The Lair is an English-speaking chat room on Kongregate. A busy room with colourful regulars, The Lair has a friendly and inviting atmosphere.

An older room, The Lair hosts a range of old and new Kongregators and welcomes people of all ages and backgrounds. Frequent topics of discussion include: food, lack of food, sleep, lack of sleep, nose booping, computers, music and sometimes - but only sometimes - online flash games.

This room is currently ownerless.

Moderators in The LairEdit

KodaKonduct Moderator icon Edit

Koda is a regular in The Lair and enjoys drawing, appreciating people's terrible puns and making cute faces. She is often quiet, but always watching.

BaconMaster93 Moderator icon Edit

Bacon visits The Lair in his down time from General. He owns cats and does stuff.

MaginManiac7 Moderator iconEdit

A frequent visitor from The, Magin can usually be found cooking something yummy. We think he cooked the other 6.

R0cky Moderator icon Edit

R0cky is a well loved regular in The Lair. This may or may not be influenced by his ability to find the perfect link for any situation in a matter of seconds.

realmoneone Moderator iconEdit

A friendly and supportive regular, Realm provides The Lair with a steady supply of food inspiration and has one of the cutest kitties around.

GameGrl Moderator icon Edit

One of the oldest moderators in The Lair, GameGrl visits occasionally and can usually be found snacking on trolls.

MisfitMommaModerator icon Edit

The newest moderator and an old favorite of The Lair. Well loved by all.


Lairian: noun - Regular; inhabitant of "The Lair"; A user accepted by all other Lairians.

Alyka Edit

Full of bizarre animal facts and can fight trolls with trolling. Hyena butter extraordinaire.

Chavkill Edit

A friendly regular, badge addict and game lover.

Dazzlygem Edit

I just greet everyone like they're a Lairian. That's my thing.

FreakUnique Edit

A mixed bag and tour de force. Known to snack on trolls after marinading them. Definitely lives up to the name and some sort of neurological anomaly suspected but not proven (bad experiences with psychiatrists mean that this question may never be answered). Mind known to wander everywhere it can.

LethalMutiny Edit

Leech_ Edit

The kindest master troll you'll ever meet, this bloodsucking reg makes The Lair what it is today.

Malzenna Edit

The cutest lairian you ever did see.

MrPsychic Edit

Doesn't play well with children or others, will be the first to tell you off.

[1]Neotechs Edit

This Lairian likes nothing more than to have his ass handed to him by KodaKonduct in a game of Skullgirls.

NoodleLeith Edit

Not even legal.

ParaNoir Edit

not even an ant

RotaryDave Edit

A Lair regular and troll roaster extroardinaire. Known to keep a decoy skull for teething Mods.

Th3Spy007 Edit

No. If I don't make it back, I just want you guys to know, it was for pizza. Never seen a whole film. (I have.)

Yoshilover1996 Edit

A green Yoshi. Does not sleep. Transcript Collector. Anti-Troll. Resident cat collector.