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"Meneer de Uil" from the "Fabeltjeskrant" series

De Fabeltjeskrantredactie is one of the Dutch chatrooms on Kongregate. Its original roomowner, The_Chosen_One, had been running this room for a long time, until he decided to quit Kong. Later it was owned by DaSkorpion. Coolepronkie is the current owner. De Fabeltjeskrantredactie was the first Dutch room created. It was first named "Het Eetcafé" but was renamed to "De Fabeltjeskrantredactie".

Its name is derived from the popular Dutch television series, de Fabeltjeskrant, a show which aired for the first time on September 29th 1968 on the NOS.

Mods and Room Owners[]

Name Info about the user

Moderator icon.gif

Woes woes, woes woes!

Moderator icon.gif

Awesome show off, also room owner.
KeepertjeModerator icon.gif Pretty cool.  Keepz, the goalie. Not much to tell.
LichaModerator icon.gif He'll quote you and put you in his bio.
Wilco65Moderator icon.gif Always talks about food, very nice.



Info about the user

accountkon21 Badgeaddict
Blood_Rose Little rose which will hug in exchange for cookies.. which explains why everyone is always out of cookies.. *hugs*
brammetje The FKR 'boterham' and sweet 'brombeer'. Just nomable! *Nomnomnom*
bramyjo Literally eats everything you give him.
Cute_Demon Lara Croft Tomb Raider!
diazzz Weed *_*
DJgamer98 Funny they say.. Though not a ruler.. Developed 2 games playable on kong.
duxie At the end there will be... cake.
ElectricPotato Oes skat
GewoonDennis Just Dennis and that's all we know.....(tumtumtum)..........
Grafit <3 Vera so gets more winks than others.
JeGodVader Perverted since birth. Likes pics.. alot.
Jointventure Als bier niet het antwoord is, stel je de verkeerde vraag.
Julesofwar Madagascar madness!
tijgermeneer Annoying but can have a nice conversation with you
OceanGirl Everyone calls her Alisa, which isn't even her name.. Has a fulltime job making Jules and Brammetje jealous. Sister to Perenpitjes and Night_Speed.
Olifantjeh Arnold fanatic and epic big dick bandito. :] 8)
Perenpitjes Bro to OceanGirl and Night_Speed. Started the religion of Puinginism together with Jules. Hopes to grow out to a real Pear Tree someday.
Night_Speed Bro to OceanGirl and Perenpitjes
sgtqwerty The keyboard sergeant.
skotto His name says all. He's a skot!
Sqruil The room's pet rodent and leader of the army. He's nuts, likes nuts, nuts to you! Someone call the exterminator! *Squeak*
Stylish777 All style, no.. uhm.., well yes, all style!
TheLastStand3 Waiting for his game to come out and likes trees.
Verawolf <3 Grafit, and winks.. lots of winks ;D
wilco65 Food? Now a mod.

cool guy.

Brogum                           De meest gehate member van de FKR iedereen wilt hem zijn. Waarschijnlijk een ego probleem.

Kerchief: random onzinnige dingen komen d'r soms zomaar uit


Room Description[]

Dag lieve kongchatters! Welkom bij de leukste chatroom op Kongregate, jawel! Hou het gezellig, en als je vragen hebt,whisper Coolepronkie, Wilco65, Keepertje of een andere mod. En om zes uur oogjes dicht en snaveltjes toe! ~_^