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Kong News

Kongregate being sold (6/20/2017)

Kongregate is being purchased by a Swedish company called Modern Times Group (MTG). For further details, check the official announcement

Chrome issues (4/15/[2015)
After the release of Chrome version 42, Chrome no longer support plugins like Unity or Java. Users may have to use a different browser for some games on the Kongregate website.
Kongpanions (1/13/2014)
By completing the Badge of the Day on Kongregate, you will now gain a Kongpanion, a digital pet on your profile. Each week, there will be a new Kongpanion available. Gaining five of the BotD from a single week will give you a "Shiny" version of that week's companion.

Wiki News

Editors Needed (5/13/2014)
The wiki is in dire need of more editors. There is still a large need for content, but we do not currently have many active editors. Compared to the massive amount of content on Kongregate, the wiki is rather low on content. Many articles are still rather short and about a quarter of the article pages are still stubs.

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