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Meat Boy
MeatBoy Menu.JPG
Name Meat Boy
Author Edmund McMillen
Genre Action
Published 2008-10-07
In-Game Awards? Yes
Gameplay Style Platformer
Upgrade System? No

Meat Boy is a screen-scrolling adventure with 56 levels of gore filled fun! It is a platformer game where the goal on each level is to get past all the traps and reach the end of the maze. The game was created by Edmund to be as challenging as possible, and it certainly provides plenty of challenges.


In this challenging platformer, you control Meat Boy, as he goes on a quest to save his beloved from the evil Dr.Fetus. The goal of each level is to make it to the Bandaid Girl in one piece. Along the way you can collect bonus band-aids to unlock secrets and earn badges. You only have to complete three out of five stages to unlock the next series of levels, so you may skip levels that you find too hard or don't like.

Meat Boy moves about in the trail of blood he leaves on everything he touches, literally bouncing off the walls to reach his goal, making him hard to control at high speeds. And it's not just the slippery mess that can make things tricky in this game, with spikes, salt, spinning blades and lakes of lava to navigate, climbing to victory has never been harder.

A great feature in Meat Boy is the easy-to-use custom level creator. Accessible from the main menu, simply click and craft your stage to be as devious as you please. You're given a custom level text code that you can copy and paste so friends can import the stages you create. A map pack containing the best player made maps was released in December 2008. The map pack is considered more difficult than the original game.


  • B-girl - playable character, the Band-aid girl which is the goal on each level.
  • C-Crasher - playable character, a character from the Castle Crasher game.
  • Dr.Fetus - playable character, the villain of the game.
  • Gish - playable character, a black version of meat boy. Also, Gish is from Edmund McMillen's game Gish.
  • Hot Coffee - Ending sequence. Kongregate received numerous complaints about the graphic nature of the Hot Coffee ending and it was removed in the Kongregate version of the game. The developers of the game were displeased and replaced the ending with a message blaming those who had complained.


Party Crasher.png
  Party Crasher Badge
Medium pts.gif
Meat Boy » Unlock the Castle Crasher by collecting 4 band-aids
To Hell and Back.png
  To Hell and Back Badge
Hard pts.gif
Meat Boy » Complete the final level
Band Aid Fetish.png
  Band-Aid Fetish Badge
Impossible pts.gif
Meat Boy » Collect every single band-aid