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Bloons Tower Defense
BTD title screen.jpg
Name Bloons Tower Defense
Author Ninjakiwi
Genre Strategy & Defense
Published 2007-08-19
In-Game Awards? No
Gameplay Style Tower Defense
Upgrade System? Yes

Bloons Tower Defense is a tower defense game in which you deploy monkeys with darts to pop balloons. The game is the first in the BTD series, which is a spin-off from the popular Bloons series.


Bloons Tower Defense is a simple tower defense game with only one level. You start the game with 40 lives and the goal is to survive all 50 waves. Each wave consist of balloon enemies called bloons, just like the balloons in the Bloons game series. Some bloons contains other bloons inside them. Each bloon that gets away and reaches the end of the path, causes you to lose a life.

In order to kill the bloons, there are five different towers you can build. The "towers" are really monkeys armed with different weapons used to shoot at the bloons. Each tower can purchase two different upgrades, except the Super Monkey which can only upgrade its range. The game does not have a grid system, so towers can be placed anywhere except on the path. Each tower takes up a circular space, so it's possible to cram them in close to each other.


  • Red - First encountered bloon.
  • Blue - Spawns Red.
  • Green - Spawns Blue.
  • Yellow - Spawns Green.
  • Black - Spawns two Yellows, Immune to explosions.
  • White - Spawns two Yellows, Immune to freezing.


Gameplay example

Dart Tower[]

Cost: 250 Upgrades include:

  • 1st Piercing Darts - pops 2 bloons instead of 1. Cost:210
  • 2nd Long Range Darts - better range. Cost:100

Tack Tower[]

Cost: 400 Upgrades include:

  • 1st Faster Shooting - better firerate.Cost:250
  • 2nd Extra Range Tacks - better range. Cost:150

Ice Tower[]

Cost: 850 Upgrades include:

  • 1st Faster Shooting - better firerate. Cost:450
  • 2nd Extra Range Tacks - better range. Cost:300

Bomb Tower[]

Cost: 900 Upgrades include:

  • 1st Bigger Bombs - better firerate. Cost:650
  • 2nd Extra Range Bombs - better range. Cost:200

Super Monkey[]

Cost: 4000 Upgrades include:

  • 1st Epic Range - much better range.Cost:5120


Balloon Fighter.png
  Balloon Fighter Badge
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Bloons Tower Defense » Defeat all 50 waves without letting a single inflated terror penetrate your defenses