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March 30, 2010, 4:11 PM (Pacific Time): Bowsers' Castle contemplates their place within the Force. MrSpontaneous: must make some moments awkward

Rothycat: Don’t you do that constantly anyhow Spont?

MrSpontaneous: make moments awkward?

MrSpontaneous: You know it.

Rothycat: Dark skippy!

Rothycat: darn*

MrSpontaneous: haha

Rothycat: “Dark skippy” sounds like evil peanut butter.

Ryoga1231: lol

MrSpontaneous: It uses the force to choke you?

Ryoga1231: “the official PB of the dark side….”

MrSpontaneous: dark skippy always makes the bread land peanut buttered side down.

{C}June 30, 2009 (unknown time stamp):

aleeg96: is rothy okay with you eating him

Rothycat: Ale, that sounded wrong on so, so very many levels. XD

Unit53374: ... I think I remember that, one time, we got in a fight about Rothy Cookies... I'm not entirely certain though... (bloody Memory Retention issues *grumble*)

On April 22nd, 2010, at approx. 7:41PM (Eastern Mountain Time) the start of a rant by our very own, LunacyVII, was humorously interrupted by Unit53374

Fnar3221: I hear a story.

Fnar3221: What's on your mind, Lunacy?

LunacyVII: Impossible geometries, lines and colours and shapes the human mind barely comprehends

Unit53374: ooh a story!

{C}April 16, 2010, 11:37 AM (Pacific Time):

VampireGhost: -drinks some milk-

assassin360: i love milk

DastardlyDave: I love tacos.

VampireGhost: I love cookies

kegso: i love chicks :P

Rothycat: I love lamp.

{C}May 13, 2009, 8:52 PM. (Eastern Mountain Time)

Unit53374: i need to recharge my debatron itf

Unit53374: no itf

Fnar3221: No itv.

Unit53374: and the past now as well

Unit53374: v?

Fnar3221: Ventures.

Unit53374: i the ventures?

Unit53374: in

Fnar3221: ... Yes?

Unit53374: well, what does that mean?

Fnar3221: Figure it out.

{C}June 05 2010, 1:50 AM (British Summer Time) - Hilarity ensues when London and USA sayings are taken the wrong way...

goldenbullet: You don't have to be manly to enter a bathroom.

xela248: You don't have to be manly to enter a toilet.

TheH21: A USED toilet...

goldenbullet: Enter a toilet?

xela248: It's what we call the bathroom here.

xela248: Because we're just that classy :P

goldenbullet: I really don't think I'd want to enter a toilet.

xela248: It's London for bathroom!

goldenbullet: Sounds quite disgusting, mind you. Who knows what else has been in there other than fecal matter.

xela248: It means bathroom. >.<

June 07, 2010 Around 7:30PM EDT time zone - When mods get too in touch with their instincts.

Ahhhnold: everybody, now here you can see a mod in it's natural environment

MrSpontaneous: heya koopa

Ahhhnold: careful now, they are very territorial

MrSpontaneous: *pees on Ahhhnold*

girlofkevgz: Yes

girlofkevgz: EWWWWWWWWWWWWWw

Ahhhnold: I have just been claimed

{C}June 19, 2010 - 02:07 AM BST (British Summer Time)- Sword vs Bat'leth.

thepimpage: the katana looks nice on my wall

xela248: The Bat'leth looks nice in my hand.

thepimpage: some people hang paintings

thepimpage: i hang swords

xela248: Some people hang swords.

xela248: I hang people. :D

x_Snake_Eyez_x: Like

x_Snake_Eyez_x: me!

thepimpage: the batleth looks heavy as hell xela

x_Snake_Eyez_x: OH GOD!

Imbulletproof: hahaha point to xela xD

x_Snake_Eyez_x: Bad timing.

{C}June 22, 2010 - 9:49 PM

x3_Hades_x3: -coughs up- Ach.. Achh Hahhh.. -jumps down out of bullets hands and finds a corner- Acch.. -coughs up hair ball which is Magi-

Magicant: ...

Magicant: -Spreading- I'm a beautiful butterfly!

x3_Hades_x3: And thus Magi was reborn!

June 26, 2010 - 10:29 AM Eastern Mountain Time

GraveHorizon: What about the element...

xela248: OF SURPRISE!

GraveHorizon: ...of SURPRISE!

GraveHorizon: Damn, ninja'd.

xela248: Ninja'd.

xela248: And again. :P

GraveHorizon: Nija'd your ninja'd.

GraveHorizon: Biatch.

xela248: Ha!

GraveHorizon: *Ninja'd

xela248: I win!

goldenbullet: Wow, you ninja'd on ninjaing your ninja.

GraveHorizon: Damn this keyboard.

goldenbullet: That's pretty coincidental.

xela248: Yeah, I'm pretty awesome.

June 27, 2010 Around 9:15 Eastern Mountain Time

NihilistMachine: It's the eye of the tiger, its the thrill of the fight.

aturtledoesbite: You may have the eye of the tiger, but you have the reflexes of a sloth.

skudz: o.O

NihilistMachine: Says the one that just got hit with a baseball bat.

aturtledoesbite: Hey! Now no amount of reflexes can defend someone from a baseball bat!

{C}July 12, 2010- 22:30 BST (British Summer Time) - Comebacks taken to the next level

Ahhhnold: If I were a man with gills, I would be a fish!

aturtledoesbite: If I were a fish with man, I would be a gills!

{C}July 19, 2010 - About 7:40 PM (Central Standard Time) - What happens when a simple misspelling is taken too seriously...

Charlemagne97: or her staff sux at amth

Charlemagne97: either way

x_Snake_Eyex_x: *math

Charlemagne97: and amth

Charlemagne97: they probably suck at that too

x_Snake_Eyez_x: Is amth a word?

Charlemagne97: idk

Charlemagne97: doubt it though

aturtledoesbite: Amth? No.

x_Snake_Eyez_x: No, because my spellcheck is awesome.

aturtledoesbite: ^

x_Snake_Eyez_x: ...

aturtledoesbite: Yes?

x_Snake_Eyez_x: ?

x_Snake_Eyez_x: The answer is no, "amth" is not a word.

x_Snake_Eyez_x: I was not responding to your post.

aturtledoesbite: Um, are you talking to me?

Charlemagne97: lol

x_Snake_Eyez_x: I dunno.

aturtledoesbite: Because I'm confused

x_Snake_Eyez_x: Are you talking to me?

aturtledoesbite: I think so...

Layries: Arr you be talkin' to me?

aturtledoesbite: ...Maybe.

{C}24th July, 2010- 17:55 BST (British Summer Time)

TheH21: In fact, with sack, you could even earn some money.

Mushyrooms: Especially if you have sack, crack, cat and a video camera all in one room.

{C}August 4th, 2010, 12:28AM (Eastern Mountain Time)

Fnar3221: He's managed to reset my pages at least a dozen times this past 3 days.

dragoneye904: Moths are generally annoying :P

Fnar3221: Like, when I was about to get my hard badge kind of resets.

Fnar3221: You ever saw an angry Mr. Jack?

dragoneye904: Ouch.

dragoneye904: Nope.

Fnar3221: It's not a pretty sight.

dragoneye904: I have yet to get an impossible badge..

magmamaster8: any impossible badge?

Fnar3221: My eyes bulge out of their sockets, cheeks go a nasty shade of purple and blue and my teeth start to elongate and grow more curvy.

GraveHorizon: Gross.

Fnar3221: Also my neck gets skinny for some unknown reason and I get a LOT more hairy.

dragoneye904: Sounds like my mother.

dragoneye904: I mean..

dragoneye904: Cats say meow.

{C}August 18th, 2010, 3:14PM (Eastern Mountain Time)

Storageheater: oh thank god I can mute this game

Storageheater: Also, what's wrong with her bellybutton

xela248: I wondered that!

Mousethecat: Is it like mine?

Mousethecat: Mine goes in and out

Mousethecat: it does both!

Storageheater: you know, it...might? It's more like it's...a line

Storageheater: Perhaps she's a glove puppet

xela248: My sister's one does that, Mouse. :P

August 19th 2010 02:01 AM British Summer Time

NihilistMachine: Your use of bologna is intriguing as well as disturbing Dragon.

November 23rd 2010 1:00 PM Northwest Pacific Time- When sanitation is taken a little too far.

TheH21: It clears your nostrils in the same way that getting blown up by a bazooka sanitizes your clothes.

Gamerpwnage50: My house smells of chlorine

Smashingz: 2 up ^^

Magicant: I swear H21, one of these days someone's going to believe you.

Gamerpwnage50: LOL

Magicant: And sanitize their clothes with bazookas.

{C}November 24th 2010 10:00 AM Northwest Pacific Time- An example of how little Europe is known from America. xD

Magicant: I know where Croatia is.

xela248: It's on Mars, right?

xela248: *joke*

Sabin7: I thought all the Croatians died and disappeared or something?

Magicant: Sorta southern Europe right?

Sabin7: Oh wait, that was Roanoke.

EcCeterum: ...

Nov 30th 2010- 00:10AM GMT - I wasn't feeling very well that day.

BashPro: xela are u girl?

xela248: Bash, I am indeed female.

BashPro: cleaver girl ;-)

xela248: o.o

BashPro: are u playing fun game?

xela248: Bash. I feel ill. If you creep at me, I WILL vomit at you.


Jan. 23- We all love natas on the wall. Koopashell 00:45, January 24, 2011 (UTC)

[05:41:06 PM] Magicant: 51.

[05:41:13 PM] Natamora: 51.

[05:41:13 PM] koopashell: 51 types of natas?

[05:41:15 PM] linkisgreat7: Turtle, can I work on the story of this RPG?

[05:41:17 PM] Magicant: Epic.

[05:41:22 PM] koopashell: 51 Natas on the wall?

[05:41:22 PM] Natamora: 970 to level.

[05:41:30 PM] Natamora: Take one down, pass her around? O_o

[05:41:35 PM] Magicant: Yush.

[05:41:39 PM] Natamora: wat.

[05:41:40 PM]koopashell: 50 natas on the wall!

January 26, 2011 - 9:26 pm EST

oblivieon: dpeanutbuter


GraveHorizon: Double peanutration?

Around 1:00 Eastern time

xela248: Nope. My room's an open room.

xela248: Because I'm open like that.

koopashell: Hahahahaahhhaa

koopashell: haahahahahahaah

xela248: According to eHarmony.

Easter 2011, about 3:14

ScreamyLordSutch: I herd you liek pudding, so we put pudding in your pudding so you can foodgasm whilst you foodgasm.

Arcane101Magi: ...

koopashell: -foodgasms at thought of foodgasming-

April 30, 2011; about 9:40 Central time - Technical difficulties, please hold.

GraveHorizon: Your TV won't do anything, Aar?:

Aarownd: No.

aturtledoesbite: Try unplugging/replugging it.

Aarownd: I did that.

Aarownd: The menu won't even come up.

aturtledoesbite: Well, that covers the length of my tech support.

GraveHorizon: Even when you use the knob?

Aarownd: It stopped blinking.

NaoSoulONight: Hit it with a hammer.

NaoSoulONight: On the screen.

aturtledoesbite: Your problem is too advanced for my abilities.

NaoSoulONight: And put some strenght on it.

Aarownd: The remote turned it on.

GraveHorizon: Is your battery running out of batteries?

Aarownd: It's working again.

GraveHorizon: *remote

Aarownd: Thank goodness.

May 19th 2011- 17:45 BST- Rainbows rainbows rainbows

Lokimischiefgod: i can fart rainbows

Tehjo: I've sneezed rainbows before

nellyraimon: :O

nellyraimon: Lol

Tehjo: Snorted pop rocks and coke

Tehjo: The world was amazing

July 30th 2011- 19:30 BST -Did not see that coming

xela248: How are you?

Death7396: I just punched myself in the testicles to kill an ant.

August 9th 2011- 02:45 BST - Sexcorn

xela248: Can't have sex without popcorn.

SiXXXShooter: LOL!

Tsuppotron7000: Nope!

xela248: ...This is why I'm a virgin.

HugotheElder: popcorn sex ftw

Dragon_Killer123: ^

Arkive: I must have been doing it wrong, then.

Mousethecat: Wait, I'm being trolled by this?

Tsuppotron7000: Sex and popcorn go hand in hand

August 27th 2011- 23:17 BST- The Game

xela248: I lost The Game.

jacobghawk: is it tht one where u fall of the ledge

jacobghawk: for no reason

xela248: Jacob, when it gets really serious, yeah.

xela248: But hope it never comes to that.

October 1st Eastern Time - Koopashell 00:16, October 2, 2011 (UTC)

[08:00:56 PM]TheH21: I have a picture for you, Grave.

[08:01:01 PM]GraveHorizon: Okay.

[08:01:09 PM]TheH21: Put I may upload a censored one.

[08:01:22 PM]GraveHorizon: Censored for nudity?

[08:01:27 PM]TheH21: Names.

[08:01:30 PM]Ahhhnold: Censored for implied nudity?

[08:01:39 PM]GraveHorizon: Because I like stealing identities?

[08:01:51 PM]Ahhhnold: Naked identitties?

[08:01:57 PM]Ahhhnold: D:

November 5th - Koopashell 22:13, November 5, 2011 (UTC)

Tsuppotron7000: The cat just had a REALLY smelly boob