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Motherload title.png
Name Motherload
Author XGen Studios
Genre Adventure & RPG
Published 2009-05-29
In-Game Awards? No
Gameplay Style Resource Gathering
Upgrade System? Yes

Motherload is a platformer flash game made by XGenStudios. The game is set on Mars, where the player controls a futuristic drilling machine. Hired by the mysterious "Mr. Natas", your task is to dig into the Martian soil to harvest minerals. Minerals may be sold at the surface in order to upgrade your drilling vehicle, allowing you to go deeper and collect more rare and valuable ores.


There are two main types of resources that the player collects: minerals and rare items.


Minerals are collected by drilling through the block of dirt they are contained in. When the player drills through a mineral block, the mineral is collected, its corresponding score is added to your total, and the mineral is placed in your Cargo Hold. The Cargo Hold has a limited capacity: if it is full, minerals will not be collected if they are drilled through.

Minerals must be returned to the surface in order to be cashed in at the Mineral Processing building for money.

Rare Items[]

There are a few rare items distributed through the map that the player can also collect. However, they differ from minerals in that they instantaneously give a cash reward instead of being placed in your inventory.

Thanks to todercatney19 for the Minerals.

Depth Guide[]


Funny things to note in the game:

Mr. Natas is actually Satan himself, and 'Natas' is the opposite (in terms of spelling) of 'Satan'. He is hiring workers to dig up valuable minerals for him,

and then rob them of their money (after selling the minerals) and killing them. The funny part is also that since he is Satan what would he want the minerals for.

Other funny things to note is that, why are there dinosaur bones and religious artifacts ON MARS?

Finally, you will be wondering why there are messages from other workers, and at the end of all the messages, they would be shrieking. What happened was

Mr. Natas robbing them and killing them.