Kongregate Wiki
Name Hexiom
Author Moonkey
Genre Puzzle
Published 2007-09-17
In-Game Awards? No
Gameplay Style Tile Puzzle
Upgrade System? No

Hexoim is a spatial puzzle game where you pick up numbered tiles and place them on a hexagonal grid, attempting to figure out the correct way of placing them to solve the level.


Hexiom is a puzzle game where you rearrange numbered tiles. The object of the game is to arrange all tiles in a way that each of them are adjacent to exactly the number of other tiles as the number on the tile are showing. The tiles change color to easily show if they are connected to the correct number of other tiles. Yellow means they are connected to as many other tiles as the number show, red means they have too many connections and green means too few connections. Locked tiles cannot be moved, while all other tiles can be picked up and placed in any position on the board. The boards come in various sizes and some include removed slots where no tiles can be placed.

There are 40 levels crafted by the developer and they increase difficulty as you progress through them. In addition to the handcrafted levels, the game also includes a random level generator. You may choose between four different difficulty settings when generating random levels, numbered as 3, 4, 5 and 6. If you wish to have more control of how the level is generated, you may choose the advanced option and use sliding bars to determine exactly how many normal tiles, locked tiles, empty slots and removed slots a level should contain. There is also a level editor for those that wish to build and share levels with friends. Constructed levels are given an alphanumeric code which you can pass on to the person with whom you are sharing your level and he or she can enter that code to load this level.


Six-Sided Student.png
  Six-Sided Student Badge
Easy pts.gif
Hexiom » Complete any 10 levels
Done in 60 Seconds.png
  Done in 60 Seconds Badge
Medium pts.gif
Hexiom » Complete a size 3 random puzzle in 1 minute or less
Geometric Mastery.png
  Geometric Mastery Badge
Hard pts.gif
Hexiom » Complete all 40 levels and complete a random level of size 4 in 3 minutes or less
  Hexiompossible Badge
Impossible pts.gif
Hexiom » Complete a random puzzle of size 6 in 3 minutes or less