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The Final Earth 2
Final Eart 2 by night.png
Name The Final Earth 2
Author flori9
Genre Strategy & Defense
Published 2019-06-13
In-Game Awards? No
Gameplay Style City Builder
Upgrade System? No

The Final Earth 2 is a city builder and spaceresource management game placed in a post-apocalyptic space set up your new settlement from scratch on floating islands and make your citizens happy.


Good pathing, balanced resource production, and a decent happiness stat are important. A lot of buildings work in synergy with each other, so it is important to have a good layout. ......

Buildings can be stacked indefinitely, though if you build them very high, you cannot see them anymore. You can click and drag, or use the arrow keys, to move around your city. You can also make the buildings bigger or smaller by swiping up or down with two fingers. As of August 2019, the maximum population is 2000 to limit the calculation load. However, this limit can be increased by the player in the citizen tab, next to the happiness tab (Once you reach population 2000). Once you get a Medical clinic and research birth control, you can change how many babies people make. If you want to grow your population, choose 'Encourage Parenthood', and the people will have more babies, just as long as you keep them happy. Choosing 'Greatly discourage getting children' will mostly stop people from getting children. You can also lower the population limit if you don't want more people. You can click on the job distributor on the bottom to prioritize jobs. You can control-click on a person to follow them, and/or change their home or job.

Buildings that you can unlock[]

To Do: Add all the remaining buildings.


Build production buildings to get more resources.

Building Category Costs Workers Unlock requirements Upgrades Notes
Woodcutting Center Production 4 stone 4 initial none Woodcutters retrieve their materials here, then go to the nearest forest to cut wood.
Stone Mine Production 4 wood 6 Woodcutting Center
  • Better Pickaxes: +20% mining speed (Cost: 3 wood, 3 stone)
  • AI-assisted Mining: +30% mining speed (Cost: 10 computer chips)
Stone miners retrieve their materials here, then go to the nearest rock to mine stone.
Indoor Farm Production 6 wood, 3 stone 2 4 wood, 6 stone none Crops can be grown here to produce food.
Exploration Center Production 8 wood, 4 stone 3 Indoor Farm, House none Explore alien ruins to gain knowledge, resources and special bonuses. When all ruins have been explored, workers will investigate their findings to gain more knowledge.
Machine parts factory Production 10 wood, 35 stone 2 25 knowledge
  • Scrap Metal Recycling: use 1 less stone per machine part (Cost: 5 stone, 10 machine parts)
  • Turbo Boost (Building Mode Upgrade)[1]: Work twice as fast, but use 2 more stone per machine part (Cost: 10 knowledge)
Produce machine parts from stone. Required 2/3/4/5 stone to make 1 machine part.
Lab Production 10 wood, 10 stone, 10 machine parts 2 initial
  • Genetic Crop Engineering: Crops of adjacent farms produce 10 more food per harvest (Cost: 30 wood, 10 machine parts)
  • Tree Growth Gas: Trees in adjacent tree plantations grow 20% faster (Cost: 10 wood, 20 machine parts)
Scientists gather knowledge here. Also has upgrades boosting adjacent farms[2] and tree plantations.
Tree Plantation Production 10 stone 2 30 knowledge * Automatic Water Management[3]: The passive growth speed of these trees is tripled. (Cost: 5 machine parts, 5 computer chips) These trees are kept in an optimal environment and regrow faster than trees on the world surface. Woodcutters from a Woodcutting Center can help cut them down.
Rock Teleporter Production 30 wood, 30 machine parts 1 75 knowledge * Remote Control: Allow the worker of the rock teleporter teleport stone even if they're somewhere else. (Cost: 2 machine parts, 5 computer chips) Teleports meteoroids to your city. Miners from Stone Mine can then gather stone from them.
Refined Metals Factory Production 30 wood, 90 stone, 40 machine parts 2 150 knowledge * Firmware Modding (Building Mode Upgrade)[4]: Work 50% faster, but use 1 more stone per refined metal (Cost: 1337 knowledge) Produce refined metals from stone. Required 5 or 6 stone to make 1 refined metal.
Computer Chip Factory Production 200 stone, 100 machine parts, 20 refined metal 3 Computing Research Center, ? knowledge * Die Shrink: work 50% faster and use 2 less refined metals per computer chip (Cost: 50 machine parts, 10 refined metals, 5 computer chips) Produce computer chips from refined metal. Required 5 or 7 refined metals to make 1 computer chip.
Eco Farm Production 10 wood, 2 stone 3 Experimental Farm, 10 Botanical Gardens, 250 knowledge none Produce food sustainably. Also generate a small amount of nature entertainment happiness.
Cacao Farm[5] Production 20 wood, 5 stone 2 ?, 500 knowledge none N/A
Chocolate Factory[5] Production 30 wood, 20 stone, 150 machine parts 2 ?, 600 knowledge none N/A


Services help people, improving their lives.

Building Category Costs Workers Capacity Unlock requirements Upgrades Notes
School Services 20 wood, 10 stone 1 30 students Exploration Center none Educates children, improving how effective they'll be at some jobs later.
Library Services 20 wood, 10 stone 1 50 citizens 5 Schools none Improve the education of visitors of all ages.
Medical Clinic Services 10 wood, 50 stone, 5 machine parts, 20 refined metal 2 150/300 (Quality: 50-100) Refined Metals Factory, ? knowledge The upgrades include the following:
  • Improved Medical Education: +(25% of the education happiness) Quality (Cost: 100 food, 10 wood)
  • Computer-Aided Diagnosis: +25 Quality, double capacity (Cost: 20 stone, 50 machine parts, 25 computer chips)
  • Birth control (City Upgrade): Allow you to decrease or increase the population growth (Cost: 100 knowledge)
Helps people live longer and better. You can also manage birth control here if you bought birth control city upgrade.
Herb Garden Services 20 wood, 10 stone 2 150/300 2 restaurants, 100 knowledge Medical herbs - Improves medical happiness by 20% Herbs reduce your citizens food consumption by 5 - 20%

Total medical happiness from herb gardens 5 - 20%
Increases capacity of adjacent restaurants to the left or right of the herb gardens.
When hovering over in building menu description writes 'Also has an extra effect depending on the herb type'


Build entertainment to keep your citizens happy.

Building Category Costs Workers Unlock requirements Upgrades
Pub Entertainment 15 wood, 5 stone 1 initial none
Restaurant Entertainment 10 food, 30 wood, 10 stone 2 5 Pubs, 10 knowledge none
Park Entertainment 20 wood none 5 knowledge none
Botanical Gardens Entertainment 25 wood none 10 Parks, 5 Labs, 100 knowledge none
Nightclub Entertainment 20 wood, 60 stone, 20 machine parts 1 50 knowledge * Better Light Show: double entertainment capacity (Cost: 20 machine parts, 2 computer chips)
Modern Art Museum Entertainment 40 wood, 40 stone, 10 refined metal 1 Refined Metals Factory, 100 knowledge none
Sculpture Garden Entertainment 60 wood, 40 stone, 5 refined metal none Secret Society of the Key missions, 1000 knowledge none
Board Game Store Entertainment 15 wood, 5 stone, 10 refined metal 1 ?, 50 knowledge Currently unimplemented[6]
Arcade Entertainment 20 wood, 100 stone, 10 machine parts, 20 refined metal, 5 computer chips 1 Computer Chip Factory, 300 knowledge none
Factory Pub Entertainment 200 wood, 50 stone, 50 machine parts, 5 computer chips 2 Hackers of the Bolt HQ missions, 1000 knowledge Same as "Refined Metals Factory", but produced happiness
Scrapyard Nightclub Entertainment 500 wood, 250 machine parts, 50 refined metal, 10 computer chips 1 Hackers of the Bolt HQ missions, 2000 knowledge none
Holo Game Hall Entertainment 100 wood, 500 stone, 50 machine parts, 40 computer chips none Hackers of the Bolt HQ missions, 10000 knowledge none


Only one of each of these special buildings can be built.

Building Category Costs Workers Housing spaces Unlock requirements Upgrades Notes
Workshop Uniques 60 wood 2 none 30 knowledge * This one has 3 stages of upgrade (City Upgrade): When you destroy a building, you get back 50%/75%/90% of its cost (Cost: ? knowledge) Make all machine part factories work faster. Also workers can gather knowledge or produce machine parts from wood. (2 wood to make 1 machine part)
Experimental Farm Uniques 60 wood, 30 stone, 5 machine parts 3 none 50 knowledge none Produces food. Also slightly increase the growth speed of crops in indoor farms.
Observatory Uniques 30 wood, 40 stone, 40 machine parts 3 none 75 knowledge * Star Database: produce 50% more knowledge. If the Precise Universe Mapping upgrade from the Supercomputer has been researched, it produces 500% more knowledge instead. (Cost: ?) Produces knowledge. Can only be placed on the ground or on a rooftop.
Art Colony Uniques, House 90 wood, 10 stone 5 5 (Quality: 100) 3 Modern Art Museums, 125 knowledge none Produces art entertainment happiness.
City Hall Uniques 100 food, 200 wood, 100 stone 4 none 100 citizens, 150 knowledge Instead of upgrades, the city hall gives policies. These affect the city with an upside as well as a down side. Policies can be toggled on or off. They include the following:
  • Food Rationing: Your citizens consume half as much food. However, their happiness is reduced by a third if it is above ten.
  • Smaller Class Sizes: Schools give a 15% better education, but their capacity is reduced by a third.
  • Mandatory Overtime: Your citizens work two hours per day longer. Their happiness goes down gradually while this policy is implemented. After you end it, happiness start to restore itself slowly in a day.

City Name: Using this building, you can change the name of your city.

Allows you to implement city policies and to change the name of your city.
Computing Research Center Uniques 100 stone, 40 machine parts, 30 refined metal 5 none 5 Labs, 300 knowledge * Chip Binning (City Upgrade): Computer Chip Factories work 20% faster (Cost: 50,000 knowledge) Produces knowledge. Also allow you to research and build Computer Chip Factories.
Living Research Center Uniques, House 100 wood, 100 stone, 5 machine parts, 25 refined metal, 1 computer chip 6 2 (Quality: 100) 200 citizens with homes, 250 knowledge City Upgrades:
  • Spacious Living: +15 Quality for all Spacious Houses (Cost: 150 knowledge)
  • Slimy Living: +25 Quality for all Alien Houses, also unlock a building upgrade for them (Cost: 250 knowledge)
  • Secretive Living: +25 Quality for Secret Society of the Key (Cost: ? knowledge)
  • Mechanical Living: +1 Resident in all Mechanical Houses[7] and Tinkerers' Houses. (Cost: 8000 knowledge)
Upgrades for homes can be researched here. Also houses 2 people and produces knowledge.
Hackers of the Bolt HQ Uniques, House 1000 wood, 25 machine parts, 100 refined metal, 25 computer chips 6 6 (Quality: 100) 3 Arcades, 250 knowledge, Computer Chip Factory

If playing on CoolMath this will not be available

none These hardware hackers are actually really nice and helpful. They spend most of their days tinkering around with computers and electronics. Some of their inventions are more useful than others.
Secret Society of the Key Uniques, House 3000 wood, 1000 stone, 25 machine parts, 100 refined metal, 5 computer chips 8 8 (Quality: 75/100) 500 citizens, 2 Teleporters, 2000 knowledge none The Secret Society of the Key requests a place of residence. It can then give you tasks that you would be honored to complete.
The Machine Uniques 20000 food, 10000 wood, 5000 stone, 10000 machine parts, 250 computer chips none none Secret Society of the Key missions complete, 25000 knowledge none Makes Secret Society of the Key members live forever. Also produces random resources every day.
Supercomputer Uniques 10000 stone, 1000 machine parts, 2000 refined metal, 1000 computer chips none none Computer Chip Factory, 10000 knowledge City Upgrades:
  • Precise Universe Mapping: Rock Teleporters teleport bigger meteoroids (Cost: 25000 knowledge)
  • Optimized Chip Layouts: Computer Chip Factories work 33% faster (Cost: 50000 knowledge)
  • Medical Machine Learning: Makes your citizens live longer (Cost: 100000 knowledge)
Produces knowledge based on the amount of lab employees in your city. Also allow you to research some city upgrades.
Statue of the Key Uniques, Entertainment free none none One Society of the Key member reach age 500 none
Statue of Happiness Uniques, Entertainment free none none Reach :D happiness/ Max Happiness = 100% none
The Beacon Uniques free none none Maintain :D or better happiness for at least 14 days none Can only be placed on the ground or on a rooftop.

The beacon is glitched for me. Please enter how to get it.

Mining Research Center Uniques 15 stone mines and 3 rock teleporters 4 none Hackers of the Bolt HQ missions, 750 knowledge The upgrades are as follows:
  • Peer-Reviewed Pickaxe Part Papers: The boost to stone production is increased and scales faster with knowledge production. (Cost: 25 computer chips, 2500 knowledge)
  • Fossil Detector: Whenever a rock teleporter teleports a meteoroid, there is a tiny chance that a fossil detected inside. When this happens, you gain 10000 knowledge. (Cost: 2000 computer chips, 150000 knowledge)
Boost stone production based on your knowledge production and the number of workers.
Blossom Hippies Uniques 5000 food, 5000 wood, 50 refined metal 6 6 (Quality: 100) 20 botanical gardens stacked + 900 food made in a day none These hippies love peace, Flowers, and music. They have a few tasks for you, if you don't mind.
Lab Escape Room Uniques, Entertainment 1000 wood, 100 machine parts, 500 refined metals, 30 computer chips 1 none Hackers of the Bolt HQ missions, 7500 knowledge none Produces gaming entertainment happiness.
Misdirector Uniques, Transportation 400 wood, 10000 stone, 500 machine parts, 500 computer chips none none Hackers of the Bolt HQ missions, 30000 knowledge Building Mode Upgrades:
  • Overclock: Any attempt at teleportation will bring people here. Perfect to stop excess productivity. The knowledge gain per misdirection is reduced by 90% because the device is overloaded. (Cost: 5000 knowledge)
  • Disable: With some effort, the Misdirector can be tamed (Cost: 50000 knowledge)
Whenever someone uses a teleporter, there is a small chance they will be brought here instead. This will confuse them a short while. This invention is not completely useless though: you will gain some knowledge each time.
Museum of Space Fossils Uniques 1000 wood, 1000 stone, 1 computer chip 3 none 5 fossils found, 25000 knowledge none


Build transportation to let citizens move on and between worlds quickly.

Building Category Costs Workers Unlock requirements Notes
Landing Pad Transportation 5 wood, 10 stone, 20 machine parts none 50 knowledge Can only be placed on the ground or on a rooftop.
Hyper Elevator Transportation 25 machine parts, 5 refined metal none 200 citizens, 200 knowledge Allows citizens to quickly go to elevators above and below in the same contiguous building. There may be other buildings in between the elevators.
Teleporter Transportation 4 wood, 100 stone, 150 machine parts, 15 Computer Chips none Computer Chip Factory, 4000 knowledge The fastest form of transportation. Allows citizens to instantly go to other teleporters.


|Park Pod |Houses |50 wood |1 |100 |Living Research Center, 500 knowledge |none |A home in the middle of a park. |- |Tinkerers' House |Houses |100 wood, 10 stone, 20 machine parts, 2 computer chip |4/5 |80/100 |Hackers of the Bolt HQ missions, 2000 knowledge |Better Tools:
+20 Quality (Cost: 10 machine parts, 6 refined metals, 2 computer chips) |Residents earn extra education. |- |Villa |Houses |1000 food, 1000 wood, 20 machine parts, 40 refined metal, 16 computer chip |5 |100 |Secret Society of the Key missions, 5000 knowledge |none |A luxurious, modern Villa complete with a private teleporter. |- |Flower Penthouse |Houses |2000 food, 3000 wood, 20 machine parts, 50 refined metal, 16 computer chips |4 |1000 |100000 knowledge, completing the blossom hippies missions |none


In 2142, you are stuck on an island world and you must help your citizens survive this madness. You must complete quests, build houses and gather resources to advance. There will arrive quite a few people from earth, but after a while they will stop showing up.

As of August 2019 there are two scenarios to develop your new settlements. Afterwards 4 different free play scenarios are available. By June 2020 another scenario and two more free plays scenarios were added with more advanced buildings.

There are 3 scenarios: "A New Beginning", "An Interworld City" and "Hacking Alien Tech". And 6 free plays: "Mega World", "Random Archipelago", "Empty Canvas", "Divided", "Random Mini Worlds", "Archipelago Classic".

It takes approximately 55 seconds for a person to age by one.


Secret Society of the Key Tasks[]

  1. Make sure all 8 jobs are filled.
  2. Research secretive living at the Living Research Center.
  3. Gather 1000 wood in a single day.
  4. Build 50 Botanical Gardens.
  5. Build 12 Sculptor Gardens.
  6. Build 7 Teleporters.
  7. Build 5 Villas.
  8. Gain 1000 knowledge in a single day.
  9. Build the Machine.

Hackers of the Bolt HQ Tasks[]

  1. Gather the Hackers: Make sure all 6 jobs are filled.
  2. Collect the Knowledge: Build 20 Labs.
  3. Spread the Knowledge: Build 3 Libraries.
  4. House the Smart: Build 5 Tinkerers' Houses.
  5. Factory Hack: Research the Firmware Modding upgrade at a Refined Metals Factory.
  6. Try our latest invention: Build a Factory Pub.
  7. More of the basics: Produce at least 20 computer chips in a day.
  8. Mechanical Party: Build 7 Scrapyard Nightclubs.
  9. Let's have even more fun! Build the Lab Escape Room.
  10. Watering Cans Are Overrated: Research Automatic Water Management in a Tree Plantation.
  11. Change the Game: Build 2 Holo Game Halls.
  12. Build our Ultimate Invention: Build the Misdirector.


The music can be streamed, or purchased and downloaded, from https://stijncappetijn.bandcamp.com/album/the-final-earth-2


  1. You can disable this mode after you bought this upgrade if you want
  2. Include Indoor Farm, Eco Farm and Experimental Farm
  3. Must have Hackers of the Bolt HQ "Watering Cans Are Overrated" Task unlocked
  4. You can disable this mode after you bought this upgrade if you want. Must have Hackers of the Bolt HQ "Factory Hack" Task unlocked
  5. 5.0 5.1 According to Florian, the cacao farm and chocolate factory were scrapped due to him not getting the appearance right and also not having a use.
  6. https://flori9.itch.io/the-final-earth-2/comments?before=21
  7. No Mechanical Houses at this moment


Final earth 2 easy.png
  New Beginning Badge
Easy pts.gif
The Final Earth 2 » Complete the "New Beginning" scenario
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  Worlds Within Worlds Badge
Medium pts.gif
The Final Earth 2 » Complete the "Interworld City" scenario