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Room Description[]

The Chill Lounge. Chillest chat in all the land, at least most days. Well... maybe sometimes. =P

Chill Lounge's anniversary is the 28th of September.

On the 24th of July 2020 Chill Lounge, along with many other rooms, was sadly shut down

Chill Lounge Denizens[]

Current Regs[]

4mber: Generally quiet mainly from being a former lurking professional. She is rarely in CL for a long time as of now, and is always there to give everyone a pat on the back when they are in dire need of it. Despite her claims she is super dandy and an absolute delight to be around.

9911MU51C: A good, kind guy. He is generally quiet, though. Too quiet....Fanatic Loyalty: Can Initiate 'Anti-Troll' warfare as well as command the regs to war. Is also the local witch doctor.

Aiace: Math genius. Ask him for programming help (if you're prepared to decode binary!)

Anexes: Favourite activities include rarely talking. [/end placeholder]

Anna8787: She is a self proclaimed fail-typist. Also, the younger sister of KatelynMarie17, but older in Kong years. She is very gullible and has swore to never believe Wilkys again. She is usually very cheerful and can often be found sleeping on TC. She has a cute southern accent, too. Her birthday is September 13th.

Aristoph: Self-described as awesome and occasionally by others as cool, he has been in the Lounge for years.  Usually keeps to his games, but when he chats, it's always... interesting.  Tries to get everyone naked, on TC or otherwise.  Watch out, ladies and/or gents.

atlftw727: [/end placeholder]

CakeIzGood: Smells like cake. "My internet runs at the speed of a penis on an elderly man with erectile dysfunction."

2001060003: Liked by some, loved by some, most ignore. Not very quiet and usually arrogant. Makes friends and has issues with some mods and is easily sadden by not seeing the regulars, Usually insults others and makes a whole lot of drama when insulted and proceeds to push the argument.

daMSTR: liked by some, loved by a few, hated by the rest: is usually bored and could tend to flood. Also seems to prefer to stalk some female loungers and is usually an innocent victim of auto-mute. He is also very well known for his spamcakes. If you see him around, don't ask for any. Loves 4mber.

DeeDee7: She is the proud owner of the only existing "PIErainer3000" which Loones built for her. She is commonly found in the only corner of Chill Lounge (Loones also made that) eating a tub of pineapple ice cream from her seemingly endless supply.

Didueatmycookie: A loveable character, this one is. She's always missing her cookie and never, NEVER say you ate it. She's pretty chill and fits perfectly in the Lounge. Lounge's favorite manly woman. (SHE likes to give hugs.)

Dogboy708: More commonly known as Joe. Ancientfag, lurks more than he talks. Likes purple things.

duckyrox358: [/end placeholder]

durk: Yes, his name is actually durk, but he's earned a capital D, get over it. Durk is awesome, end of story, shut up. King of Lurking, and pro typist, durk will set your world aflame with one of his famous quotes.

DzemoWolfNinjaZZ/Geotoaster: Mostly online to wait for Derpestein4 to get on steam so they can do shit together, Probably watching something on Netflix, or posting random stuff, He's quite known by a few other regulars in Chill Lounge, Not very fun to be around if you are sensitive, usually asks foodstuffs which appear on Kongregate if he can eat them, He's also the ruler of hell! Gr8 at gaming, pretty much always calm, Now known as Geotoaster due to Dzemo being permabanned.

EmmaSaysDuh: [/end placeholder]

Fenix3533: Not a Phoenix as his name suggests, but a little pygmy dragon. No, do not ask where the numbers stand for, mostly because he forgot it himself.

Fiaman255: [/end placeholder]

FrozenPhoenix: [/end placeholder]

Gaius_Octavian/War_Wolf_: A man of many names, War Wolf being the most current, he remains a warm spirited and good-natured fellow, however, when it comes to battle be it War of Trolls he is a Warrior through and through and Knight of the Chill Lounge. He has answered the call to many a Troll battle and slain the would-be enemies of the Chill Lounge. A Mercenary at times he has often found himself under the employ of Walker such as the Great Minion War, who paid in copious amounts of cupcakes. One to lighten the mood every once in a while he can be a bit of a trickster or clown. A loyal citizen of Chill lounge he shall remain until the end of his days. 1/2 MIA. Weapons Master: +50 attack. Warrior: Trained in all Faucets of Warfare, he is a nearly unstoppable force to be reckoned with on any Battlefield.

GamerzX: An English reg, argumentative, a huge flirt (filthy slut that breaks people's hearts), the Chill Lounge's version of marmite, possesses an utter disdain for stupidity (despite boasting exceptional skill in that department) and is extremely fond of the use of sarcasm.

gio513: [/end placeholder]

HelenBacon: Likes doughnuts. [/end placeholder]

Jesse7797/Zikii: Stay in your seats, he'll be right back! Lurks on alt accounts these days.

Kaelmon: Not much to tell, just a reg that likes to play games.

KatelynMarie17It's KM, K-Mart, Nyletak, Elyn, and many other things that I can't think about right now. She is one of the American regs and unknown to many in the CL, she has secret Ninja skillz. She is usually a quiet reg, unless she is insanely hyper. She is very kind and will create diversions if CL gets out of hand. She has her own boulder in the CL, given graciously by Isfan.

Keyblader_007Hailing from the sunny, California western coasts of the United States, Keyblader is the most interesting man in the world. Key's been in the CL since... Well, Key's been on CL since his very first game sorted him there. His only regret? Calling himself on Kongregate as Keyblader_007 (Back then he was a bit tad of a diehard fan of Kingdom Hearts. Now? Not so much.). Currently is a diehard fan of the British female pop group Little Mix.

KrisM9: Ex-mod from Entropic Delirium that got dragged to the Lounge by another user. Tends to hang around Ocean and another group of nomads; comes and goes. Considers himself a total loser.(Deceased - 2017)

LatsFauho: All hail the glorious Chief Fauho.

Loones: Always in his Mad scientist Asylum Lab with his BIG FLUFFY HAIR, creating newer things for the Chill Lounge. Loving the people he meets whilst talking to himself all the time making people like him. I also made DeeDee7 "PIErainer3000 so just ask her for a FREAKING PIE ALREADY OKAY. Have a nice day now my loyal subjects.

Maglowiltos/IAmTwoLlogs: Laid-back Frenchman that tends to get on people's nerves with his sense of humour, but they love him just the same. He also refuses to place anything here for himself, so I, Nomnoms, must do it for him </3.

Microqueen: [/end placeholder]

MissSkitty: Fun-loving Pokemon of the Lounge.

Missyyum58: Missyyum, more like missyohsokindandsweetlikeseriouslysonice :D

nijiroppi: Fucking awesome.

Noahx44: [/end placeholder]

OceanShores: Goes by Sharky. Been on Kongregate for over 8 years now on various accounts, and tends to wander from room to room. Plays guitar and does Biology work. Annoying and hyper; sometimes tries too hard to make others pissed off. Friends with Zarkate, Loones, and MissSkitty, along with quite a few more. Whatever floats your Wailord.

Roewin: [/end placeholder]

Silerphix: Night shift for the Lounge, he calmly watches chat and pacifies it just with his presence.

Th3G1ngerN1njaOne of the regs from England. Favourite quotes include; "Stfu whore""Good for you" and "Yes I'm ginger, now stfu or gtfo". Also known as Ninjer, Ninger, Ninja, Ginger, Gin and Kirbi. Believes that Fuzz has no nipples and Justin has a big nose.

THE_LUKE/Pengwyn/Lukafer: Has been here for a bit. Is one of the regs, but we don't claim him much. His maturity level is like sex and hills; it has its peaks, but it also has its valleys. Hopeless when it comes to battling the dreaded .RAR and .ZIP files.

UndeadSeadragon: Part Seadragon and human, she loves to hang out with others. She dislikes trolls even though she can be one herself. Mentally physcotic at moments she tries to be mature. She role-plays a lot and at moments get weird (really weird). Beware the seadragon! When provoked she will release her mighty anger!

Walker9205/Nacho_CatVery chill. Basically opposite to Merawder in every way and has been declared his rival by Mer. Owns the insanity corner of the lounge, along with The Magic Box. His birthday is May 31st.

valrossen: Our loyal Swedish reg. [/end placeholder]

Volturi: [/end placeholder]

Zarkate: The cat girl of the Lounge, Kate is kind and friendly to all. Neutral: Does not pick sides, +100 to charisma. Love: Due to her username being based on family, she gains love. +100 love

ZerVexon: An insightful lemon addict. Will tend to argue that his point may be actually right, when sometimes it actually isn't. Had a brief period of inactivity, but somehow managed to catch up. If you're looking for a good game to play, you can ask him because he keeps running out of them, he plays them so fast. Send help soon. He's also a bit insane. Prefers Roonmaster drunk over sober. Has been around since 2009.

Everest: A role playing fanatic! He can't stand to see a Chill Lounge reg be in a different room.

ZolonF: An Alien according to Loones. Generally sits in idle games while working on hundreds of other things outside of Kongregate. Has a fairly twisted, and yet broken, sense of humor that can come off as offensive. Yet, if you slap him upside the head, he generally will stop.

ZornDeraught: Our local pastor, always willing to listen or offer advice if anyone needs a friend. +90 caring

ZyferwindA new edition to the regular crowd, called out of hiding during one of the great silences, to keep the regulars who were alone company.

Previous Regs[]

1dbomb: Joined the Lounge in the summer of 2008 with the username "Draco12" but was banned due to being underage. Has a history of clashing with Vega, using what was called "The Chat Nuke" but was always swiftly countered with the Silence Spear. Homosexuality: Fond of partaking in the handling of male genitalia.

Agent_X506:A reg from New Zealand. He has always stayed in the Chill lounge since he signed up. One of the few who is been friends with Kiwibob, Wilkins and is still active on Kongregate. MIA

AngryLobsterAlso known as Saber's favorite, because everyone wanted boiled lobster. Saber protected him. Entitled to as many cookies as he wants, Lobster lives under a rock in Saber's corner. The rock has been totally tripped out to have an amazing security system, and a huge dance room and pool hall. Lobster hasn't been seen in a while, and it's presumed that he's just hiding under his rock.

annethecatThe lurkiest of the regs, anne has been in the Lounge for quite some awhile, and has probably spoken a total of 10 times. Always silent, always watching, she is a bit of a celebrity since her name looms at the top of the room.

AnonymousKnight19 year old University-going Orc Shaman that seems to enjoy making supposed 'G.I.R.L.S.' prove they are indeed 'Guys In Real Life.'PROVE IT!: +5 to trolling technique and +5 to inciting flame wars. Scion of the Gods: +3 to keeping Kaistyle2 and other Orcs in good standing with the Kong.

Anubis_TrueGodA funny guy who disappeared from the Chill Lounge...

Blazer_42_Blazer: One of the regs that likes to keep to himself. [Deceased: 1996 - 2010]

broken_mould: More commonly known as Mouldy. [/end placeholder]

Cain122: The Lounge's resident Werewolf. The deep pits of the underworld are his home, right under KcayrynTheVamps throne. He is King of Beasts, he who stalks the darkness searching for souls, and he who loves his steak and bacon... and his weed... it keeps him calm.

christhegamer: Has been a reg in Chill since he joined. Doesn't talk much, but when he does, it's always good.

CiferfrAll around frenchcanadian perv, and Saber's "dj", this reg vanished one day while Saber was on a trip. Coincidence? We'll never know.

crab230: Ah, Mr Crab. What can be said about the Lounge's voice of reason? Basically he's logic in a shell.

CrackajackThe Chill lounges resident K6 male, the perfect offset to JesterX. Also being English, his accent couldn't be cuter. Back in action.

Davishark: Loves women...18 and older preferably. BEWARE! If you have no age then you're fair game. He's a firefighter and has an Iron Man flashlight that is stolen by Anna8787 often and has been given his own hot bucket by KatelynMarie17 because he was getting nasty in the hot tub.

DinoaleOur resident Mexican lesbian, a terrible person who is the bastard child of the mother of the Chill Lounge. Co-instigator of the great Pewp war of May 31 2009. Awarded purple P_E_W_P for valor in the face of pewp. She enjoys sitting on small children and laughing as they cry helplessly, while also beheading puppies.

Dragonessd: The resident female perv of the lounge.

Dragonlight: Louis, Evil, and many others are older than him. Drawn to the Lounge by Vega.

Earther: A reg from New Zealand. You're not anyone until he has acknowledged that you exist.  Is also an awful human being, but only sometimes. (Is currently on a mission trip until further notice, Aug 2014, estimated to be back 2016)

EvilParasite: His role model is Austin Powers, whose isn't? He's visited Las Vegas multiple times...I really don't know what to write here. I liked my first one better. ~Made with <3, Anna (He told me to redo it -.- a 2nd time)

fanofpoeple: Insert ancient text here. Impassioned Rage: Burns with the flames of anger.

Flamingpixel7: <Funny quote here> Likes good music.

Fuzzle187Is Fuzzy and gives rare but awesome fuzzy hugs. Also likes Zarkate. Is also dragons. .3 ~Anna8787 has the privilege of calling him Fuxx from an "uncommon" typing mistake of hers.

G_A_N_J_A: [/end placeholder]

ganthor93He's a mystery! That's all you need to know, and unfortunately, that isn't enough!

georgeiscoolBack from the dead, or undead, however you want to think of it. Don't let him bite you!

Giggity95: Gigg is just awesome. Seriously. Agreeable: No one hates Gigg. No one. +10 to Speechcraft

Gl1tch: The Lounge's official story teller and bard; Educator of the Kong masses, Gl1tch has a Past, making him one of the wisest of the regs. The story of Gl1tch's travels is told here by the master bard himself.

GoodJobDinoFull of laughs, quick wit, and correction *s, he has quickly made Chill Lounge a comfy home for himself. Though he acts friendly, really, a lot remains a mystery about the Good Job Dinosaur. Zombies, movies, drinking, and unspeakable acts of nakedness fill his repertoire of pleasure. Leader of the Clan Night Hawk -N|H-

GreatGuyNeeds Info. Was honored to be added to the list. Took an...8? 10? year break from kong. Decided to be active on kong once more because woooo muh old games <3 Sept172019

halondbdmx: [Not really sure if he should be a current or previous reg.] [/end placeholder]

haltgamer: Acts like a kitten around Zarkate and is constantly roleplaying.

hazyhedWas found wandering an elements server by Merawder begging for a pvp opponent, Merawder offered to play hazyhed, but if he beat hazy 3 times in a row hazy had to add merawder as a friend and move to the Chill Lounge. Merawder then proceeded to win three times in a row, two of the games with full health.

HornedReaper: Often finds himself in the middle of arguments, topics are broad. Generally nice to everyone despite this. Doesn't appear online much, let alone participate in chat, anymore.

hvacrfred: The second "Chill Lounge bouncer".

InfestFirman: Frequently known as IncestFiremen due to a misread by a few regs. Whatever you do, don’t talk to him about pants.

IngunnKristin: [/end placeholder]

Ipodboy26Reg since 2008, bitches. Coined the term "kongrebate."

jjffjhjf: A long time member of the lounge, and a long time lurker as well. jj only seems to come out of hiding when Saber enters the room, and it often called out as being her stalker.

kheeta: [/end placeholder]

Khiash: Proclaimed Easter Bunny by JesterX and Lhjnhnas. Fun to talk to, when he's online.

Kralgar: Back in the lounge. Retired dragon tamer.

L_o_u_i_s : A lovable rogue, who is 13, 42 or 86 years of age, depending who you ask. He is mature, and can often be seen trying to stem the flow of trolls that get in through the frayed seams of the Lounge. Often seen flinging pewp at Dinoale, and often seen ducking for cover with the return fire, this chill resident was also an instigator of the great Pewp war of May 31 2009. Awarded purple P_E_W_P for valor in the face of pewp.

Leoman444Is a quiet, but friendly reg has an interesting backstory about clones (and a hug emote [or huggymote] it looks like this (>^.^)> <(^.^<).

LisarioThis 19 year old from England has frequented the Lounge for around a while. Argumentative and stubborn, she offends many but is loved by most.

LockeShadesonHere lies the body of LockeShadeson, who must be dead by now because he bothered to muck up this page to tell you he was almost dead from some disgusting disease and couldn’t make it to the lounge, and was in fact so sick that he couldn’t specify the illness, which leads me to speculate that he’s got Lyme disease in his knob from attempting to sexually assault bitey insects over the summer while yelling “yeah, let’s see how You like it, you needle-nosed skin-raping bastard, you with your crap wings and your rubbish little buzz buzz buzz, who’s laughing now you flying whore,” but of course the insect is now laughing because Locke is dead from some galloping cryptozoological cockrot and the lesson is that you should always wear protection when trying to shag a cloud of mosquitos and also probably carry a letter from your doctor saying that you have a profound case of brain mange and cannot possibly be held responsible for your actions and also that you’re a Bloody Yank, and therefore really can’t be expected to know any better. As a serving member of the Military we all wish Locke luck and hope he remains safe. + 99 Loyalty of the Regs

LoLLerSkatez: [/end placeholder]

MashingiNo one.

MerawderHardly ever talks, but when he does, it's normally "D: arty strike took out my sig.!" Addicted to MaB2 but very funny when not playing and actually talking. Often plays Elements and Kongai and if challenged will always accept a duel. Loves to pick a side and argue but will play mod if things get personal like religion talks often do. His birthday is January 5th.

MikeyBoy: Is known for eating the souls of babies, he is notorious for placing live animals in his rectum. Has an enormous mancrush on Kaistyle2.

Morphiez[insert something witty here]; Quit Kong.

Mysterious: Judged to be mysterious and powerful. Mysteriously Powerful: 50% chance One Hit KO on any trolls.

NerizaI'm back.

nhorrace: [/end placeholder]

Ninja_of_SteelKind user, nice and intelligent, though often silent and usually lurking, very insightful whenever you can get him to speak. MIA

Noahark (also known as hingledebuhrgshamanekhoogenhadie [pronounced ryan]): Under distress in Ant Hill, he moved to the Chill Lounge after two days of Kongregate membership. He usually tries to chill the Lounge when mods aren't there. His birthday is April 24th. - MIA

NovemberLeTangoA 23-year-old professional who occasionally rebuts troll antics with inane logic, and can't help correcting their spelling. She's on at work, but is always available to chime in with a comment. - MIA

OoblaA Chill Lounge reg who is addicted to being a badge whore. Finished the great alt war during the late hours of the 7th and 8th of June.- Believed missing but may be hiding in the shadows.

OverweightCow: Liked to dick around and mess with the Wikia when others weren't looking. -100 likableness

Phoenix7250Guess who's back -Lhjnhnas?! :o. 12/19/2012

pimpjuice96: A newer reg who sometimes gets confuzzled about the ways of the Chill Lounge. Gone forever.

PurplesanAn Hawaiian reg. Lover of the color purple. Proclaimed Emperor of The CL. An angel of Heaven residing in CL for reasons yet to be explained. Enjoys Pie, Pineapples and shooting people with his P.I.E.(Pie Is Eat) catapult at unsuspecting bystanders. Occasionally goes into a violent fit of rage and should be avoided during this time. Brother of Nacho and Puppy. At requests, designs schoolgirl uniforms for a little funding for his Empire. Loves using material that turns see-through when wet. Because of this he is known as Purvy Purp. Ye have been warned. His birthday is May 23rd. ~Angelpsuhbk: He also suffers from delusions of grandeur and enjoys talking about himself. Comes back when at school. ~Skarn: tl;dr

qseal00: An old time reg, back from the dark ages of the Lounge. Once reappeared, much to the sham-wow of the Denizens who remember him.

quietpanther: The male version of annethecat basically. Everything read there, applies here.

RandyFletcherCL's lovable reg , known for *poof*ing in and out randomly. He can often be seen trying to put a smile on people's faces. 25% serious / 75% sarcastic. Long time kong player who abstains from smoking, alcohol, and similar vices. Has been nominated 2 or 3 times for modship, but has turned them down. He is CL's "good guy".

Roonmaster: Has forsaken us in exchange for a family.

SaberTompsonThis woman was the bedrock of Chill. MIA

Sadistic_MindResident asshole and troll. (But we love him anyways... Well.)

Saruko: Takes nothing seriously. Has an unhealthy and abnormal lust for Asian women. Rank 5th of all time on Just Trolling. Caught by surprise over having a wiki and not being listed as a regular since 2012. Talks a lot, idles even more. Has since abandoned Chill Lounge and moved on to Chatmasters, (the traitor).

Saske2SharinganVery random. Bro of Merawder. Enjoys lemurs. Birthday: January 14th. MIA

Serran_The only one who is allowed to call Noah, Noa. She is careless speller, but a very chill and nice person. Currently she is taming the chained up trolls.

SgtPepper834/Rubber_Soul: Pepper is the Chill Lounge’s own resident handicapped ninja (also occasionally does entertainment for mod parties). He is the very accomplished, well-rounded, yet somehow still struggling musician known for his charm, wit, and frequent movie quotations. He has been seen helping JesterX come up with clever (yet very random) video game, movie, TV, and anime jokes, puns, references, and other silly things. He lives in a yellow submarine, and is always accompanied by the Lonely Hearts Club Band, of which he is the leader. Pepper can also speak many languages, and among them, he can speak three (English, Spanish, and Japanese) in a British accent. Currently working on getting other languages learned, as well as being able to speak them in a flawless British accent. Newly learned languages tend to come out in an Australian accent... (Not that there's anything wrong with that, Lhj! >_>) LHCB: Like an ICBM, but better.

simifier: Bold, yet common user. He has an addiction to The Sims games, but always has time to swing by and say hi to everyone. Sacred Seasons fan, along with Elements, Simi is one of our best friends. By our, I mean atom.

SolixusA lively chap, ask nicely and maybe he'll arrange a TC for a private show. The resident drunken whore of CL, intelligent, easily angered, and, well, DRAWNK! He can be pretty nice sometimes, all depends on what week of the month it is.

Sportsjefe: A calm, chill kinda guy, who first thought up the idea of the official Chill Lounge game; Guess The Song (without cheating). SJ is the rock of Chill Lounge, and the provider of the awesome music. All hail! - MIA

stormwalker555Pulls a collection of amusing faces, including: ˚.˚ - MIA

superkiller1432/gorillazman1432: Has had plenty of failed attempts at troll battling but has won some major battles and refuses to give up in the war. Kills the chat a lot but always saves it in the end.

SweetiePieEnjoys fried food. Is Dogboy's butt buddy. Accredited with taming the first Pewpasaurus Rex during the pewp war of May 31 2009. Awarded purple P_E_W_P for valor in the face of pewp.

swimdudenscA new regular who was converted from a troll. As a past troll, he is great at fending off trolls using snide, typical "sixteenyearoldthatthinkstheyknoweverything" type comments. Smart-Arse: Annoying to the extreme, but uses power for good.

Tarrx: [/end placeholder]

tehcool: Pretty much that's it, as always on Chill Lounge.

VanhavierAlways wearing purple suspenders, this user is always trying to take your guitar, or is hiding in your closet. You can always have a decent conversation with Van.

Wardog13A huge faggot. He is a grammar Nazi and he sucks at arguments. If you want to p0wn him with your words, then just call him out on being a grammar Nazi and shit will get real. Humor: When in a fight -10 ATK to enemies when there's a chance to use a meme.

Willlsonnn: [/end placeholder]

xXGummyBearXx: Member of the chill lounge. Not happy if she doesn't have your attention. Blabber Box: For some reason, doesn't seem to stop talking. -MIa

xXxcalvinxXxOne of the older of the Experienced regs, calvin is a funny and often witty guy. The Eldest regs, known in the Lounge as the Untouchables, have a theory about Calvin. Stay tuned.

ZarionLexVisits from time to time. MIA

Nightryderace: Old reg from years past. Formally MIA. Recently returned to the chill lounge after his long absence - Gone

Moderators of the Lounge[]

Current Mods[]

deasta: Mod of the Lounge. [/end placeholder]

KilltheToy: Is this one even a real mod? Can we ever know? It's a mystery to everyone.

Sirago: Mod of the Lounge but prefers spending time in The Giant Shoe, which he owns. [/end placeholder]

valrossen: Our loyal Swedish reg. [/end placeholder] Modded alongside Nomuit in lieu of Amber, due to her De-Modding. [08-Oct-15]

Zarkate: The cat girl of the Lounge, Kate is kind and friendly to all. Neutral: Does not pick sides, +100 to charisma. Love: Due to her username being based on family, she gains love. +100 love [10-Sept-16[

SikeBanana - Newly appointed mod, a WTFOrgi of the room. They're friendly, talkative and entertaining and try to boost the room as much as possible. They usually always have something to talk about, and is very friendly about greeting new users to the room.

Previous Mods[]

4mber: Generally quiet mainly from being a former lurking professional. She is in CL almost 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and is always there to give everyone a pat on the back when they are in dire need of it. Despite her claims she is super dandy and an absolute delight to be around. Took over RO position after Angel. De-Modded/ROed on request to focus outside of Kong. [~06-Oct-15]

angelpsuhbk: Our former English Roomowner, loved by many, liked by the rest. You can't not like Angel. Keeps the peace well, and has an adorable English accent. Due to being English, angel is a strong supporter of the Lounge's Queens.

atom_storm: Also known as atomic winsauce, atom bomb, but usually just atom. Hilarity plainly ensues when he’s around. Dreaming to become a pokemod master he has yet to tame one. He is the founder of The Chill Lounge Federation of Tomfoolery. He is known to activate the Storm of Atomic Pwnage when trolls attempt to invade the lounge. He also aids JesterX with puns of various topics. He greets regs with “aloha” and leaves the lounge with “stay frosty.” Is JesterX's other body guard and bigc87 is his biggest rival. Attempts to trigger trap cards and “profile crush” at times usually shouting “IT’S OVER 9000!” When activating his twin powers, he turns into useless objects.

Isfan: An awesome mod who has been lured to the Lounge. Gender: Unknown, fun to guess though.

JesterX(A.K.A. Troll_Queen & The_ Rick_Astley): The amazing, the fantastic, the OMG how do I describe the awesome, Queen of Whispers and Princess of Lies mother of the Chill Lounge! Also a former chair of the Elder Three. Ex-Mod, Expert Troller.

Josten: The fairest of the Chill Lounge mods. Has no favorites, and never jumps the gun. An all round great guy. He doesn't sit on laps, he feels children by his own admission. Ex-Room Owner of Home.

KiwiBob: A Global Mod who likes to spend time in Chill Lounge, and who also spends his time in The Village. He is really cool and fun to be with! Now has his own room. Has left us in recent days.

Lt_Bubbles: Often happy just to chill, but make her mad and you are gone.

Pengwyn (A.K.A. THE_LUKE & Lukafer): Has been here for a bit. A past mod for CL. Is one of the regs, but we don't claim him much. His maturity level is like sex and hills, it has its peaks, but it also has its valleys. Hopeless when it comes to battling the dreaded .RAR and .ZIP files.

Vegadev: Also known as Veg, Vega, and Veggie(s) He has spent many hours moderating the Chill Lounge, which is much more difficult than most regulars care to admit. He has stood by the chill lounge and diffused many troll invasions, including Anon, the cal/skittles incidents, and the latest round of drama. Regardless of what anyone says, he has done much to keep the lounge safe and enjoyable. He originally attracted many of the new regulars to the Chill Lounge. Vega is now RIP. Ice Killer: Never loses his cool, even when up to his armpits in troll blood. Linguist: Can anti-troll in many languages with his infallible luinguistico espanol. Drunken Fist: Trolls never dared bother him when drunk. One hit KO.

whiskerchu: Global Mod that used to enjoy hanging around like KiwiBob. Still drops in from time to time.

wilkins: Our first room owner, and a downright chill guy. Not even trolls get under his skin. Presently believed to be dead or just napping. [Deceased]

ZombiBubonik: One of the five Australian regulars, not very talkative, but when he does talk, he is intellectual and hilarious. What more can we say.

Funny User Quotes[]

Fuzzle187: Jes

Fuzzle187: wanna co-op?

JesterX: mid mission :o

Fuzzle187: after?

JesterX: sure?

Fuzzle187: cool?

JesterX: i guess?

Fuzzle187: ok?

JesterX: yeah?

Fuzzle187: woooo?

JesterX: woot~?

Fuzzle187: this should be in the wiki?

JesterX: Maybe?

kiwibob: cheers

Fuzzle187: >_>

bobido: oh and walker when someone says there australian dosnt mean there in australia

Merawder: you can take the aussi outa the outback but you cant take the outback outa the aussi

Merawder: because there sunburns are permanent

josten: i don't sit on laps. i feel a child.

josten: i would be fine, i have protection.

JesterX: I would very much like the title PedoBear o.O

MikeyBoy: What dino wants most in a guy is a vagina!

sportsjefe: she has a weapons stash the size of montana.

sportsjefe: ok, better term. weapons stash or weapons cache? cache is within easy reach, but not designed to be open. stash is hidden somewhere to be collected when needed so i have a stache

JesterX: Hm I've got a weapons stash >.> not a cache and its not that big. Just to clear things up lol

Kaistyle2: Careful Jester. Trolls might like it. You know there are maso-trolls around.

holliebabe: NOAH!!!!!!

Noahark: Who are you?

holliebabe: I think I may know you, who are you?

Noahark: I am David Blaine, why do you ask?

ZombiBubonik: Lhj you shouldn't exist, an attractive female gamer with a perverted mind? The universe should be collapsing right now

ZombiBubonik: Lhj I could probably tell you how many slices of pizza I had about an hour ago, any further back it starts to get hazy

Zarkate: there is no snooze button on a cat.

Dejarie: ther is if you have a small mallet.

Koffin: I'm in no mood for idiocy, Gam3, so I'm going to mute you.

Gam3Freak09: I'm not an idiocy

sportsjefe: try one of thouse. sportsjefe: *thouse sportsjefe: *thos

sportsjefe: wth!

sportsjefe: *those sportsjefe: that was it.

Cryptosporidian: mmm, eating my last poop tart

Cryptosporidian: *pop

Cryptosporidian: WOW

GreatGuy: Her boobs are HUGE!

JesterX: Yeah duh =p

JesterX: Then stop staring at them!

peacefulreality: O_o

GreatGuy: ...why?

JesterX: The longer you stare the bigger they become!

GreatGuy: I KNOW xD

Cryptosporidian: 0.o

josten: ha.

JesterX: Till they eventually burst out of the screen and keel you

Dejarie: ... Wait what?

JetLag: Unfortunatly common sense is not common

JetLag: And my enter key is too close to my backspace

Th3G1ngerN1nja: Fuzz has no nipples.

Fuzzle187: xD

Purplesan: *moves around in a circle*

Fuzzle187: ^ has a flap for genitalia

Th3G1ngerN1nja: o.o

Kiwibob: *headesk*

angelpsuhbk: O_o

JetLag: Evangelist: Jesus loves you! Me: But he doesn't love you

JetLag: He was sooooo like WTF

JetLag: He stood there for like 10 minutes just looking blankly at the ground, before running after me going "Blasphmer!"

Dinoale: its my ass that isnt fine

Kaistyle2: I beg to differ

L_o_u_i_s: you can say that again ;P


~: I keep reading InfestFirman as IncestFiremen

Kaistyle2: King haydn rules the porta-potties near the truck stop.

KingHaydn: because his brain is full of shit

bladgade1: http://www.youguysaresilly.com/

Dtheman: http://www.nowerenot.com/

bladgade1: http://www.yesyouare.com/

Dejarie: http://www.whatisthisidonteven.com/

Solyr: Lh, I retract my offer inviting you to my room

~: Why? Because I like trolls?

Solyr: No. Because you are female. Seems the women of Kong keep falling in love with me. Don't need another one in my room

~: xD, I have my love on this site

~: And that's this room

~:I am married to this room

sportsjefe: but if there are girls you're having problems with, send them to me.

~: *giggling*

L_o_u_i_s: lol.

GreatGuy: hmm kittey isn't going for the steak. Man, I had to peel my cats off my cutting board when I was doing steak. GreatGuy: they're all OOH MEAT.. i'm all, STUPID CAT QUIT GETTING HAIR ON TEH STEAX wtf.

PopRocks: help me take the women and children first, laurry! Bah, i'll only eat them all Pop

NovemberLeTango: Psh, this woman doesn't need no moving.

ZombiBubonik: I liked the noises the little guys made when you grabbed em

MikeyBoy: I lost by one machine

CrackaJack: Zombi :p

ZombiBubonik: In Gobtron

ZombiBubonik: Filthy boy

CrackaJack: lol

ZombiBubonik: With a filthy little mind

MikeyBoy: Why is the chat so dead?

MikeyBoy: Is it taking a nap?

Kaistyle2: Because I touch myself in the morning.

Kaistyle2: Why wait till nightfall?

MikeyBoy: Isn't it supposed to be "Because you touch yourself at night."?

NovemberLeTango: start the day on the right hand.

Kaistyle2: The left hand for me. XD

NovemberLeTango: or the left

MikeyBoy: Left hands, unite!

NovemberLeTango: the internet is for porn, not for little kids to poke people in the gut. Just sayin'.

Jesse7797: Kairi, your overuse of dots gets you nowhere. SgtPepper834: Kairi should use her dots more constructively… Like putting them on basketballs or something… It would help the NBA a lot, as well as drive Hellen Keller insane.

Jesse7797: LOL

Jesse7797: Rofl xD

Jesse7797: Am I the only one who got that?

Korce: i smell a noob.

erica80: what?

giggity95: lh,what time is it in austrailia? Sunnyboyal: spleen o'clock I love spleens and eating babies dogboy708: WHO DOESNT

Smackaine: so then, lhj

Smackaine: cats land on their feet

Smackaine: butter lands butter side down

Smackaine: strap buttered toast to a cats back, and youve got the makings of a high speed monorail system

Kaistyle2: I want to petition a name change for a room. I want to name a room Sofa King!

Kaistyle2: Then I can welcome people to Sofa King. Our prices are Sofa King low that you will be Sofa King happy.

Kaistyle2: Is it smooth like a baby's bottom ecco? -rubs baby bottom- Not that smooth Kaistyle2: Seriously, that phrase is so weird it makes me feel ill.

xXxcalvinxXx: Lol Lhj.

Kaistyle2: Why would someone what something as smooth as the but of a baby.

Kaistyle2: *want*

Kaistyle2: *butt*

Kaistyle2: *?*

PopRocks: kai wants butt.

xXxcalvinxXx: xD

ecco7: no more butts or babies

NovemberLeTango: so at lunch, my fortune cookie told me I should prepare for a night of passion.

NovemberLeTango: I didn't know what it meant, since I'm single.

NovemberLeTango: but now I understand. I got a little bottle of passion fruit vodka at a party, and my fruit juice has passion fruit in it.

Sunnyboyal: i'm sweet and innocent, don't take me the wrong way you'll corrupt me xD, I'll take you the wrong way. Or maybe it's the right way

Kaistyle2: *imitates asshole mod* Let me see your trolling permit? No trolling permit? Then you GTFO. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Get directly the F OUT! *bans*

________________________________________________________________________________________~:Did you just call me a slut max?

~:I just came, just then Sunny

~:I meant It just came

~: Not I just came.

Sunnyboyal: lies

Malexandec: Bad typo.

Sunnyboyal: you meant what you said

Sunnyboyal: i have that effect on women

Zarkate: never use nail clippers on your face...i just found out it's a bad idea

SgtPepper834: O.o Thanks Emeril...

JesterX: Lucky me =o

JesterX: I was wearing my silence proof panties =o

JesterX: Win.

bigc87: lol

SgtPepper834: =X -takes off Jester's panties- SgtPepper834: O.O

JesterX: and a pillar is practically up her ass

Malexandec: But I don't feel like it, not with the reduced sperm quality and all. Sunnyboyal: intend to ride naked by next summer

Malexandec: =<

pcpmonster2: cool lisario: why naked?

Sunnyboyal: charity marathons for the win

Malexandec: LOL

echelon3: how does he get wifi all the way out there?! i want his ISP

DMinor: then i might be able to watch house on this thing echelon3: maybe he has satellite

SweetiePie: you can watch house from your front lawn

SweetiePie: just turn around

crab230: Somebody pass the popcorn.

dogboy708: -steals porn-

dogboy708: ._.

atom_storm: o-O

dogboy708: corn

atom_storm: xDDDD

crab230: Lol

dogboy708: popcorn starts with p stfu

crab230: C and p aren't even close to each other on the keyboard.

atom_storm: xD

dogboy708: i know

dogboy708: i was thinking Pop cORN

crunch1597:Well, I'm far to stupid to think of anything original.

crunch1597: This comment has been removed due to a Large rip in the Space-Time continuum.

Everest: *is about to be born

~: My waters just broke

bloodydeath1: push! Lhjnhnas: SP, I need you

~: -pushes-

ToxxicGamer: hoo hee hoo hee! XD

~: -makes pregnant noises-


9Sam9: *pokes lhj with a stick*


bloodydeath1: push more!


SweetiePie:*Stands at the ready witha catcher's mit


~:-cannon shot baby-


SweetiePie: *lowers face shield

bloodydeath1: FIRE!

~: -baby hits Sam in head-

SweetiePie: BOOM

SweetiePie: HEADSHOT!

dogboy708: i wanna be butt pirate :(

satanlilhelper: jesus internet police!!!!!!aaaaaaaaaggghhh!!!!

Khiash: I'm lmaoing at the irony, here

Jesse7797: V eats testicles for dinner

bunnylover15: ^ look who's talking

Jesse7797: atom?

atom_storm: jesse?

~: Lhj!

___________________________________________________________________________________________********: You take out a grizzly with a .22, I will give you a blowjob

~: Nooke

~: *No joke

dogboy708: :D

dogboy708: what do i get if i kill a grizzly with a .18

~: you get dead

SweetiePie: i miss the orgy

SweetiePie: that was good times

Dinoale: that orgy in room six was epic

SweetiePie: now I feel like I'm narrating a Pepperidge Farm commercial

Dinoale: laughed forever.

Dinoale: hahahahahahah pie

SweetiePie: lol

dogboy708: ._.

SweetiePie: Remember the good old days when Lhjhnas shit in Dinoale's vagina and shoved SweetiePie's face into it?

SweetiePie: Pepperidge Farm remembers

Jesse7797: It’s hard to find where ale’s chest starts, and where her stomach ends.

tillkill: define television

dogboy708: when i teleport your eyes to the floor with my knife

Omblugato: so when the guys get to the room the decide they dont like it and call the front desk to get a discount and the main desk says fine ill send the bellboy up with a lil refund

KanetheKnight: I sense gay sex incoming.

Jesse7797: LOL

josten: no kane

KanetheKnight: Shut up Josten I can dream

Kralis: I'm hiding inside my closet and I'm never coming out.

SgtPepper834: Kralis is in the closet...???

JesterX: He'll come out of the closet soon...

JesterX: Just wait

CrackaJack: lhj is hot, not a bishi

Dinoale:no i was doing something for a ssex

MrSmoogoomakoo: You're mom called and said I was amazing last night.

bunnylover15: rawr

MrSmoogoomakoo: >:D

bunnylover15: o.o

dogboy708: I WANNA SEE TAHT VID!

bunnylover15: *that

MrSmoogoomakoo: LOL

dogboy708: arnt u like... 19 smoo?

MrSmoogoomakoo: ROFL

MrSmoogoomakoo: I wish.

durk: lose the caps

dogboy708: and his mom... 60 something?3

splooner: yeah and she said you never paid

MrSmoogoomakoo: Lol.

dogboy708: so u admit your mom is a whore and a slut?. ________________________________________________________________________________________ InfestFirman: lol

InfestFirman: fail trollin

dogboy708: -slaps durk- I LVOE YOU MAN


Zarkate: love = fail

dogboy708: ENGLISH IS A BEAST!

dogboy708: lvoe, not love

dogboy708: love doesnt exist

dogboy708: love is a myth

dogboy708: love is a bitch

dogboy708: love ends in a .45 in your chest and testicles

dogboy708: love sucks

dogboy708: love makes u unhappy

dogboy708: love is me and kate

dogboy708: love is fail

dogboy708: wait wtf...

dogboy708: am i only one here?

dogboy708: -cries softly to self-

Jesse7797: I have a poll for you all.

dogboy708: like jesse's lube-producing hair

Jesse7797: Would you rather:

Jesse7797: Free-fall forever

Mikal: Free-fall forever

Jesse7797: Have anything you wanna eat whenever you want it

Mikal: Latter

dogboy708: does the hole have wifi?

Jesse7797: Or free fall forever and have anything you wanna eat whenever you want it

Mikal: Because then I can't haz luv with mah GF ;-;

Jesse7797: >.>

dogboy708: u dont have luv with urself, let alone ur gf

Valcero: *giggles*

dogboy708: lol val

Mikal: Cwairehawf is mah gf

Mikal: C:

Mikal: -Snuggleeez-

tehcool: i love to edit that things

Zikii: tehcool: i love to suck that things

Zikii: So do I


tehcool: lol.

dogboy708: New Topic! lets talknig about dick joining with the anus

DarkReaperX: woah what the...

dogboy708: Da Infected Comie Killers joining forces with the Anti Nazi Ultimatum Society you sick man...

dogboy708: dino is made of poo... -grabs chair and poopcorn

alea_10: wat race r yall

dogboy708: no. i sued sheild

dogboy708: im moneky raped

dogboy708: youy?

crunch1597: CAPTAIN PLANET.

crunch1597: HES OUR HERO

Malexandec: HES A HERO



crunch1597: Whore >:|

---- Malexandec: Well can you guys guess my age? Zikii: 14

Zikii: 15

Zikii: 156

Zikii: 165*

Zikii: 165*

Zikii 16*

Zikii: Jesus!

Malexandec: LOL Zikii!

Walker9205: 19

Zarkate: 500

opelly: 15

Malexandec: Yeah

Malexandec: All Fail.

KateZar: <anus is very nice!

pimpjuice96: < Agrees.

Zikii: This stupid opponent has a mono aether








§ ^doesn't like chicks

Zikii: I hate them

GoodJobDino: Marvin Maverik

TotalMaverik: Does that mean I'm part martian? o.O

spartandroptroop: y is the chat so dry now

atom_storm: chat is like sex

atom_storm: it has peaks and valleys

atom_storm: we're in a valley atm

spartandroptroop: ok ya your probly right ________________________________________________________________________________________

spartancollin: go play

Zarkate: where?

spartancollin: what

Th3G1ngerN1nja: who?

spartancollin: how?

Mogowinnar: The Game?

Th3G1ngerN1nja: FUUUUUUUUU-

Earther: Whats up people?

AGENT_X506: The sky is up

Earther: -.-


[12:43] damstr: r u belgian?

[12:45] rofl4waffles: No, I am Half-Yugoslavian/Half-Prussian currently living in Czechoslovakia.

[12:45] rofl4waffles: My ancestors were originally from Dalmatia and Anatolia

12:46] rofl4waffles: Not really, I just named a bunch of places that no longer really exist as independent

[12:46] rofl4waffles: countries anymore

[12:46] damstr: aha

[12:46] damstr: but bye

Lisario: iloveyouman

Mashingi: i pasted the [12:43] thing in the wikia

Agent96: GET HIM

1dbomb: O.O calm down! i didn't do it!

Agent96: That's not what this rock i drew a moustache on says!

Davishark: That rock speaks the truth!

1dbomb: It's lying! did you remove the opposite day chip?

Agent96: Drats

Agent96: Why must i always put an opposite day chip in everything i touch!

1dbomb: Davishark peeped and told me about your mom through Private Chat, he's the real peeper!

Davishark: The rock is named Henry.

1dbomb: He's trying to frame me

Agent96: no. it's not davi. The rock framed him!!!


SithLordRevan: He is 0.0

1dbomb: It's not Henry's fault!

Agent96: why?

Davishark: Its societys fault for letting henry down. He is a product of his environment

1dbomb: SithLordRevan from KOTOR made him, he kidnapped Henry's family

SithLordRevan: it is o.o

Agent96: *facepalm*

SithLordRevan: i did

1dbomb: He even admits it

Agent96: he's hypnotized

SithLordRevan: im so confused

Agent96: cause you're hypnotized to cover up the real villan

Davishark: Henry never knew his father.

1dbomb: Who hypnotized him?

Agent96: Davi can 'splain

1dbomb: what did he say?

Davishark: See, henry grew up in a bad neighborhood. he had few friends, and few positive role models. So, to try and fit in, he joined a roving gang of wizards

Agent96: ROFL

Davishark: The important thing is, we shouldntjudge Henry. He is a survivor. He did what he had to do to get by

1dbomb: We need to find his parents before it's too late

Agent96: I think that's the most anyone has made me laugh on kong with the best improvised story ever

1dbomb: lmao

Davishark: poor Henry. He just wanted some friends

Agent96: It had everything. Rocks, wizards, positive role models.

Davishark: :)

Agent96: I'm so stealing that material >:D

Davishark: It is yours.

1dbomb: lol as long as you mention me in the bibliograph :D

Agent96: you'll be in the credits

1dbomb: Alright

1dbomb: sounds great :D

Agent96: unfortuanately due to budget cuts i can't afford credits

1dbomb: D:

1dbomb: shucks

Agent96: but you do get this sticker of a penguin that's smiling!

Davishark: Well, we will live on through the infamy of story.

Agent96: *gives davi and 1d sticker*

Davishark: Score!

1dbomb: :O ive always wanted a smiling penguin sticker!

Lisario: I'm jealous of your sticker.

Davishark: Oy! i shouldnt have stuck it to my monitor. Now I can only read half the chat log.

Agent96: Worth it!

Lhjnhnas:I'd watching it lol

Lhjnhnas:I'd watching it?


Sunnyboyal:it'll won't be boring



atom_storm:I’ll uses this

atom_storm:I’ll uses this?


Lhjnhnas:You're life is worthless

Lhjnhnas:You're life is worthless?


dogboy708:im watches the cleveland show

dogboy708:im watches the cleveland show?


JesterX:lol gah I'm hot xD its not even cool

JesterX:lol gah I'm hot xD its not even cool?


Lhjnhnas:What I download is a trial

Lhjnhnas:What I download is a trial?


Jesse7797: george is gail

Jesse7797: gail

Jesse7797: fail

Jesse7797: daaaang

tehcool: lol you're fail.

georgeiscool: FAIL

tehcool: XD

Jesse7797: stfi

Jesse7797: stfu*

tehcool: LOL

tehcool: Fail

Lhjnhnas:Jesse, you woulda lost, if I had have had have had rustlers

Lhjnhnas:Jesse, you woulda lost, if I had have had have had rustlers?


armyGIR: i didnt eyour coockie

armyGIR: i didnt your cookie

armyGIR: i didnt eat your cookie

Didueatmycookie: I don't really care.


Sadistic_Mind:Your stupid, no argument.



Sadistic_Mind:Shit, n!gger.

Sadistic_Mind:Too early.


Dinoale: im in a wife beater and my hair looks like asshole


2001060003: aw... chat died daMSTR: duh you muted every one in it -.-

Luisln: Yeah I'd fornicate with him

TigerLily74: brb gotta piss

MiaaTaTia: Lol ^


Dogboy708:Hitting electronics hurts the fairies inside :(

Dogboy708:The fairies and the magic smoke. Never upset them or let them get out

Zarkate:sometimes it just wakes them up

FoxHawx:Also, hitting children upsets the police

Zarkate:as long as the magical blue smoke isn't released you are fine

Baushi:I hate when I smack a child and blue smoke comes out