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Battalion: Series is a series of turn-based strategy games done by Urbansquall.

There are a total of 6 games in this series, which will be listed below, in order of launch's date.

Battalion: Head-2-Head/Freedom

It's the first game of the series.

It's gameplay is hugely based on Advance Wars from Nintendo. We can say this is Urbansquall's version of Advance Wars.

It's the first multiplayer game of entire series.

For more information about it, go here: https://kongregate.wikia.com/wiki/Battalion:_Head-2-Head/Freedom

Battalion: Nemesis

After the previous game, Urbansquall made the right decision of leaving the pure style of Nintendo Wars series games to do/make his own variation.

Since this is the start of his own work, don't expect a huge difference since previous games, instead, it has it's own graphics, music and sound style. Game play had a bit of change, but nothing more.

Here we control Northern Federation.

For more information about it, go here: https://kongregate.wikia.com/wiki/Battalion:_Nemesis

Battalion: Skirmish

This was a preview of what was coming, like the revamped graphics, the Warmachine unit and so on.

Due to this game's nature, it only has 1 map/mission.

Here we still go with Northern Federation.

For more information about it, go here: https://kongregate.wikia.com/wiki/Battalion:_Skirmish

Battalion: Ghosts

Here we continue game' story.

In a perspective of gameplay, almost nothing changed, with the exception of the mix of Classic and Blitz modes from Battalion: Arena (which we will write about on below lines) which can be seen on mission 4's map.

It's time to us control Arkadian' troops.

For more information about it, go here: https://kongregate.wikia.com/wiki/Battalion:_Ghosts

Battalion: Arena

This time some things changed, like balancing some units' attributes (like attack, hp, modifiers and so on), we had new paid-exclusive units like Lancer Tank and Spider Tank, new paid-exclusive colors, the option to create our maps and upload them if you were a paid member.

This is the second and, until today, as of 06/August/2018, it's the last multiplayer game of the series.

For more information about it, go here: https://kongregate.wikia.com/wiki/Battalion:_Arena

Battalion: Vengeance

The last game of the series.

Here we control Dragoons troops and it's the final step to chase and jail Durand for his crimes.

For more information about it, go here: https://kongregate.wikia.com/wiki/Battalion:_Vengeance

Games Elements[]


There are a load of units, varying between ground/land, sea, air and other types of units. For more information on that, go here: https://kongregate.wikia.com/wiki/Units_of_Battalion_Versions



They let you build units, have in-game money for that and many more. Learn more about them here: https://kongregate.wikia.com/wiki/Battalion:_Arena/Capturable_Base_Units



They bring more interesting strategy elements to the field. They can save your units or destroy them. Take a look for them here: https://kongregate.wikia.com/wiki/Battalion:_Arena/Types_of_Terrains



What is a game without colors, right? And even more: units and buildings colors!

Know about curious details of colors system which some games of the series use here: https://kongregate.wikia.com/wiki/Battalion:_Series_Colors

Final Note(s)[]

Those series multiplayer games were a pleasure to play while they lasted.

Single-player games can still be played mainly via Kongregate and other sites which got them from Kongregate.

The future of the entire series is unknown thanks to fact that Flash is officially dead in 2021 and beyond.

Special Note

It's sad, but we must accept Panayoti Haritatos (who created the Urbansquall enterprise) decision to stop with the development of the series.

Machow8' Special Note

I'm making a traditional turn-based strategy game. It won't officially have anything from this or any other game series. It won't be a kind of spiritual sequence to this or anything like that, so, check my personal devlog on itch.io' site while i'm still creating it: https://machow8.itch.io/project-war/devlog