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Badges are earnable achievements on Kongregate. They come in 4 different difficulties; easy, medium, hard and impossible. They are earned when you complete a certain achievement on a game, for example, the Difference Detective Badge on 5 Differences is earned when the player completes every level in that game. Badges can earn you points, and these points can raise your level (Kongregate's article on points can be viewed here).

To earn a badge, you must first locate what badge you want to achieve. A full list of badges can be found on Kongregate's own site here. You can use the drop down boxes to filter the badges by difficulty, time on Kongregate and even Most or Least awarded. You can also use the menu to the left to filter the badges by their subsequent game's genre as specified by the developer. If you do not wish to earn any of the 20 visible badges on that page, you can click on the "next »" link near to the bottom of the page to load up a whole new page of badges. Kongregate has 2,754 badges to date: 856 easy badges, 1,219 medium badges, 661 hard badges, and 52 impossible badges. This means collecting every badge would get you 45,515 points. (last updated on June 2nd, 2017).

Both points and the badges that you've earned are viewable by the Kongregate community via your profile. There is a box dedicated to badges located in the top-right corner of your profile. This will display the last 21 badges that you have earned (to see the full list, click on the "view all badges" link which will then direct you to that user's badge page - automatically sorted by date earned). To view more information on a badge, simply hover your cursor over the badge image, and the name of the badge, difficulty and respective points, the description and the date that the user earned the badge will appear below. Clicking the badge image will direct you to the game which possesses that badge.


The level of difficulty and points received are:

  • Easy - 5 points.
  • Medium - 15 points.
  • Hard - 30 points.
  • Impossible - 60 points.

Easy badges: This is the best type of badge for people new to flash games, as the requirements for them are set reasonably low and don't require much experience in a game to obtain. They're good if you're trying to get a taster of the game, as they give you a slight insight into what playing the game is like.

Medium badges: This is the most common type of badge, and are better for slightly more skilled players. However, they are still often more time consuming than they are difficult. A lot of the agendas for the medium badges involve the player completing the entirety of the game (in shorter games).

Hard badges: These are a step up from medium badges, and require quite a measure of skill. The agendas range from getting a reasonably high score in a shorter game to the completion of an extremely long game. In most cases, these take much more time to complete than the medium or easy badges.

Impossible badges: These are for the true, hardcore flash gamers. While they are obtainable, the requirements for them are often extremely challenging, or take very long amounts of time to achieve.

Badge AmountsEdit

The following table shows the number of badges in each category and difficulty. Last update: June 2nd, 2017

Category Easy Medium Hard Impossible Total
Action 224 282 163 20 691
Multiplayer 12 15 6 1 36
Shooter 107 139 73 8 327
Adventure & RPG 130 253 102 6 491
Sports & Racing 39 59 29 3 130
Strategy & Defense 166 206 143 7 522
Puzzle 147 238 130 4 519
Music & More 31 27 15 3 76
Total 856 1219 661 52 2827

Alphabetical List of BadgesEdit

Following is a list of the badges on Kongregate, ordered by difficulty and then listed in alphabetical order. Please be aware, this list is generated from the ones that have pages on this wiki. Due to the ever increasing number of badges, creating new badge pages is a huge task and requires constant updates, so this list will rarely be complete.

Easy BadgesEdit


The Dolphin Olympics Easy Badge as seen in the Achievements Tab

"0/5 needs badges"
"Hold the Line!"
"I Know Kung Fu"
"Let's Get This Party Started"
"One Small Step for Man"
"Only a Flesh Wound"
--- -
101 Damnations
16th Birthday
2 Grunts, 1 Stone
A Fistful of Coins
A Hole in Our Universe
A Pirate's Death for You
Adapt or Fly
Alcatraz Tourist
Aliens Have Died
All for Three
Alone in the Dark
Amateur Architect
Another Good Start
Applesauce Sampler
Areas Codebreaker
Armed to the Shell
Army of 10
Ashrock and Roll
Back to School
Balloon Private
Band Camper
Basket Case
Bathroom Cabinet Sampler
Be Kind, Please Rewind
Beats Mowing Lawns
Beetle Bashing
Beginner's Luck
Besting Betsonian Island
Big Fuzzy Hug
Black Shores' New King
Blade Sharpening
Blazing Baddies
Bloated Defense Budget
Block Party
Bloody Path to Victory
Blue Runner
Brains Over Brawn
Breaking Jawbreaker's Jaw
Bubble Bully
Burgeoning Bourgeoise
Burnin' Down the House
Button Masher
C-c-c-c-combo Maker
Cakewalk Badge
Calendar Crawling
Can't Outsmart Bullet
Cheese Retrieval
Cherry on Top
Coins for Pellets for Progress for a
Color Collector
Comet Collider
Compulsive Box Opener
Crash Course
Crits or GTFO
Crossing the Line
Damn Dirty Zombies
Dartboard Practice
Darwin Award
Deadly Jewelry
Death From Above
Deck the Halls with Balls of Explosions
Demonic Essence
Desert Dash
Destruction Derby
Dirty Desk
Dish Networking
Don't Crap Your Pants
Don't Need No Badgers
Doodle Demi-God
Down and Out
Dragon's Tale
Drone Hunter
Dropping Loads
Dungeon Break
Dungeon Cleanser
Dungeon Pits to Chesty
Edgar's Redemption
Epic Skirmishes
Errand Boy
Escape from White November
Et Tu, Everybody?
Evolution: It's Super Effective!
Fall of the Machines
Fallen Champions
Fear Factor
Field Tested
Field Training
Field of Strife
Filling the Trenches
First Explosive Contact
First Picks
Fist of Fury
Fly Trap
Flying Purple Power Eater
Forest Friends
Fork It Over!
Four's Company
Frosty's Fall
Fun and Profit
Fur Coat Supplier
Gammy Underwear
Geology Studies
Giving It 600%
Glutton for Gravity
Gravitational Innocence
Great Name 1/5
Gummies in My Tummy
Hanna Is My Copilot
Hidden in Plain Sight
High in the Sky
Hot on the Trail
I. C. Wiener
Ice to Know Ya
Illusions of Grandeur
Insectocalypse Dawn
Junior Olympian
Jurassic Juggle
Keys to Succes
Keys to Success
Knife to Meet You
Learning to Crawl
Level Zero Hero
Lighting Up the Sky
Loot War
Making a Note Here
Martian Recruit
Meet 'n' Greet
Merry Poppins
Minefield Scout
N00b Test
New Frontier
Newbieland Conqueror
No Student Left Behind
Obstacle Neutralization
Office Job Veteran
Original Sin
Pants full of Squiggles
Paper Money
Paradox Shmaradox
Party Popper
Paying Your Respects
Pearls of Wisdom
Pin Flingin'
Player Slayer
Pocket Full of Posies
Prepared for War
Purveyor of Proteins
Quests for Power
Ragdoll Initiate
Rags to (Moderate) Riches
Read a Book
Retirement Plan
Road to Inner Peace
Robo Power
Rock the Stanza
Rolling Start
Running Start
Sack o' Sapphires
Shell Shocked
Short Stack
Six-Sided Student
Slash and Turn
Slice 'n' Dice
Small Savings
Snowball Warrior
Somewhat Crazy Guitar Multiplier 4
Spark of Life
Special Prize Winner
Spoonful of Sugar
Squares Squared
Step Into the Arena
Super Sashimi
Supplies Party
Sweet Grid16
The Light Fragtastic
The Way the Cookie Crumbles
This Little Piggy
Thousand Meter Dash
Thumb Tack
Tiny Victory
Tipping Points
Toddler Tower
Triple Ten Tens
Two out of Ten Ain't Bad
Unopened Gifts for Explosive Clicks
Uprooting Evil
Wagon Wheel
War Profiteer
War is Hell
Watering the Lawn
Went to the Market
Where's the Kaboom?
Where No Golfer Has Gone Before
Wish I Was a Baller
Yo Dawg (badge)
You Have to Earn the
You Snooze, You Lose!
Zombie Wrangle 

Medium BadgesEdit


The Dolphin Olympics Medium Badge as seen in the Achievements Tab

"A Man Chooses; a Slave Obeys"
"I Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts"
"I Do What I Want!"
"Meh, Close Enough"
"Now What?"
"Oh, Right, the Game"
"Resistance Wasn't So Futile"
1 Ball, 1 Cup, 1 Stroke
48 Days Later
A Boy and His Blob
A Fish Called Wanted
A Link to the Path
A New Hope
Accelerated Curriculum
Achievement Addict
Achievement Lady of the Evening
Achieving the Impossible
Adept Archaeologist
Advance to St. James Place
Advancing Armor
Adventure's Beginning
Adventure of Links
Age of Victory
Akadian War Veteran
All Cats Go to Bullet Heaven
Always One Survivor
Anika's Delivery Service
Antarctic Assassination
Apocalypse Then
Apocalyptic Optimist
Arcane Explosion
Architect of War
Attack of the Killer Turnip
Awesome Sauce
Badges Badges Mushroom Mushroom
Bake a Pretty Cake
Bank Rollin'
Based on a True Story
Beakbreaking Speed
Been There, Ran That
Big Business
Black Hole Son
Black and White and Flippin' Out
Blind Ambition
Blob Naturalist
Bloody Brilliant Victories
Bloon X-ing
Boot Camp Graduate
Boxed Punch
Broken Trojan = Life
Burning Spider
Business Executive
Candyland Breakthrough
Castle Crushers
Cat Scratch Fever
Caught in the Wind
Caving Champion
Cheeves in the Breeze
Cherish the Chievos
Clean Desk
Coalition of the Willing
Color Theorist
Commander in Sleep
Community Crushing
Concentrated Power
Conservative Constructionist
Corruptor Disruptor
Counter-Terrorists Win
Crates, Coins and Carnage
Cross Slash
Crush Mania on Crushtania
Crushing with Style
Culture Warrior
Dawn of the Alive
Death Avenue
Deca Helix
Deck Wrecking
Decked Out
Decorated Dungeon Diver
Decorated Veteran
Demolition Domination
Den Remodeling
Devil's in the Doodles
Did a Puzzle
Difference Detective
Don't Touch My
Done in 60 Seconds
Double Dome Defender
Effing Extinction
End of Cubicle Napping
End of the End
Ending the War to End All Wars
Experienced Beaver
Faberge Factory
Falling Saucer
Fame Game
Fame Makes a Man
Fast Lane Fury
Field of Screams
Firin' Mah Lazer
Flip Flop
Follow the Yellow Dirt Road
Forecast for Destruction
Freedom ActionShifting
Frequent Flyer Bonus Points
Friendly Neighborhood Barbecue
Fully Decked
Fulp Fiction
Future Fossil Fuel
Garage Performer
Gentle Giant
Get Your Kicks on Mission 66
Gift of Annihilation
Gladiatorial Growth
Go Fleet!
Going Bananas
Going the Distance
Goldy Unlocks
Gotta Get Down on Sundaes
Gravity Tinkerer
Great Balloon Escape
Green Monster
HMO Practitioner
Hack 'n' Stash
Haturday Celebration
Having the Time of Your Ducklife
Heart of the Cards
Hell Dining
Help From My Little Friends
Holy Alliance
Home Sweet Home
Hot Runnings
Howler Prowler
Huge Manatee
Huge Success
I Like Tortoises
Ice Cold Revenge
Ice Cream Gotten
Identity Crisis
Impacted Sweet Tooth
Imperial Power
In Living Color
It's Tricky
It's Your Nidarian Duty
It's an Insane Rogue AI
It Slices! It Dices!
Jack of All Trades, Master of Doom
Keep 'Em Guessing
Kill Drill
Kill and/or Be Killed
Killing Spree
Kilometer on the Odometer
Kontingency Plan
Life, Death, and Honor
Like College, But With More Thinking
Mad Skill Points
Mad Stacker
Madness? These are Mushrooms!
Magical Momentum
Makin' Bank
Malus Domestica Connoisseur
Mass Deflation
Massive Entity Massacre
Master Blaster
Meadow Conservationalist
Meaning of Death
Medal Hoarder
Medal Meddler
Meddling Kids
Melee Master
Meta Medal
Mission of Mayhem
Missionary Badge
Mmm, Ice Cream
Musical Destruction
Musical Multiplication
Narcolepsy Nostrum Remedium
New York Minute
Ninja Slayer
Nitroglycerin Nurturer
Nixing Narcolepsy
No One Can Hear You Achieve
No Place Like Home
Off to See the Lizard
Oh Ho Ho It's Magic
One Down...
Only the Beginning
Out of Office
Out with a Ding
PC Load Letter
Par for the Course
Party Crasher
Party Time
Party of Five
Path to Edumacations
Pearl's Vengeance
Pearl Necklace Battle Trophy
Pimp My Bike
Player Pack Attack
Player Pack Pwnage
Player Wants
Playing with Bombs
Pool Pirate
Precision Engineering
Premier Professional
Putt Putt Pass
Raking the Leaves
Rat Farmer
RedSun Champion
Ride the Lightning
Rising Star
Road Rage Rampage
Road Scholar
Robbing the Robbers
Robot Got Puppy!
Rollin' On Up
Rouge Rogue
Ruby Tuesday
Sacking Up
Scaling the Ivory Tower
Seasoned Spirit
Sector Conquistador
Seize the Loot
Self-Esteem Boost
Senior Citizen
Sensei Slayer
Shark: Weak
Shark Jumper
Shot Through the Heart
Siege and Destroy
Sieging a Legion of Lieges
Skills for Kills
Skinner Box Recursion
Skull Fluxed
Slow But Steady
Smooth Operator
Snail Mail
Snail of a Tale
Snakes on a Trophy
Solitary Refinement
Something Fishy
Song of the Slayer
Special Delivery
Spin Me Right Round
Still Alive
Strength of a Warrior
String Theorist
Super Happy Adventure Time
Surviving the Odds
Taking Back the Streets
Teeter-Totter to the TARDIS
Ten Desires
Ten Times the Turtle Torture
The Band Before Time
The Octopus's Garden
Third Slice is the Charm
This Is a
This Is the Only Door
Through the Dark Portal
Through the Gates of Hell
Title Trasher
To the Underworld and Back
To the Victor Go the Groupies
Tomb Raiding
Top of the Muffin to You!
Toys for Tarts
Trained Difference Spotter
Tricks of the Truffle
Two-Front War
Ultimate Winner
Ultra Violet
Unchained Jeopardy
Under Pressure
Unpoppable Force
Veteran Veterinarian
Victory of the Ancients
War for Oil
Way of the Ninja
Way of the Wizard
When Ends Meet
When Kongregate Attacks
Who's the Boss?
Working in Perfect Harmony
World Traveler
You + Doodle God =
Your Partner Is in Another Area
Zen Gardener
Zombocalyptic Extravaganza 

Hard BadgesEdit


The Dolphin Olympics Hard Badge as seen in the Achievements Tab

"Bunker? I 'ardly knew 'er!"
"Do You Has a Flavor?"
"Finally, We Got a PROFANITYing Crystal!"
"I Like Turtles"
"One Does Not Simply Battle Into Moira"
"There Can Be Only One"
3D Zen Master
99 Dead Balloons
A Hero Is Born
A Job Well Done
A New Era
A Very Important
Achievement Completionist
Advanced Warrior
Alive Monsters
Amberial Ace
American Exceptionalism
Army of Lots
Around the World in 18 Days
Attractive American
Baby Don't Hurt Me
Balanced Diet
Balloon Fighter
Besting a Worthy Opponent
Beyond Clicking
Big Blue Box Bounty
Bingo! Dino DNA!
Bird Brain
Boozies and Floozies for Everyone!
Bow Down, Weaklings!
Bowmaster Master
Brilliant Defense
Buffalo Wings Midnight Snack
Calamari Calamity
Cambrian Champion
Can Hug Every Cat
Capsized Mothership
Carbine Ninja
Causal Gamer
Chest Grabber
Churchton Windchill
Citizen Snips
Cranial Conquest
Creeper Graduate
Culture Collision
Death Never Sleeps
Deceptive Dessert
Defender of Earth
Defender of the Universe
Demise of Species
Demon Slayer
Diamonds Take Forever
Didn't Touch My Gems
Divide and Conquer
Doomed Heroes
Door-to-Door Collection Agency
Downhill Domination
Dragon Re-Slayer
Dungeon Curmudgeon
Economy Class Flight
End of the Road
Endless Gunner
Epic Maze
Escargot for It!
Five-Ball Fury
Flux to Be You
Flying Spaghetti Master
Fool's Gold
Four Minute Frenzy
Frantic Frenzy
Frugal Warper
Fungal Fanatic
Generic Achievement
Geometric Mastery
Ghoul Gaiden
Gnarly Pipeline
Godlike Invertebrate
Gold Club Member
Golden Hero
Great Mage Among Men
Guitar Champion
Hidden World of GemCraft
High Warlord
Hoard the Hoard
Imperishable Player
Infinite Loop
It's a Wonderputt Life
Keyboard Hero
Last Stand by Me
Lasting Legacy
Legendary Protector
Lucid Dreamer
Mad Boss Bash
Mad Hatter
Microgame Masochist
Microscopic Mayhem
Miner's Guide to the Galaxy
Multifaceted Portfolio
Music Survivalist
My Candy Girl
Natural Bloon Killer
Nerves of Steel
Never Gonna Let You Down
New Doeo King
New Hero
Newtonian Master
No Stranger with Arkandia
Now With 33% Less Slices
Off the Rails
Oh Snap!
One Kinged Angel
Our Retired Explorer
Over 90D100!!!
Perfectionist Pooch
Playing to Win
Pockets Full of Sprockets
Political Assassination
Power from the Players
Precision Demolition
Project ESC-3
Purveyor of Finery
Put on Your Robe and Wizard Hat
Ragdoll Ninja
Rainbow Connection
Reach for Dubai
Remembering the Alamo
Remind Me of the Babe
Remnant Reclaimer
Revenant Reviler
Rock Mobster
Rocket Robot
Rocking a Rhyme That's Right on Time
Rolling Star
Rotation Rotation Rotation
Run Fast, Run Fancy
Runner's High
Scale of Justice
Scourge of the Federation
Semantic Satiation
Slice of Paradise
Smileys-War Hard Badge
Smooth Generator
Snow Problem
Spawning Grounds Massacre
Speed Demon
Spherical Ninja
Spotless Desk
Stack it to the Man
Stars in Spaaace
Stick War Veteran
Super Dolphin Cannonball
Super Spelunking
Symphony of Lights
Tag-Team Triumph
Talent Show-off
Tank Up & Rank Up
Tense Tenuity
Terminal Velocity
The Fanciest Pants
The Friendly Robot
This is the Game that Never Ends
Time Trial Triumph
To Hell and Back
To Outrun a Sun
To Serve Man
To the Extreme!
Toast to the Host
Top Honors
Trial By Fire
Trojan Hero
Ultimate Dodgeball
Undead Menace
Viva La Revolucion!
Waizer Waster
Warship Destroyer
We Are the Music Makers
Welcome to the Underworld
Went All the Way Home
Winning with Style
You Can Hide, but You Can't Run

Impossible BadgesEdit


The Dolphin Olympics Impossible Badge as seen in the Achievements Tab

"No One Could Hear You Scream"
99 Problems
A Winner Is You!
Assassin's Greed
Band-Aid Fetish
Black Hole Escape Artist
Chaos Theory
Fear Not the Darkness
Feat Fanatic
First Aid Masochist
Fish Thankfulness
Flower Power
Hall of Fame
Hardest of Core
Immaculate Desk
Insurance Discount Qualifier
Interstellar Golf Deity
Monster's Den
No Orb Left Behind
Over the Ashes
President Madagascar Assassin
Psychosomatic Exhaustion
Random Number Disintegrator
Rhythm Prodigy
Super Crazy Guitar Maniac
The Burning Legion
The Man with the Golden Coins
Thunderous OPEC Guardian
Totally Stacked
Tunnel Vision
Up to 11