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Just some of the Chat rooms listed in Alphabetical Order

Chat rooms are the places in which players can interact with each other through text-based messages. Kongregate chat is divided up into two types of rooms. Regular chat rooms have people who are playing all different kinds of games. All regular rooms have an expectation for what language can be spoken in them. Some multiplayer games also have game chat rooms so you can discuss strategies and team up with other players. Most regular rooms are owned by Moderators, but there are still a few exceptions. Each room can hold approximately 300 users at one time, and if a user attempts to enter the chat room whilst it is full, they are normally sent back to the room that they were originally in. When you create a new account, you are magically placed in a random chat room. You will be automatically placed in a chat room based on the language setting of your Internet browser. This also happens if you log off and go into the Game Chat (you'll appear as a guest). To change the chat room that you are currently in, you can choose the "change chat rooms" link on the chat actions drop down menu near the top of the Game Chat.

Chat rooms are divided first into the most recent rooms that you have visited (and any rooms that you have added to your favorites), then (only if you are in a multiplayer game) the list of game-related chat rooms, and then the rest are divided into languages. The chat rooms within each section are arranged alphabetically; with the name of the chat room to the left, and the current amount of users in that chat room to the right. If you do not speak/cannot type the language of the room that you are entering, it is recommended that you don't go in, as players have been known to have been silenced from excessively and persistently conversing in the wrong language.

List of Chat rooms[]

Former Rooms[]

Room ID's[]

What is a Room ID?[]

A room Id is a number given to a room when it is created. It stays with the room even if it's name has been change or it has a new room owner.

Cool! But why do I need a Room ID?[]

Adding ?room_id=number to the end of your URL and pressing 'enter' allows you to enter the room even when it is full!


A Road Less Travelled ?room_id=36320

Achievement Addicts Anonymous ?room_id=24091
Ant Hill ?room_id=35380
Atlas Park ?room_id=35227
Awesomesauce Extreme ?room_id=8026
Babylon ?room_id=36313
Barrens Chat ?room_id=3
Bat Country ?room_id=36314
Blackmyst ?room_id=36199
Bowser’s Castle ?room_id=35239
Buffet of Goodness ?room_id=24085
Cafe Kong ?room_id=37
Chaos Theory ?room_id=25716
Chatfrak Shotgun Extreme 9000 ?room_id=36655
Chatmasters ?room_id=25
Chill Lounge ?room_id=25695
Chocolate Hostage ?room_id=35334
Cookie Kingdom ?room_id=35139
Devourers of Souls ?room_id=23796
Didactic Fractals ?room_id=35328
Difference Engine ?room_id=35
Digg Mark 1 ?room_id=16
Dinosaur Hunters ?room_id=23788
Dragon’s Cave ?room_id=35992
Dystopia ?room_id=24094
Echo Hall ?room_id=35122
Eggstraordinary ?room_id=1060
Entropic Delirium ?room_id=8626
Eternal Solstice ?room_id=24093
Existential Crisis ?room_id=35226
FAWOWP ?room_id=8
Feed the Ducks ?room_id=35141
Game Theorists ?room_id=23782
Games Workshop ?room_id=6
Gaming at Work ?room_id=23790
General ?room_id=1
Gibson ?room_id=26
Gluttony ?room_id=8622
Great Plains ?room_id=36197
Greed ?room_id=8621
Hegemony ?room_id=24097
Hello World! ?room_id=35375
Home ?room_id=36321
Impossible Is Nothing ?room_id=31
Indigenous Kumquat Research Center ?room_id=24100
Ineptitude ?room_id=24092
ItBeARoomYo! ?room_id=25866
Ivory Tower ?room_id=24103
Kongreddit ?room_id=36653
Lamp Factory ?room_id=35327
Lantea ?room_id=35240
League of Gamers ?room_id=18
Lepidopterists ?room_id=24081
Lunatic Pandora ?room_id=8025
MalFunction ?room_id=28
Manic ?room_id=36029
Mapping the Problematique ?room_id=36301
Master Chief Kitchen ?room_id=24102
Midgard ?room_id=36198
Mockingbird County ?room_id=25761
Mostly Harmless ?room_id=13
Myrmecophobia ?room_id=24095
Mythica ?room_id=8027
Ninja Chat ?room_id=9
Ocean Palace ?room_id=36306
Paradise ?room_id=8625
Parkour Zombies ?room_id=36319
Pride ?room_id=8627
Prinny Land?room_id=21
Purple Haze ?room_id=24087
Remnants of Disputed Galaxy ?room_id=35964
Rip City ?room_id=24086
Road Scholars ?room_id=7610
Role Playing #1 ?room_id=23534
Role Playing – Serious ?room_id=35675
Sanctuary ?room_id=32
Scribbles ?room_id=10
Seamonkeys ?room_id=25713
Serenity ?room_id=36221
Sloth ?room_id=8623
Sumptuous Gentlemen’s Brigade ?room_id=36303
Teh Argle Rave ?room_id=36196
Teh Bleachers ?room_id=1461
The Abyss ?room_id=35146
The Attic ?room_id=34
The Basement ?room_id=33
The Boardwalk ?room_id=24082
The Bomb Shelter ?room_id=29928
The Cantina ?room_id=25622
The Cliff ?room_id=25621
The Crunchy ?room_id=24084
The Den ?room_id=24090
The Flagpole ?room_id=36
The Garden ?room_id=7612
The Giant Shoe ?room_id=23787
The Hall of Odin ?room_id=7611
The Hillside ?room_id=25623
The Hive ?room_id=24098
The Hole ?room_id=24089
The Inconspicuous Cardboard Box ?room_id=23789
The Lair ?room_id=5
The Loop ?room_id=22
The Mall ?room_id=23800
The Monument ?room_id=7103
The Nanaverse ?room_id=24096
The Office ?room_id=7102
The Parking Lot ?room_id=5365
The Queue ?room_id=7613
The Rabbit Rave ?room_id=36210
The Red Bucket ?room_id=24088
The River ?room_id=8024
The Room of Champions ?room_id=23776
The Singularity ?room_id=24101
The Sky Bunker ?room_id=36311
The Spiderweb ?room_id=24083
The Time Machine ?room_id=23795
The Underground (World 1-2) ?room_id=24099
The Valley ?room_id=17
The Van ?room_id=7
The Village ?room_id=35138
The Vortex ?room_id=7101
The War Room ?room_id=29
The Warehouse ?room_id=5364
Tree House ?room_id=25698
Uber Universe ?room_id=36030
Universal Turing Machine ?room_id=25715
Utopia ?room_id=27
Velocity ?room_id=25717
Winterfell ?room_id=36300
Wrath ?room_id=8620
Xanadu ?room_id=25714
Ye Olde Pub ?room_id=35993
Yuijiopea ?room_id=36302
Zero Axis ?room_id=35140


Catalonia ?room_id=38


龍的巢穴 ?room_id=24


Rumcajsova jeskyně ?room_id=36329


Danish Dynamite ?room_id=35377


De Fabeltjeskrantredactie ?room_id=7678
Oranje Tulpen ?room_id=36207
TBS-kliniek ?room_id=36211
Rampestampertjes ?room_id=35381


Eläintarha ?room_id=36267
Sauna ?room_id=35137


Au Royaume Bleu ?room_id=36208
Grenouilles et Escargots ?room_id=4
Huis Clos ?room_id=35330

Santé ! ?room_id=47122


Abseits ?room_id=35400
Drachenhort ?room_id=36307
Elysium ?room_id=36205
Friede, Freude, Eierkuchen ?room_id=35309
Stolz ?room_id=12


עברית שפה קשה ?room_id=36309


Palacsinta ?room_id=23


Indonesia Raya ?room_id=35369


Foro Italico ?room_id=20
La Serenissima ?room_id=35352


SOS団 ?room_id=7677


서울 ?room_id=35376


Ostehøvelen ?room_id=30
Ullsokken ?room_id=35336


Armada ?room_id=11
Casona ?room_id=35355
La Querencia ?room_id=35289
Obelisco ?room_id=35394
Torre Entel ?room_id=35142
¡Jugón! ?room_id=35654


PL Kosciuszko ?room_id=35335
PL Pilsudski ?room_id=36310
PL Pulaski ?room_id=16119


Caóticos RP ?room_id=35727
Harmonia ?room_id=35357
Orgulho ?room_id=14
Parlamento ?room_id=35471


Bucureşti ?room_id=35378


Моско́вский Кре́мль ?room_id=35379


Armada ?room_id=11
Casona ?room_id=35355
La Querencia ?room_id=35289
Obelisco ?room_id=35394
Torre Entel ?room_id=35142
¡Jugón! ?room_id=35654


Det här rummet tillhör Oscar ?room_id=9493
Draknästet ?room_id=35781


Daly City ?room_id=35126


Şu Çılgın Türkler ?room_id=15

Any Language[]

Babel ?room_id=2
Hypnotic Antibiotics ?room_id=19
The Balcony ?room_id=1462