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Intrusion is a shooter game similar to Metal Slug. The game consists of 5 levels ranging from a snow covered area to a train. The game features some great physics for a platformer, including ragdoll bodies and flexible cables (which you can grab and swing on). Polished graphics and gameplay make this the sort of game we would have killed for back in the SNES/Genesis days. A sequel has been created, which can be purchased on Steam


Five challenging levels, from snowy mountain bases to the tops of moving trains. Use pistols, sub-machine guns, lasers and explosives as you fight your way through an army of soldiers, robots, helicopters, jetpackers, and a handful of epic bosses.


Snowball Warrior
  Snowball Warrior Badge
Easy pts
Intrusion » Score at least 5,000 points on the normal difficulty setting
Smooth Operator
  Smooth Operator Badge
Medium pts
Intrusion » Turn down the heat and turn up the style by scoring 20,000 points on the "easy" difficulty
Carbine Ninja
  Carbine Ninja Badge
Hard pts
Intrusion » Complete the fifth level on the medium difficulty setting