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Crush the Castle 2
Crush the Castle 2 title screen.jpg
Name Crush The Castle 2
Author Joey Betz &


Genre Action
Published 2010-09-07
In-Game Awards? Yes
Gameplay Style Physics puzzle
Upgrade System? No

Crush the Castle 2 is a physics game about smashing castles with a trebuchet. It is the sequel to Crush the Castle. The game has been released for iPhone, and an iPad version is in development.


The controls are quite straightforward. Click once to start the trebuchet and click again to release its deadly cargo. Timing is the key to winning.

The projectile blasts away parts of the castle and hopefully the rest of castle topples down with it. The goal of the game is to take out all the people in the castle using the projectiles at your disposal. The people have a tendency to die and spew blood from any minor injury. You have a limited number of shots on a level, but on every level the goal is to to use fewer shots than the "par" score for the level and earn a Gold medal on the level. As you complete more levels, you unlock different projectile types. You can switch between them at any time by clicking on the type you want. This sequel introduces a whole new range of projectiles which enhances the gameplay.

The game has a level editor for users to create their own levels and share them. The game uses the User Level API and players can browse through all shared levels on Kongregate. Another new thing in this sequel is in-game achievements. There are 24 achievements for completing tasks using certain types of ammunition.


  • Tree trunk
  • 3 Tree trunks
  • Stone
  • 3 Stones
  • Metal ball
  • 3 Metal balls
  • Bomb
  • 3 Bombs
  • Timed Fuse Bomb
  • Parachute Bomb
  • Remote Bomb
  • Fire Bomb
  • Electric Elixir
  • Ice Bomb
  • Vial of Acid
  • Black Hole

Premium Goods[]

You can spend Kreds to unlock all projectiles, unlocking a cheat mode or buying 40 additional levels.


Besting Betsonian Island.png
  Besting Betsonian Island Badge
Easy pts.gif
Crush the Castle 2 » Conquer Betsonian Island to reach the shores of South Promontori
Crushing with Style.png
  Crushing with Style Badge
Medium pts.gif
Crush the Castle 2 » Unlock any 10 in-game achievements
Crush Mania on Crushtania.png
  Crush Mania on Crushtania Badge
Medium pts.gif
Crush the Castle 2 » Crush every castle
Goldy Unlocks.png
  Goldy Unlocks Badge
Medium pts.gif
Crush the Castle 2 » Earn a gold rating on every castle

Helpful Links[]

Crush the Castle 2 forum on Kongregate.