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Gaming at Work (GAW) is an English-speaking chat room on Kongregate. It was made for those who are at work and want to play games on Kongregate as a way of slacking. GAW was one of the first rooms created on Kongregate, though this may be disputed as the first regulars were scarce and rarely chatted.

The chat room[]

GAW has been regarded by many users for the maturity in its handling of situations and freedom of chat as the room has several regular mods. There is a large diversity of people in the room: developers, badge-hunters, game experts, break-takers, active chatters, and anti-trolls.

GAW is seen as a mature room. Most of the regular users are older players, with jobs and lives. Trolls are quickly slain, and the chat is generally friendly. It's easy to make friends in GAW. Spam at your own peril!

That being said, this room of roughly 210 regulars may not be for everyone.

In conclusion, behave yourself or keep to yourself.


PROGAW (Peoples Republic of Gaming At Work) is pretty damn dead (to the point of being Undead), and accepting members. To inquire further, contact Cabgregate or ReverendOWillard. But only do so if you feel like being shunned by everyone else in GaW.

Applicants must accept they will be hazed, abbused, shunned and treated poorly by those who remember PROGAW, as PROGAW is generally seen as a Troll Club for former Gaming at Work trolls who no longer get their way due to the presence of moderators.