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Promotional box detailing Blocks when browsing through games

Blocks are a form of digital currency available for use on Kongregate. They can be used to trade for sticker packs for use in chat rooms.


While the site's other currency, Kreds, is based on micro-transactions and can be obtained through external payment methods, Blocks are earned exclusively by engaging in general Kongregate activities.

The following awards Blocks:

On the currency's launch, Blocks were also rewarded retroactively to existing active accounts based on their current level[1], completed quests and number of Shiny Kongpanions in their collection at the time of implementation[2].

Release Issues[]

Three different users all owning the '2nd' Rose Kongpanion

When it was released on 19th June 2020, it caused some issues with the Kongregate API. This led to the "This Is How We Doeo It: A Building Blocks Challenge", i.e. the premier challenge designed to introduce players to Blocks, to not be completed properly for users as well as prompting a site-wide maintenance session.

Additionally, there were issues with users earning the BoTD for that day, the "Magic Bullet" badge from the game 10 More Bullets, despite having already earned the badge before the implementation of Blocks.

These issues also caused problems for users in earning Rose, the Kongpanion for first week following the launch of Blocks. As late as the Tuesday of that week, 23rd June, the Kongpanion statistics only listed 65 people to have earned Rose despite other Kongpanions normally having several thousand owners by this time. Furthermore, amongst these owners, several were listed to have earned the same ordinal number (i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd...) of the Kongpanion, a situation which is normally impossible.

The challenge and the BoTDs were still earnable by users, but the API took drastically longer to recognize ownership status than before Blocks were implemented. This caused users to resort to unusual methods involving logging in and out, quickly clicking tabs or otherwise.

The API and BoTD problems persisted until 23nd June. Website engineers managed to fix the issues on that day following 15-minute maintenance.


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