Super Stacker 2 Walkthrough

Super Stacker 2 Walkthrough

level 1-43

Super Stacker 2 is a puzzle game about stacking blocks. It is the sequel to Super Stacker with many new features including a level editor, speedruns, and 43 new levels.


There are 43 levels in the game, divided into four difficulty categories. Each level offers you a number of pre-placed shapes, and a list of upcoming blocks across the top of the screen. Your goal is to balance all those shapes one at a time, so that they don't fall into the pit below. You must use all the available blocks on each level and the game only allows you to use them in a specific order. After each level, the stack of blocks has to be able to stand for period of time without falling or being stable and not moving in order to pass the level. If the blocks aren't stacked properly and move around, the faces on the blocks look terrified of falling into the pit.

Each difficulty category has a speedrun option where you can attempt to complete all 10 levels in that category as fast as possible. Your speedrun time does include the period of time at the end of each level for which the stack must balance to prove its stability. The game includes a Bonus Mode where the order of the bricks on each level is randomized. The game also has a level editor which allows players to create custom levels and share them with their friends. The creator of a level gets link with an alphanumeric code for the level, but the level has to be played from

Music and sounds effects settings are found in the right-click menu.


Amateurarchitect Badge
  very easy Badge
Super Stacker 2 » Complete the easy set of levels
  Mad Stacker Badge
Medium pts
Super Stacker 2 » Complete the medium set of levels
  Stack it to the Man Badge
Super Stacker 2 » Complete the hard set of levels 31-43
  Totally Stacked Badge
Impossible pts
Super Stacker 2 » Exercise some crazy speedrun skill

Walkthrough Edit

Super Stacker 2 Walkthrough

Super Stacker 2 Walkthrough