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This is a list of the games that you will find on Kongregate (the content of this page is currently being disputed; voice your opinion here). You may notice that there are quite a few broken links here at the moment. You can assist the Kongregate Wiki by writing articles for these games, using the template here.

The Game Browsing screen's Action Genre, sorted by Highest Rating

Over the years, Kongregate has amassed a very large amount of games. Due to this, Kongregate has constructed multiple game resources to keep up with the ever-growing hoard of games. But... How do you find a game you'd want to play? There are many ways to achieve this; firstly, every game is separated into categories (as defined by the creator of the game). You can access the games for each individual category via the quicklink bar near the top of every Kongregate page. Simply hover your mouse over the "Games" tab, and click any of the links corresponding to the genre of game you want to play. The predefined genres are Action, Shooter, Adventure & RPG, Sports & Racing, Multiplayer, Strategy & Defense, Puzzle, Music & More and Tutorials. There are also more involved categories, such as Newest, Top Rated, Your Favorited Games, Zombie, Fantasy and Greg's Picks (Greg is the administrator that gives badges to games). Games can then be further defined by Highest Rating, Most Played, Newest and Oldest (in any category).

The Search Bar showing Games Related to Dolphin Olympics

Secondly, if you have an idea of what the game you want to play is called, you can search for games in the search bar. Whilst typing the name of the game into the bar, a list of games related to your search will appear in a box below. Alternatively, you can search for the game's name normally, press enter and see a full list of results (this type of search will include games, profiles and forums).

Lastly, you can browse games by badges. To do this, simply go to your badges page and click the badge that you want to obtain. This will direct you to the game that has that badge on (you will be automatically placed on the achievements tab as opposed to the chat tab, this way you'll be able to view the badge and your progress as well as any other badges that the game may have). This method is useful if you're attempting to sort the games by the presence of badges, as the badges page can be sorted by genre, much like the games page can be. Further badge-defining agendas include difficulty, time on Kongregate and even Most or Least awarded.

Site Maintenance Page[]

The page (Note how a flash plugin is required)

A feature worth noting is that a random game can be played on the site maintenance page when the Kongregate site is down for maintenance.

The Page is structured as follows:

  1. The following notice:
  2. Apologies, Kongregate will be down briefly for maintenance.
    You can either twiddle your thumbs or play the game below in the meantime.

  3. The title of the randomly-selected game
  4. The game itself
  5. Instructions

List of Games[]