Desktop Tower Defense, or DTD, is a desktop tower defense game created by Paul Preece. It was one of the first Tower Defense games that gave the user control over the maze by letting the player place towers on the same map that the enemies walk on. The updated version named Desktop Tower Defense 1.5 is one of the most popular games on Kongregate.


The player has 2 resources: gold and lives. The player has 20 lives and starts out with 80 gold, and for each enemy killed, the player get a set amount of gold. Gold is used to buy a variety of towers. The amount of gold per enemy increases with each level. The game ends at 50 level.

Types of enemiesEdit

Referred to in the game as Creeps.





Frost Resistant/ImmuneEdit







Group creep

Types of TowersEdit


Ground and air

Pellet towers are the basic tower in Desktop Tower Defense. Their main use is for creating the maze that the creeps walk through. They are cheap, do little damage, and have no special effects. However, when fully upgraded, these towers become sniper towers, which fire slowly but deal a large amount of damage over a huge range.


Ground and Air

Squirt towers fire rapidly at incoming enemies. It deals small-medium damage, but fires fast enough to make up for that. When fully upgraded, it becomes a Typhoon tower, which deals significantly more damage and fires faster than any previous forms.


Ground and Air

Frost towers are used to slow down the enemy. It deals small damage, but has a decent range.


Ground only

Dart towers fire missiles at the enemy. They deal small-medium damage, but it makes up for that by having splash damage and long range. Dart towers are great for dealing with masses of creeps.


Air only

Swarm towers are specialized anti-air towers. It fires 4 homing projectiles at the same time.


Ground only

Bash towers deal damage to ground creeps only. It hits all creeps in a certain radius around it. It has short range, but deals massive damage. When it hits, it also has a chance to stun the enemy for a few seconds, forcing it to stay in its spot for a few seconds. When fully upgraded, it becomes a Quake tower.


Ground only

Ink towers attack within a certain radius, but also must attack outside an inner radius. The ink sticks, which also damages other creeps.


Ground and Air

Snap towers are one-time use towers, which deal major damage against enemies in a certain radius.


Increases the damage done by towers in adjacent squares. This includes towers that touch diagonally.

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