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Burrito Bison Revenge
Burrito Bison Revenge.jpg
Name Burrito Bison Revenge
Author Juicy Beast
Genre Action
Published 2012-02-27
In-Game Awards? Yes
Gameplay Style Launcher
Upgrade System? Yes

The game is yet another launcher game. The Bison returns to the same Candyland as in Burrito Bison, this time in search of his wallet that was stolen from him.


You launch the bison through the air, bouncing off the gummibears running around and reaching a great distance. Any cash earned from the launch are used for upgrades to fly longer and increase the length of your travel. The goal is to reach the end of candyland to retrieve your stolen wallet. Flying through the air is not completely passive, though. There are always body slams to time correctly, cars to hijack and rocket-ships to pilot and even fly to the sky to perform a sweet impact.


The Way the Cookie Crumbles.png
  The Way the Cookie Crumbles Badge
Easy pts.gif
Burrito Bison Revenge » Defeat Chocolate Chuck by scoring perfect launches
Mission of Mayhem.png
  Mission of Mayhem Badge
Medium pts.gif
Burrito Bison Revenge » Complete any 40 in-game missions
Robbing the Robbers.png
  Robbing the Robbers Badge
Medium pts.gif
Burrito Bison Revenge » Get your wallet back
Buffalo Wings Midnight Snack.png
  Buffalo Wings Midnight Snack Badge
Hard pts.gif
Burrito Bison Revenge » Travel 25,000 meters in survival mode