Kongregate Wiki
Name Fold
Author Joel Esler
Genre Action
Published 2007-10-15
In-Game Awards? No
Gameplay Style Action Puzzle
Upgrade System? No

Fold is a unique and original platform action-puzzle game in which you control an ant-like creature that can create and delete space anomalies. Space anomalies are giant bubbles that you can manipulate to launch yourself in certain directions. Fold is the sequel to Manifold.


Fold is a platformer where the object of the game is to reach the exit on each level. The only tool available to you is the ability to create space anomalies, a spherical area which accelerates you in one direction while inside it. They may allow you to change fall directions, escape fall damage, jump really high or walk on walls/ceilings if placed properly. In order to place a space anomaly, you aim with your mouse and hold your mouse button, then drag your mouse in the direction you wish it to accelerate you. The number of space anomalies you create is limited, but you can collect them from anywhere in the level and re-use them.

There are three difficulties, each with a different set of levels: Easy, Uneasy, and Double Plus Uneasy. Should you lose all your lives, you may choose to continue playing in "ghost mode".


Gravity Tinkerer.png
  Gravity Tinkerer Badge
Medium pts.gif
Fold » Complete "Easy" mode
Newtonian Master.png
  Newtonian Master Badge
Hard pts.gif
Fold » Complete "Uneasy" mode without losing all your lives
Black Hole Escape Artist.png
  Black Hole Escape Artist Badge
Impossible pts.gif
Fold » Complete "Double-plus Uneasy" mode with lives remaining AND score 10,000 points in "Double-plus Uneasy"