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Sugar, sugar
Sugar, sugar.jpg
Name Sugar, sugar
Author Bart Bonte
Genre Puzzle
Published 2011-03-07
In-Game Awards? No
Gameplay Style Physics Puzzle
Upgrade System? No

Sugar, sugar is a physics puzzle game that is about redirecting a stream of sugar in order to get the correct amount of sugar into the correct cups.


Sugar, Sugar is as much a physics puzzle as it is a drawing game. The revolves around directing sugar into a multitude of cups. On each level, the title "Sugar, sugar" is written in large letters and a stream of sugar pours out from the comma in the title text. Using the mouse, you must draw lines to direct the sugar down into the cups. Drawing steep slopes make it go faster, while the shallower ones make it more likely to pool. Be careful when you draw the lines since there is no erase button, just a button to reset the entire level. Any text or objects in a level, such as the letters of the title, are part of the level. The letters stop the stream of sugar, just as if you has drawn the same shape with your mouse.

Each cup requires a certain amount of sugar in order to be filled up and is labeled with the amount needed. Some mugs need sugar of a specific color, requiring you to direct it through a colored filter. Although no penalty is given for putting the wrong color in the wrong cup, it uses up some if the sugar. The stream of sugar is not infinite, but most levels provide you with many times more sugar than what is needed to complete the level. Some levels require you to hit a button to reverse the gravity of the sugar. Some levels have a gap in the bottom in which sugar that drops below the screen will appear again at the top of the screen. Since the sugar is still falling, it can drop past the screen multiple times.

There are 30 levels and you can unlock a freeplay mode. Sugar, sugar is slow paced and not a very difficult game. The enjoyment comes from careful planning, contemplating the flow, and relaxing to the music. There is no button to speed up the flow.


Spoonful of Sugar.png
  Spoonful of Sugar Badge
Easy pts.gif
Sugar, sugar » Clear level 5
My Candy Girl.png
  My Candy Girl Badge
Hard pts.gif
Sugar, sugar » Clear all 30 levels


Video walkthrough provided by tomuchos.

Sugar_sugar_walkthrough_levels_1-10 Sugar_sugar_walkthrough_levels_11-20 Sugar_sugar_walkthrough_levels_21-30