4: Tripped over secret point 4
  19. Found Point 5: Visited secret point 5
  20. Bloodhound: Uncovered all points on level
  21. Floating Corpse: Get a skeleton stuck in a launcher
  22. I Can Count to 5!: Visit each point in order
  23. We Have Liftoff: Visit each point in reverse order
  24. Airwalking: Stay off the ground for 10 seconds
  25. Hellbound: Launch corpse to bottom
  26. Heavenbound: Launch corpse to ceiling
  27. Secret Alcove: Get surrounded by three sides (1)
  28. Secret Cave: Get surrounded by three sides (2)
  29. Secret Hideout: Get surrounded by three sides (3)
  30. Death at 0: Fire a corpse at Point 0
  31. 1 o'clock murder: Fire a corpse at Point 1
  32. Get Off Your Seats: Jump for 10 seconds nonstop
  33. Cemetary: Have 5 live corpses on the screen
  34. Graveyard: Have 7 live corpses on the screen
  35. Half-Century: Reach 50 elephant deaths
  36. Century: Reach 100 elephant deaths
  37. And One More...: Hit 101 elephant deaths
  38. Stayin' Alive: Stay alive for 15 seconds
  39. Longevity: Stay alive for 30 seconds
  40. Gone in a Flash: Die in less 0.23 seconds
  41. Wrecking Ball: Hit the center spiked platform
  42. In the Pit: Land a corpse in the pit
  43. Pit Hat Trick: Land 3 corpses in the pit
  44. 10 Pin Pit: Land 10 corpses in the pit
  45. Double Play Pit: Have two corpses in the pit at once
  46. Triple Play Pit: Have three corpses in the pit at once
  47. Horizontal Confusion: Hold both the left and right keys
  48. Vertical Confusion: Hold both the up and down keys
  49. Total Confusion: Space bar has no purpose, dummy
  50. My Favourite Spot: Find the developer's favourite spot
  51. 10 Seconds: Play for 10 seconds
  52. 30 Seconds: Play for 30 seconds
  53. 60 Seconds: Play for 1 minute
  54. Pi: Hit points 3-1-4 in that order
  55. THIS IS SPARTA: Hit 3-0-0 in that order
  56. Meaning of Life: Hit 4-2 in that order
  57. (2*125)+3: Hit 2-5-3 in that order
  58. 3*(30/(15-13)): Hit 4-5 in that order
  59. Paint 10: Touch 10 blocks
  60. Paint 25: Touch 25 blocks
  61. Paint 50: Touch 50 blocks
  62. Paint 75: Touch 75 blocks
  63. Paint 100: Touch 100 blocks
  64. Masterpiece: Touch every touchable block
  65. Jet 5: Hit 5 launchers
  66. Jet 10: Hit 10 launchers
  67. Master Jetter: Hit every launcher
  68. 3 Spikes: Hit 3 stationary spikes
  69. 7 Spikes: Hit 7 stationary spikes
  70. Spikeful: Hit all stationary spikes
  71. Extreme Makeover: Recolour all areas
  72. True Blue: Turn your elephant blue (hit 1)
  73. Shocking Pink: Turn your elephant Pink (hit 2)
  74. Sweet Orange: Turn your elephant orange (hit 3)
  75. Stealth Black: Turn your elephant black (hit 4)
  76. Cheater: Ask for a Hint
  77. Programmers Credit: Enter jmtb02 into level
  78. Too Much Contra: Enter Contra level select code (although it's actually the Konami Code: up up down down left right left right b a)
  79. No Cheese for You: Click the level area
  80. Bandwidth Exploiter: Preload the game
  81. You Are El: Click the Armor Games link
  82. Menu Explorer: Find the main menu
  83. Quality Snob: Adjust the quality
  84. Scrolliastic: Scroll the achievements section
  85. Play the Game: Start the game
  86. Get to Level 1: Play Level 1
  87. Not Listening: Mute the sound
  88. Clink Clash Clink: Found the sponsor screen
  89. Best Player Ever: Earned an achievement
  90. 10 Percent Done: Earn 10 achievements
  91. 20 Percent Done: Earn 20 achievements
  92. 30 Percent Done: Earn 30 achievements
  93. 40 Percent Done: Earn 40 achievements
  94. 50 Percent Done: Earn 50 achievements
  95. 60 Percent Done: Earn 60 achievements
  96. 70 Percent Done: Earn 70 achievements
  97. 80 Percent Done: Earn 80 achievements
  98. 90 Percent Done: Earn 90 achievements
  99. Too Much Free Time: Earn 99 achievements


  Elephantastic Badge
Easy pts.gif
Achievement Unlocked » Complete 50% of the achievements
  Achievement Lady of the Evening Badge
Medium pts.gif
Achievement Unlocked » All achievements unlocked
  Four Minute Frenzy Badge
Hard pts.gif
Achievement Unlocked » Complete all 100 achievements in under 4 minutes


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