Sanctuary is a chat room on Kongregate. Being one of the few original rooms Kongregate started with back in 2007, it is one of the oldest still functioning. Room ownership started with Koko, was passed on to Scotti, back to Koko, and is now currently owned by whiskerchu. Both Koko and Scotti are no longer moderators.

Sanctuary is kept relatively free from trolls and spammers by several moderators, and a great collection of humorous and witty regulars.

Sanctuary is more than just a room, it is a small community. At one point it held its own blog site, as well as a radio station. The regulars actively talk outside of Kongregate's website, hold webcam chats and events, and some even meet-up in person.

In a nutshell, Sanctuary is just what its name implies - a refuge. And it is awesome.



  • whiskerchu: Sanctuary's owner and one of the nicest moderators you will ever meet.
  • arnoc: Sanctuary's room moderator.
  • BrandonMarlo: a regular moderator, very friendly
  • NullifiedKnight: an owner of another room, but visits every once in a while


  • whiskerchu
  • Koko
  • Scotti
  • BrandonMarlo
  • CommanderCody
  • CatastroChick
  • collusivedreamer
  • Crisius
  • Eonomine
  • fallinangel1386
  • GallowsNoose
  • Nikkochan
  • nONEXistence (onex)
  • Paain
  • PeacefulBlazer
  • ScruffytheJanitr
  • Sebine
  • Seph
  • SevereFlame
  • xDeda

and many other great members!


  • Sanctuary's Room ID is 32 (adding " ?room_id=32 " to the end of a Kongregate game link will place you in this room)
  • Sanctuary was originally called "The Green Room", but was changed to "Sanctuary" in forum vote.