Kongregate Wiki

Kongregate holds well over 100 chat rooms, in languages from Catalan to Turkish, and some that you can speak in any language you feel like. All of these rooms are unique and thus a set format for a room's page would greatly limit that. This page is basically a set of guidelines and suggestions for how each room should look.

Something about your room. Basically a little paragraph explaining why your room is awesome.


A list of all the cool people in your room, usually rooms have some sort of guidelines as to what warrants being a reg.

Suggested Items


A list of moderators that either live in or frequent your room

Quotes of varying degrees of Epicness[]

Shows a bit of that flair that makes each room unique

Ex Regs[]

A memorial to awesome people who have left your room for one reason or another.


If your room has any rules that are a bit different from the ToS of kong.

There are plenty more things that you can add from a picture or two (please don't over do it, we have more pictures than we do articles), to room competitions, to just about anything that you can think of, just keep it civil.