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Achievement Unlocked 3
Name Achievement Unlocked 3
Author jmtb02


Genre Puzzle
Published 2012-05-29
In-Game Awards? Yes
Gameplay Style Platformer
Upgrade System? No

Achievement Unlocked 3 is a platformer meta-game based on getting achievements, where you control a little elephant exploring the world, or at least the rooms he can reach. It is the sequel to Achievement Unlocked 2 and the third game in the series. The game was created by jmtb02 and features his trademark blue elephant protagonist.


Take control of your friendly blue elephant once again and try and get all of the 400 achievements in the game. The goal of the game is not to traverse levels without dying, but solely to get achievements. A lot of the time, dying is encouraged and helps get achievements. You may collect coins, touch blocks, die on spikes, use teleport tubes or play with each levels unique gadgets. Collected coins can be used to unlock more features of the game. Each level has a unique feature you must figure out in order to get achievements and progress the game.


The game has 400 achievements which are awarded for specific in-game tasks. Some are really simple and are almost impossible to avoid getting, such as achievements for moving your character and jumping. Some of them involve dying in a specific manner. There are some that are more difficult to get and require the player to work towards that specific goal. A full list is available on the official walkthrough.

  1. Jump up and get down: Figure out how to jump
  2. Hoppy Day - 10x: Jump 10 times
  3. Hoppy Day - 30x: Jump 30 times
  4. Hoppy Day - 70x: Jump 70 times
  5. Hoppy Day - 100x: Jump 100 times
  6. Hoppy Day - 150x: Jump 150 times
  7. Hoppy Day - 200x: Jump 200 times
  8. Double dutch: Double Jump
  9. Double dutch - 10x: Double Jump 10 times
  10. Double dutch - 30x: Double Jump 30 times
  11. Double dutch - 75x: Double Jump 75 times
  12. Double dutch - 100x: Double Jump 100 times
  13. Double dutch - 150x: Double Jump 150 times
  14. Double dutch - 200x: Double Jump 200 times
  15. Hang time - 1 sec.: Catch 1 second airtime
  16. Hang time - 2 sec.: Catch 2 second airtime
  17. Hang time - 3 sec.: Catch 3 second airtime
  18. Impalephant: Jump onto a spike
  19. Double Impalephant: Double Jump onto a spike
  20. Jump to Another Level: Go to another screen jumping
  21. Double Jump Tube: Double jump in a tube
  22. Jump Jump Switcharoo: Switch directions 5 times while jumping
  23. Elecoptering: Hold a jump for 3 seconds
  24. Jump 5 With No Sides: Jump 5 times without moving
  25. Up Ten Without Death: Jump 10 times without dying
  26. Click Jump: Click while jumping
  27. Pause Jump: Pause while jumping
  28. Three times a jumpy: Try to triple jump
  29. A to G midair: Type A through G while jumping
  30. No one could hear you jump: Jump while muted
  31. Jumping Prick: Jump into spikes 10 different times
  32. Mouse Jump: Jump into your mouse cursor
  33. Hamster Tube Hop: Jump into a hamster tube
  34. Everywhere I Jump: Jump in every screen
  35. Free fallin: Fall over 200 pixels in one fall
  36. Hot cross bun: Fire a pastry
  37. Hot cross bun - 10x: Fire 10 pastries
  38. Hot cross bun - 50x: Fire 50 pastries
  39. Hot cross bun - 100x: Fire 100 pastries
  40. Hot cross bun - 500x: Fire 500 pastries
  41. Stationary confectionery: Fire 10 pastries
  42. Skewered treats: Fire a pastry into spikes
  43. Let them eat cake!: Fire a pastry into king hamster
  44. Tubed treats: Fire a pastry into a tube
  45. Mid-flight meal: Fire a pastry while jumping
  46. Pastry buffet - 10x: Have 10 pastries out at once
  47. Pastry buffet - 20x: Have 20 pastries out at once
  48. Tasty pastry: Consume a pastry
  49. Tasty pastry - 10x: Consume 10 pastries
  50. Tasty pastry - 50x: Consume 50 pastries
  51. Tasty pastry - 100x: Consume 100 pastries
  52. In-flight snack: Consume a pastry midflight
  53. Mega-tart: Launch a big pastry
  54. Uber-tart: Launch a huge pastry
  55. Constipation Annihilation: Die from pastry
  56. Mini-tart: Collect a mini pastry
  57. Mini-tart - 50x: Collect 50 mini pastries
  58. Flamephant: Catch the elephant on fire
  59. Flamebroilephant: Die from fire
  60. Up to snuff: Extinguish a fire
  61. Flaming tart: Catch a pastry on fire
  62. Firestarter: Light a torch on fire
  63. Firestarter - 3x: Light 3 torches
  64. Firestarter - 10x: Light 10 torches
  65. Firestarter - 18x: Light 18 torches
  66. Firestarter - 27x: Light 27 torches
  67. Soakaphant: Become drenched in water
  68. Let there be dark: Extinguish a torch
  69. Funeral pyre: Catch a deadaphant on fire
  70. Funeral pyre - 5x: Catch 5 deadaphants on fire
  71. Flaming Deadaphant Kills: Deadaphant lights you on fire
  72. Fire by Pastry: Pastry lights you on fire
  73. Pastry torch lighter: Fire a pastry to light a torch
  74. Hot!: Increase elephant temperature to 700F
  75. Loose change: Collect a coin
  76. Loose change- 20x: Collect 20 level coins
  77. Loose change- 50x: Collect 50 level coins
  78. Loose change- 75x: Collect 75 level coins
  79. Loose change- 100x: Collect 100 level coins
  80. Loose change- 125x: Collect 125 level coins


  • This game's Medium badge is the 2000th badge on Kongregate. Hooray!


Coins for Pellets for Progress for a.png
  Coins for Pellets for Progress for a Badge
Easy pts.gif
Achievement Unlocked 3 » Unlock the gym area
Skinner Box Recursion.png
  Skinner Box Recursion Badge
Medium pts.gif
Achievement Unlocked 3 » Earn any 300 in-game achievements


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