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Active ParticipantsEdit

After many changes in the Hege community over the last year or so, we've lost some good regs and some bad eggs, so a few of us thought we'd take the time to update our wiki.

A note about Trolls

Hegemony has a unique approach to unwelcome guests; when a troll is detected, the regs set out to confirm the target is indeed a troll, then once confirmed the regs deploy extensively tested defence strategies to "out-troll" the troll. To witness the camaraderie unfold during a defensive manoeuvre, is a beautiful thing to behold.

Room Boss Edit

The current Room Owner (read: Boss) is the Almighty JakeInTheBox, bestower of Titles.

Jake spends a lot of time on Kong while nothing is going on while he's at work. As for what he does for a living, the answer is obvious; he takes down terrorists using only his manhood.

"Just know, Immz da Biggest and da Meanest so IMZ DA BAWZ!"

The Orks (aka Regs, in alphabetical order so Cere's first ha ha - oh wait, damn.) Edit

Broken_Survivor The erotic man that has disappeared.


A very angry, yet amusing man.

Cerebalbore Room Title -The Heiress to the Great and Powerful MOO Empire

(the lady of the pinecones)

A lusty, half druken Brit, that would problem make love to your mum, and leave her in the night in a puddle of shame and tears.

Note: anyone who messes with her pinecones will pay severely. <3


A stalker? A League of Legends fan? No one really knows for sure. OOOooooOOoOOOoo





A man with a deep, sexy voice.



Former moderator of Hegemony and roomowner of the chatroom The.


She is a typical teenage girl, and an avid gamer. He hair is crazy, and loud, and may match the carpet. She's usually playing a game of League, and crushing pussy-men, with her thick veiny skills.


Shows up on occasion and is friendly to everyone.



He can be a quite sort, a bit of a wall flower of Hege, but when he has something to say you can expect to find him privately messaging others with his own commentary on events, usually hilarious.

Stepping_Razor Room Title - Erotic Raptor Jesus Acolyte

Appears pretty frequently and enjoys a good ole fashion trollin'.


A British Hege vet, known to leave for a while leaving no evidence behind, then reappear. Being a member of the SAS would explain the periods of disappearance. I'm probably about to be shot by a sniper for blowing his cover...

Also, known to be somewhat desired by the female regs.

SwagolfHipster Room Title - Dicktator

Often goes missing from Hegemony and returns after months of disappearance asking what year it is.

ToAsTyPaNcAkEs Room Title - Fair Maiden Ebola-Chan

She is a typical teenage girl (manic, hysterical, weird, just shouts random words), but she also does Bible camp stuff (or something). I used to think that she was up to mischief with her pastor or something.




He's indian.

He also leaves very frequently to get a shower.



Served in god damn 'Naim piling Japs and fightin off hordes of Koreans. Is this racist towards Orientals?

Zedzero2 Room Title - The Count of Phalicfollies

Apparently considers himself to not be a douche. We have our doubts.



Other RegsEdit

<insert Josh's current unbanned account link here>

Josh is a reformed troll and avid fisherman.

JoshinatorKY went through a trolling phase in 2013 - 2014 where many of his vast collection of accounts were perma-banned. 

Accounts used included, but were not limited to; JLHawkeye, LeeHawkeye, JoshuaLeeHawkeye, ShiverUrTimbers, YoloHanSolo, Owarimonogatari, Koyomimonogatari, Tsukimonogatari, Onimonogatari, Erecting and The_Hegemony. 

 He mostly uses the account Joshua_Lee now.  

Honorable Mentions... Edit

  • Lynx45678/Lynxiecat - Because I miss you.
  • xToxicRainbowx - Lost due to past drama-conflict, and a warning that behind usernames are human beings.
  • oIIEthanIIo - Personal problems cause him disappear, sightings of him have been extremely rare but has been showing up more recently.
Dh8vnm th.jpg
  • The former owner of Hege. InfiniteHunter (AKA Infinite, Hunter, IH, etc) is an avid FPS gamer and metal head! Nobody really knows much about him, given that he's only talked about his personal info with general terms, but don't let that change your opinion about him. IH probably spends too much time on Kong for his own good, but he is quickly progressing through the badges.