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Don't Sh*t Your Pants
Dontshit title.jpg
Name Don't Shit Your Pants
Author Rete
Genre Adventure & RPG
Published 02-16-2009
In-Game Awards? Yes
Gameplay Style Survival Horror
Upgrade System? No

Don't Sh*t Your Pants is a survival horror game that's about a man who really needs to go to the bathroom.


You really need to go, but you don't want to go in your pants. You are standing in a hallway outside the bathroom, trying to figure out what to do. The pressure is building up and you're running out of time. There are rumors that the story of the game is based on a true story.


Start by clicking next to the tiny arrow on the bottom left corner of the game window. The controls are text-based. You're trying to avoid shitting in your pants, but have to type all of the commands to tell your guy what to do. To begin, type “play” and press enter. Type instructions such as “shit” to perform different tasks. If you’re stuck, make sure to “look” at everything you can. Obviously, the game does not recognize every command, but it does have a certain vocabulary of verbs. There aren't many items to interact with, so there really aren't too many commands that would be relevant to the gameplay.

The game only has one screen, with two rooms connected by a door. There's the hallway-esque purple-walled room and the white-walled toilet room, but everything can be seen and done from the viewpoint of the hallway. The game is really short and can be solved in only a few commands. The goal of the game is to unlock all the different endings and earn the title "Shit King".


This walkthrough is in order of in-game Awards. Type the commands, hitting enter between commas.

  1. pull door, remove pants, sit toilet, shit.
  2. remove pants, shit.
  3. shit.
  4. pull door, sit toilet, shit.
  5. suicide, remove pants (optional).
  6. take pills, fart gently, wait until time expires.
  7. part of 6.
  8. shit before typing play.
  9. pants off (optional), wait until time expires.
  10. Earn the first 9 awards.
  11. Break the fourth wall


  Based on a True Story Badge
Medium pts.gif
Don't Sh*t Your Pants » Unlock all 10 awards, then return to the main menu