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This policy/guideline is under discussion and is not an official policy at this time. You may voice your opinion and suggest changes on the talk page. (discussion)

Some leniency should be given to new users and long time editors (particularly problem editors) should be handled more harshly.

Warnings (Level 1 Offenses)[]

Only to be given if a user has never been warned by an admin before. Generally warnings should only be given to new users when good faith can be assumed, to new users who are unfamiliar with our policies, or in cases where it is unclear if an edit is considered a violation. The edit summary should contain the word warning.

  • Removing deletion request without a consensus
  • Questionable personal attacks on talk pages.
  • Ego stroking- List your username in an article in the main space where it does not belong.
  • Creating a page in the main space about yourself or another user

Warning through blocking (Level 2 Offenses)[]

Blocks should be under one day in length. Exact length is up to admin. First time offenses only.

  • Repeating a Level 1 Offense after being warned
  • Editing pages or using a template that you should not be using (usually this would be trying to impersonate an admin)
  • Inserting minor vulgarity into a few pages
  • Inserting false information into a few pages
  • Blanking a page
  • Moving a small number of pages that should not be moved
  • Definite personal attacks on a user
  • Using multiple accounts without clearly listing it on both user pages (One account should be blocked permanently)
  • Uploading images unrelated to Kongregate
  • Reverting multiple valuable edits (not vandalism) with no explanation.

Long Blocks (Level 3 Offenses)[]

Generally between 1 day and 1 month in length as decided by admin

  • Multiple Level 1 and 2 offenses at the same time even if no prior warning was given
  • Repeating the same level 2 offense for which you were banned the first time
  • Inserting minor vulgarity in many pages
  • Inserting false information in many pages
  • Blanking many pages

Indefinite Block (Level 4 Offenses)[]

  • A large number of level 2 or 3 violations accompanied by threatening behavior with or without prior warning
  • Moving a large number of pages to new pages with offensive or gibberish titles
  • Spamming
  • Uploading offensive images or linking to them
  • Linking to dangerous and/or offensive sites.