Gibson (A.K.A. 'The Gibson') is a very core congregational (or, for those of you who prefer it, 'Kongregational') "small town" sort of room. There are 'regulars', more or less people who simply chose Gibson to be their main or more frequently visited room, and they all know each other, to some degree. It is a very clean room to many standards, when it comes to behavior of most of its inhabitants.

Name changesEdit

Originally named The Convention and owned by Emily, it was transferred and renamed The Gibson by William_Wilson as a reference to the film Hackers, as well as his personal favorite guitar manufacturer Gibson Guitar Corporation. When The Gibson was transferred to TheBSG in early 2009, it was also renamed Gibson to move up on the room list and to fit a better room naming standard. The Gibson is still the most accepted reference, but Gibson is acceptable.

Moderators: The Sheriff's OfficeEdit


Given ownership of Gibson on June 18, 2010, exactly 18 months after becoming a moderator on December 18, 2008. If you were to ever cross paths with him, you may find that his username is quite fitting. Sword, Sentinel, and Sheriff of the Gibson.


Previous owner (before Executioner) and governor of the Gibson. A fervent atheist and well-practiced skeptic. Not afraid to put idiots and trolls in their place.


A true Gibsonite. She's pretty lenient, but if you go too far, she WILL punish you. Welcomed to the Sheriff's Office on May 2, 2009.


Owner-emeritus of the Gibson.

Visiting MarshalsEdit


The owner of Ninja Chat, Blarlack is one of the most called upon mods when trouble arises. The reason for this is that he is almost always on Kong, proving to be a reliable source of help.


A mod from Cafe Kong who started hanging around in the Gibson. Also, he's pretty much the man.


A regular of Cafe Kong, modded in early May, and friend to the Gibson community.


Former owner of AAA, the first Kong room. Returned to The Gibson in January 2008. Currently deployed out of Dinosaur Hunters.


Visits occasionally when TheBSG or Executioner aren't around or AFK. Generally stays in Café Kong.


An ally of the Gibson, given moderator status in February 2009, currently attached to Echo Hall. He is an admin, since he now works for Kongregate.

FuzzyBacon Edit

Makes sure the law is upheld, pops in occasionally when Executioner or BSG can't be there.

FridgeMagnet Edit

Deployed from Café Kong, enemy of the evil and vile.


Current owner of Road Scholars. Often called when the regular mods are not present.


A mod from the Portuguese rooms Harmonia and Parlamento, that visits Gibson on occasion.

Regulars and self important users who felt left outEdit



Loves pasta and cheese. Student of LilyLovelock.


Ape! Not monkey!


Derp, Herp de Derp..

Axel DesadeEdit

I totally added this in myself, but I felt left out. :( On a side note, TJ probably play AKS more than Dark. :D


Half Bass, all Chick... or is she?......No. This is the internet, no females.


The girl who is often mistaken for a man.


One of the original "FLAMING NINJA'S OF DOOM" along with Arrowhead88 (see above) can be found lighting people on fire and giving out pets to those who ask for them and is Oichi's Sammich making chair (Oichi247) Member since Apr. 25, 2008


The Gibson's resident meglomaniac. Also the only one with enough magic awesomeness to beat Magin at his own game (of magic of course), capable of teleporting to and from the mothership to the Gibson, has a 2 doors, a blast door and a wooden door, that lead into his fantasy (otherwise known as his happy place), has nuked the Gibson a total of 3 times, each time rebuilding it.


Originally from NinjaChat, now a semi regular member. Not on nearly as much as I used to be.

I'm a bit of a bitch.


Not on as much as he used to be.


Insert text here.:O


Pretty much the coolest refugee ever.


Epic player of the idle game A Knight's Story. Game level: 100+


Call him Drake. That's pretty much all that needs to be said about him.


Check my profile for details.


You should think yourself lucky if you see this Frog online. Stole a clock and a vase from Road Scholars. The clock is currently set to TGT (The Gibson Time) and is on the Gibson mantle. The vase was stolen back by Herty14 and hidden within one of the many rooms in Kongregate.


General of the Gibsonite Army. He goes to the Gibson ever day, only missing when there is a power outage. He is a Frogz, NOT A FROG.


Know-it-all brit.


Although often slightly unhinged from the general vibe of Gibson, "imoc" can be extremely entertaining when he becomes fully involved in a conversation. He can often be immature, but is welcomed in to most conversations for his interesting points of view. Often turns to spam when loss of chat is present. He is also a cannibal. Ask wattro.


A Kongregate oldie who's been around the block a few times (or 3,454 if you're counting), Jake is known for his nonchalant ramblings and his love of all things stupid. Considered the town drunk/punching bag. Yes, he's black.


The neglected one.


The Gibson's Court Jester :3


A highly-intelligent aubergine. Not a random bozo. Script guru extraordinaire.


A newer member to the Gibson, ex-troll in recovery, and winning. Gibson is the only room she's ever in.


Lives lovely.


Creation of a horrible science experiment, has a fatal phobia of butter.


A perfect gentleman. Except when he's not. Approaching 4-year veteran of the Gibson, took a leave of absence from the room for a while before triumphantly returning.


Resident Mage of Gibson.(Can make yours arms fall off, but he can stick them back on too!) Started 16 Feb 2008. He landed in The Gibson, and never left.


A regular in Gibson and a one-year resident. Portal.


An odd young man, who can not be easily identified. Whilst sometimes displaying his young age and immaturity, at other times he may take part in extremely mature conversations. A member since late 2008, Kongregate randomly entered him into The Gibson, where he remained for some time. Although some consider him a troll, wether this is true or not, he engages in enough conversation to be called a Gibson Regular. He was one of the most tenacious fighters in the war for the couch, as can be seen by him taking command and creating a truce with Paradoxes. He now uses Road Scholars when Gibson becomes overly boring.




Gone fishing. (To Feed the Ducks room...)


After travelling to the Escapist Magazine (Where he learned the Secret Carrot-Rainbow Technique) for a few months to participate in lengthy discussions about gaming and life in general, Rebel recently returned to the Gibson, hardened and a true Internetz hero. At present, he is selling these fine leather jackets and fondly remembering the days of the Great War against Shuhreed and his forces of Troll_Account lackeys.

On 18/12/09, Rebel got a taste of the old magic when he led an expedition to Road Scholars to retrieve the couch, and fought fiercely to save it.


The chat ninja. The master of disaster. The pwner of queens. The killer of time. The one, the only, SATREVI! SATREVI! SATREVI! BOW TO YOUR GOD! *grins* No, don't bow to Satrevi. Bow to the person behind Satrevi. xD


The Savage rabbit hare.


Don't insult America.


Sometimes really annoying but he's easy to get along with. Just don't insult him.


Likes to reason and use logic, likes the idea of finding a further purpose. Usually comes in on a conversation for a while, then leaves 4 times a day.


Deployed on 18 April 2009, shadowluigi42 infiltrated the Gibson. He was accepted as a noob like many other people with no social life. He eventually started to become known in the Gibson and by some, even liked. After a few months, he tried to wage an RPG war in the Gibson but was quickly defeated by Executioner. He is now a fairly well known Gibson regular (or Gibsonite) as well as a recovering RPG-aholic. He mostly greets with ello gibson and tries to start conversations through random small talk.


Gibson's regular avatar-making female troll, ready to screw with the filter.


Has no use for children with minds of their own. Don't look in the cellar. Ew.


"Whore of the Gibson" - Can usually be found lurking in the shadows.


Joined The Gibson back in December 2, 2007 and recruited by DeAf2296. Sometimes casts a revive spell on the chat.


He Tickles The Pwnz0rs.


Once one of the most notorious AKS players of all time, TJ requested perma in the second half of 2009, stating it to be interfering with his social life. Although, as always with TJ, things are not what they seem, as a Ban Removal was performed at Christmas 09 and TJ is once again a regular..


All-star lemming.

Winter AngelEdit

Generally called Ali, Winter Angel is one of the newer regs to the Gibson, only appearing in December 2009. Although her old account, Lennyrulz123 was present in the Gibson for a long period of time, she only became widely regarded as a reg when the WinterAngel account was started. Her first gibsonite act was in the retaking of the couch with NightmareBC666 and TJthebold, and she generally appears at times when chat is sparse.


Who in the what from where?


The tastiest escargot around.

Zamster101 Edit

"insert funny caption here" Join Oct 2009.


Wears an awesome top hat and uses it to summon unicorns.