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Epic Battle Fantasy 3
Ebf3 title.PNG
Name Epic Battle Fantasy 3
Author kupo707
Genre Adventure & RPG
Published 2010-09-01
In-Game Awards? Yes
Gameplay Style Role Playing Game
Upgrade System? Yes

Epic Battle Fantasy 3 is a turn-based RPG. It is the third installment of the RPG series Epic Battle Fantasy. Features over 70 different monsters, hundreds of combinations of equipment, and over 80 different spells and abilities. Spotlighted as challenge of the week for September 7 through the 16th, 2010.



Movement: Arrow Keys or WASD Keys

Interaction: Space Bar


  • M: opens menu
  • I: opens misc. inventory
  • F: opens food inventory

New Game[]

When starting a new game you will be asked to choose the difficulty level that you wish to play on these are

  • Easy: Foes have 30% less HP and do 30% less damage.
  • Medium: Default setting.
  • Hard: Foes do 30% more damage.
  • Epic: Foes do 60% more damage and have other bonuses.

Main Characters[]


Combines high defense and hit points with physical attacking power to deliver impressive sturdiness against most enemies. Uses swords as his primary weapons, and shares armors with Lance. Only character capable of using earth attacks, and specializes in this type of skill. Matt is not aware that Natalie has feelings for him

Skill Upgrade Cost Power MP Elemental Prerequisite Description
Ebf3 matt tremor.png Tremor 0 30 3 50% Earth Basic earth attack
Ebf3 matt quake.png Quake 150 60 9 50% Earth Fume, Tundra Advanced earth attack. High accuracy
Ebf3 matt cataclysm.png Cataclysm 1500 100 18 50% Earth Eruption, Iceberg Expert earth attack. High critical hit rate
Ebf3 matt fume.png Fume 100 40 7 50% Fire Advanced fire attack
Ebf3 matt eruption.png Eruption 1000 80 14 50% Fire Quake Expert fire attack
Ebf3 matt tundra.png Tundra 100 50 7 50% Ice Advanced ice attack
Ebf3 matt iceberg.png Iceberg 1000 80 14 50% Ice Quake Expert ice attack.
Ebf3 matt nettle.png Nettle 15 30 5 50% Poison Basic poison attack. Poisons the Target
Ebf3 matt drain.png Drain 50 30 7 Weapon Nettle Drain a target's HP
Ebf3 matt quickslash.png Quick Slash 40 30 5 Weapon Weak attack with high accuracy
Ebf3 matt windslash.png Wind Slash 60 20 10 Weapon Quick Slash Attack that targets all foes, uses the element and special effects of your weapon
Ebf3 matt revenge.png Revenge 100 Varies 12 Weapon Quick Slash More powerful when user's HP is low
Ebf3 matt legend.png Legend 600 80 18 50% Weapon Revenge, Seiken Powerful Attack that hits multiple times.
Ebf3 matt seiken.png Seiken 1250 80 15 50% Holy Wind Slash, Unleash Expert Holy Attack
Ebf3 matt unleash.png Unleash 100 Varies 20 Weapon Quick Slash, Drain Unleash the hidden power of your weapon, check equip menu for details on each. Stronger with higher weapon level
Ebf3 matt protect.png Protect 200 20 5 None NoLegs Buff the party's defense
Ebf3 matt temper.png Temper 500 55 10 None Buff an ally's attack
Ebf3 matt reflex.png Reflex 1250 20 10 None Protect, Quick Slash Buff the party's evade
Ebf3 matt fright.png Fright 100 40 9 100% Dark Dark magic that lowers a foe's magic defense
Ebf3 matt screamer.png Screamer 1000 40 22 100% Dark Fright Dark magic that lowers all foe's magic defense
Ebf3 matt nolegs.png NoLegs 50 Varies 3 None NoLegs the cat brings a random healing item and uses it on a random ally. Does not use up your stock
Ebf3 matt attack.png Attack 150 40 0 Weapon Standard Attack
Ebf3 matt cleaver.png Cleaver 100 200 0 Weapon Limit Break! Five powerful hits on a single target, targets a new foe if the target dies. High chance of critical hits
Ebf3 matt annihilate.png Annihilate 500 2 0 None Wind Slash, Revenge Limit Break! High chance of instant death to all foes. Does not work well on bosses
Ebf3 matt ragnarok.png Ragnarok 1000 100 0 25% Holy Legend Limit Break! Giant swords strike all foes


She uses a long range of powerful spells that deals a lot of damage to her foes. She can do standard melee attacks but magic is her forte. Natalie is kind, cheerful, and a bit aggressive, but she feels affection for Matt and hides it by being very rude to him. She met Matt at a very young age.

Skill Upgrade Cost Power MP Elemental Prerequisite Description
Ebf3 natalie luckystar.png Lucky Star 0 30 3 None Basic non-elemental spell. Very random damage
Ebf3 natalie starshower.png Star Shower 1500 50 20 None Fireball, Thunderbolt, Iceshard Expert non-elemental spell. Very random damage
Ebf3 natalie toxic.png Toxic 150 20 8 100% Poison Fire, Thunder, Ice Advanced poison magic. High chance of poisoning target
Ebf3 natalie fire.png Fire 15 30 4 100% Fire Basic fire magic
Ebf3 natalie fireball.png Fireball 150 60 8 100% Fire Fire Advanced fire magic
Ebf3 natalie firestorm.png Firestorm 1500 50 16 100% Fire Fireball Expert fire magic. Targets all foes
Ebf3 natalie thunder.png Thunder 15 30 4 100% Thunder Basic thunder magic
Ebf3 natalie thunderbolt.png Thunderbolt 150 60 8 100% Thunder Thunder Advanced thunder magic
Ebf3 natalie thunderstorm.png Thunderstorm 1500 50 16 100% Thunder Thunderbolt Expert thunder magic. Targets all foes
Ebf3 natalie ice.png Ice 15 33 4 100% Ice Basic ice magic
Ebf3 natalie iceshard.png Iceshard 150 66 8 100% Ice Ice Advanced ice magic
Ebf3 natalie icestorm.png Icestorm 1500 55 16 100% Ice Iceshard Expert ice magic. Targets all foes
Ebf3 natalie pulse.png Pulse 300 70 14 100% Dark Fireball, Thunderbolt, Iceshard Advanced dark magic
Ebf3 natalie pulsar.png Pulsar 2500 70 30 100% Dark Pulse Expert dark magic. Targets all foes
Ebf3 natalie unleash.png Unleash 100 Varies 20 Weapon Fire, Thunder, Ice Unleash the hidden power of your weapon, check equip menu for details on each. Stronger with higher weapon level
Ebf3 natalie heal.png Heal 0 12 2 None Basic healing magic
Ebf3 natalie healmore.png Healmore 30 8 6 None Advanced healing magic. Heals all living party members
Ebf3 natalie regen.png Regen 500 10 10 None Healmore, Barrier Expert healing magic. Party members get healed every turn for a while
Ebf3 natalie bless.png Bless 100 40 5 None Buff's an ally's magic attack
Ebf3 natalie purify.png Purify 150 0 7 None Healmore Heals status defects of the whole party
Ebf3 natalie revive.png Revive 150 10 20 None Healmore Revives a fallen comrade
Ebf3 natalie barrier.png Barrier 200 20 5 None Bless Buffs the party's magic defense
Ebf3 natalie shine.png Shine 200 50 10 100% Holy Fire, Thunder, Ice Advanced holy magic
Ebf3 natalie judgement.png Judgement 1500 100 25 100% Holy Shine Expert holy magic
Ebf3 natalie attack.png Attack 0 10 0 Weapon Standard attack
Ebf3 natalie kyun.png Kyun 100 15 0 None Limit Break! Heals and buffs all party's attack, magic atk, defense, and magic def. Debuff's all foes
Ebf3 natalie genesis.png Genesis 300 100 0 100% Holy Judgement, Revive Limit Break! Deals massive holy damage to all foes
Ebf3 natalie blackhole.png Black Hole 1000 200 0 100% Dark Pulsar Limit Break! Deals extreme dark magic to all foes and players. Chance of instantly killing foes and players


Lance uses guns as his weapons deals a strong amount of damage with his guns. He is 17, the same age as Matt. He is a good friend of Matt's and has a half-crush on Natalie.

Skill Upgrade Cost Power MP Elemental Prerequisite Description
Ebf3 lance snipe.png Snipe 40 40 8 Weapon Very high accuracy attack
Ebf3 lance doubleshot.png Double Shot 0 40 6 Weapon Standard attack that hits twice. Useful for getting twice the special effect from a weapon
Ebf3 lance unload.png Unload 600 120 18 Weapon Crush Powerful attack that hits six times. High chance of critical hits. Debuffs the user's attack afterwards
Ebf3 lance flameshot.png Flameshot 15 45 4 75% Fire Basic fire magic
Ebf3 lance flameburst.png Flameburst 150 45 10 75% Fire Flameshot Advanced fire magic. Hits all foes
Ebf3 lance bullethell.png Bullet Hell 1500 90 20 75% Fire Flameburst Expert fire magic. Damage centered on one foe, with the rest receiving 1/3.
Ebf3 lance plasma.png Plasma 15 40 4 75% Thunder Basic thunder magic
Ebf3 lance plasmawave.png Plasmawave 150 40 10 75% Thunder Plasma Advanced thunder magic. Hits all foes
Ebf3 lance plasmacross.png Plasmacross 1500 80 20 75% Thunder Plasmawave Expert thunder magic. Damage centered on one foe, with the rest receiving 1/3
Ebf3 lance shockwave.png Shockwave 600 40 18 100% Wind Flameburst, Plasmawave Expert wind magic. Hits all foes
Ebf3 lance shadowblast.png Shadowblast 300 50 10 75% Dark Flameshot, Plasma Basic dark magic
Ebf3 lance antimatter.png Antimatter 2000 90 18 75% Dark Shadowblast Expert dark magic. Damage centered on one foe, with the rest receiving 1/3. Chance of dispelling targets
Ebf3 lance crush.png Crush 300 50 10 Weapon Unleash Attack that cancels the target's defense and magic defense buffs
Ebf3 lance unleash.png Unleash 100 Varies 20 Weapon Snipe, Flameshot, Plasma Unleash the hidden power of your weapon, check equip menu for details on each. Stronger with higher weapon level
Ebf3 lance medipack.png Medipack 50 5 6 None Lock On, Plasma Advanced healing magic. Heals one ally. Also heals status defects
Ebf3 lance airstrike.png Airstrike 300 80 15 100% Bomb Lock On, Flameshot Magic power and effect varies
Ebf3 lance poisongas.png Poison Gas 500 10 10 50% Poison Bind Poisons all foes
Ebf3 lance bind.png Bind 500 30 10 None Airstrike, Debilitate Lowers all foes' evade
Ebf3 lance tank.png Tank 1000 40 20 100% Bomb Airstrike Hits all foes with bomb-elemental attacks
Ebf3 lance lockon.png Lock On 50 40 5 None Buffs one ally's accuracy
Ebf3 lance debilitate.png Debilitate 100 15 10 None Plasma, Flameshot Lower all foes' defense
Ebf3 lance attack.png Attack 30 0 Weapon Standard attack
Ebf3 lance ion.png Ion 300 120 0 None Plasmawave, Flameburst Limit Break! Powerful non-elemental magic. High accuracy. Lowers foes' attack
Ebf3 lance oblivion.png Oblivion 100 100 0 75% Bomb/Earth Limit Break! Physical damage with two elements. High accuracy
Ebf3 lance nuke.png Nuke 1000 120 0 100% Fire Airstrike, Bullet Hell Limit Break! Extreme fire magic damage to everything. High accuracy. Radiation poisons everything





Defeat the final boss and finish game!


Beat the game on Hard or Epic difficulty


Beat the game on Epic difficulty

Equip Fan

Get 40 pieces of equipment

Equip Dealer

Get 60 pieces of equipment

Equip Master

Get 80 pieces of equipment


Buy out the equipment shop


Defeat the robot pumpkin, Jack


Slay and eat a Giant Squid


Defeat and tame a wild Mammoth


Destroy Protector, the ancient guardian


Slay the three headed Pyrohydra


Deal 1,000 damage to foe


Deal 3,000 damage to foe


Deal 10,000 damage to foe


Deal 30,000 damage to foe


Deal 100,000 damage to foe

Level Builder

Get a player up to level 10

Power Leveler

Get a player up to level 20

Level Grinder

Get a player up to level 30


Complete 10 sidequests


Complete 20 sidequests


Complete 30 sidequests

Treasure Hunter

Find all treasure chests in town

Forest Treasure

Find all treasure chests in Vegetable Forest

Pirate Treasure

Find all treasure chests in Rock Lake

Frozen Treasure

Find all treasure chests in Glacier Valley

Ancient Treasure

Find all treasure chests in Kitten Ruins

Burnt Treasure

Find all treasure chests in Volcano Peak

Beast Tamer

Scan 25 foes

Beast Hunter

Scan 50 foes

Beast Scholar

Scan all foes


Save up 10,000 gold


Save up 50,000 gold

Nouveau Riche

Save up 250,000 gold

Greedy Cat

Get 100 points in the first minigame

Fat Cat

Get 140 points in the first minigame

Narhwal Rider

Get 100 points in the second minigame

Narwhal Surfer

Get 150 points in the second minigame

Card Flipper

Get a time under 90 in the third minigame

Card Wizard

Get a time under 65 in the third minigame

Skeleton Proof

Get 160 points in the fourth minigame

Skeleton Killer

Get 230 points in the fourth minigame

Rock Dodger

Get 130 points in the fifth minigame


Get 190 points in the fifth minigame


Eat a hamburger

Slime Splatter

Splat 100 slimes in the preloader


Go berserk and unleash the fury (a.k.a.: use Berserk skill)


Use the Doomsday spell for dramatic effect


Use nuke to wipe out both sides


Give all life another chance (a.k.a.: use Genesis Limit Break)


Rain swords from the heavens (a.k.a.: use Ragnarok Limit Break)


Learn a new skill


Fully upgrade a weapon (or armor)


Please don't leave 1,000 comments about this again (a.k.a.: click Natalie boobs wait for animation to end then repeat this until you do this 10 times) her boobs are awsome

Cat Tamer

Summon NCH's Meow Meow (from skill given by NPC)

Narwhal Tamer

Summon a Narhwal (upgrade pirate armor to lvl 5 to get a chance of summoning Narhwal)

Pig Molester

Molest those pigs (a.k.a.:Hold a spacebar behind pig)


Unlock the whole concept art gallery(Open last page of it to get medal)


Check out the credits page

Chests location[]

Including these inside objects like tents.


Start Area - In a bottom of screen, easy to spot. Go left.

Area 1 - Near pig. Go up.

Shop Area - There are 3 chests behind shops. Go inside of shop to see a chest(s). Go twice right.

Inn/Food Shop Area - go inside Inn. Turn right then go here. There is chest here. Go down.

Graveyard - there are 4 chests inside house. You need a key from Glacier Valley boss, though.

Vegetable Forest[]

Start Area - Go right.

Area 1 - defeat snails then go by each of barks. You will get to Area 4 by each of bark. You will be rewarded with a total of 3 chests. Go back to Area 1 and go right

Area 2 - 2 chests near pigs. Average-hard to spot. Although it's not necessary to obtain medal, you can visit a 10 medals area which is here. Go up.

Area 3 - 1 easy to spot chest near Haunted Tree. Go up by trees you should get into a part of Area 8 with 2 chests. Go back to Area 3 then go twice left

Area 4 - Two easy to spot chests. Can't get them yet(read Area 9).

Area 5 - there are a two a somewhat hard to spot chests. One is on left side of map, a west from slime, while 2nd is somewhat a south-west from slime. Go down by trees and loot a 2 chests in Area 1. Go back here and go up.

Area 6 - 3 easy to spot chests + one in a upper-left corner. Go right, by up side.

Area 7 - You are in corner with a chest. Go back to Area 6 and go right by down side. There is a chest near old man. After you defeat a bees near down-right corner you can go down to Area 5 to open 2 chests. Go back then right.

Area 8 - On this part of area, 2 chests are guarded by bees while 3 are on other side of river.

Area 9 - On this map there are 3 chests. One is by the old man. Complete his quest and he tells you there is a chest behind the tree. The third you get by beating the cat on the map Area 8. Defeat the bee to get two chests on a part of Area 4.


  Forest Friends Badge
Easy pts.gif
Epic Battle Fantasy 3 » Slay 20 disease-ridden enemies
  Meta Medal Badge
Medium pts.gif
Epic Battle Fantasy 3 » Earn any 10 in-game medals
  Chest Grabber Badge
Hard pts.gif
Epic Battle Fantasy 3 » Open 150 treasure chests
  Boozies and Floozies for Everyone! Badge
Hard pts.gif
Epic Battle Fantasy 3 » Complete your adventure on at least the "normal" difficulty setting