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Bloons Tower Defense 2
Bloon-tower-defense 2 screen.png
Name Bloons Tower Defense 2
Author Ninjakiwi
Genre Strategy & Defense
Published 2007-08-18
In-Game Awards? No
Gameplay Style Tower Defense
Upgrade System? Yes

Bloons Tower Defense 2 is a tower defense game in which you deploy monkeys with darts to pop balloons. The game is a spin-off from the Bloons game series and the sequel to Bloons Tower Defense.


The game is a classic type of tower defense game in which the enemies follow a predetermined path on each level. All enemies in the BTD games are balloons called bloons. In the Bloons TD series, it only takes one hit to pop a bloon, but as levels progress you'll be met with bloons inside other bloons. The gameplay style is kinda similair to Bloons Tower Defense just with more Tracks Towers and Bloons.

There are 6 types of towers and 2 single use items. All towers can be upgraded and gain additional functions. Placing towers can be tricky as there's no grid system, so sometimes you'll have to find just a few available pixels to place towers on in tight groups.

There are 3 maps, one for each difficulty you need beat all waves on a map, there is a "free play" mode available after you complete the level, allowing the player to continue playing indefinitely.

Bloons types[]

  • Red - First encountered bloon.
  • Blue - Spawns Red
  • Green - Spawns Blue
  • Yellow - Spawns Green
  • Black - Spawns Yellow, Immune to bombs.
  • White - Spawns Yellow, Immune to freezing.
  • Lead - Spawns Black, Immune to everything exept bombs.
  • Rainbow - Spawns 2 Blacks and Whites.


Dart Monkey[]

Cost: 250 Upgrades include:

  • 1st - Piercing Darts - pop 2 bloons instead 1. Cost:180
  • 2nd - Long Range Darts - better range. Cost:80

Tack Shooter[]

Cost: 340 Upgrades include:

  • 1st - Faster Shooting - better firerate. Cost:180
  • 2nd - Extra Range Tacks - better range. Cost:90

Ice Ball[]

Cost: 385 Upgrades include:

  • 1st - Long Freeze Time - freezes bloons longer. Cost:270
  • 2nd - Wide Freeze Radius - better range. Cost:180


Cost: 520 Upgrades include:

  • 1st - Bigger Bombs - bigger area of explode. Cost:380
  • 2nd - Extra Range Bombs - better range. Cost:180


Cost: 475 Upgrades include:

  • 1st - Multi Traget - tower can pop to 7 bloons. Cost:270
  • 2nd - Sonic Boom - tower can pop frozen bloons. Cost:135

Super Monkey[]

Cost: 3600 Upgrades include:

  • 1st - Epic Range - much better range. Cost:2160
  • 2nd - Laser Vision - tower can and pop 2 bloons at once, can pop frozen bloons aswell. Cost:4050

Road Spikes[]

Place on road. Can pop up to 10 bloons. Remain until end of round. Cost:25.

Monkey Glue[]

Place on road. Can slow up to 20 bloons. Remain until end of round. Cost:35


This game's medium track is the same track from Bloon Tower Defense


Bloon Popper.png
  Bloon Popper Badge
Easy pts.gif
Bloons Tower Defense 2 » Complete level 20 on "easy"
Bloon Destroyer.png
  Bloon Destroyer Badge
Medium pts.gif
Bloons Tower Defense 2 » Complete level 35 on "medium"
Bloon Slaughterer.png
  Bloon Slaughterer Badge
Hard pts.gif
Bloons Tower Defense 2 » Complete level 50 with at least 40 lives remaining in "hard" mode