The Warehouse

The Warehouse was once a modern building used by one of the largest corporate entities in the world. After an "incident" it was abandoned. And slowly, over time, it was filled by the underground users of Kongregate, those avoiding the attention of the law or those just needing to get away. There's an inscription above the doorway to the side entrance. It's faded with time, but if you look closely enough you can read the almost forgotten words: "If ErgoDyne likes it, everyone likes it." You may enter freely, but don't expect to be welcomed.

Mutual Agreement of Behaviour (MAB)Edit

We do not like rules. However, we do not like chaos either. We do, however, agree to follow the Kongregate conduct, as it helps us avoid aforementioned attention. Don't flood the chat and don't tell us the story of your sex life. We'll duct tape you to the ceiling if you do.

Room ownerEdit

LoonyLizard took over as room owner after Nordavind left for new adventures on Kong (as the mad Viking he is). LoonyLizard has since disappeared and foul play is suspected.

BobTheCoolGuy is the unofficial room owner.

After ErgoDyne left because she couldn't stand Berkoz anymore, Berkoz declared that he was in charge and that everyone should respect his "Authoritah." To date, not a single person has done so.

ErgoDyne returned 3 days later and balance was restored. Berkoz's "Authoritah" remains unrespected.



She's the person that either asks for hugs, or breaks your spine with them. She is also British. And Austin always seems to refer to her as "Queen Aether," not sure why. She wants to taste like lemons, and so has engaged the resident scientist to discover a method to turn her into a sourpuss. The process is almost complete as she is now part robot, part flamingo.


She's that one chick, antlioneater.


He's that guy, the only guy who can contain zombie when he has his moments. He claims to be The Warehouse's resident giant.


averyminya likes pancakes with butter and cheese.


Berkoz is a chaotic Greek troll (as he reminds everyone every 5 minutes). He is the troll the Warehouse needs, but not the one it deserves. Turns out he is also the final boss of The Warehouse! What a twist!


Bishsume is the mortal form of the deer god. Sarcastic, spiteful and sardonic to a fault, he enjoys cross-confusing stupid people. Also, insults. Praising him 27 times a day is the only way, short of troll sacrifices, to keep his fluffy wrath at bay.


"Words. So many of them to collect. Knowledge. So much of it to learn.... Who's there? Bah, where did I put my AFK-cloak?"—Bloodbasket. Pagan ritualist. Don't mess with him. He only needs half of an insane reason to sacrifice you to his lord, Deer.


BobTheCoolGuy was the Warehouse moderator. You'll find him nowhere 90% of the time; the other 10% he'll probably be wandering around other dark alleys of Kongregate. He's a developer with several games and gadgets.


breach is a sketchy guy from Croatia. He sold himself into slavery for 2 Big Macs and currently suffers from Stockholm syndrome. He "mysteriously" obsesses about peaches and adorable animals.


Corrupt0 is by no means a person who accepts bribes.


ErgoDyne has been in The Warehouse a long time.  Don't argue with her; She's tenacious. Her love for serial killers might have something to do with it. Or maybe it's because she has an unhealthy interest in bacteria and viruses. She's in charge of the Morgue and Laboratory.

breach to Gaudior: "the rule is; if Ergo likes something, we all do."


Fatcatsven: Zoidberg incarnate. Have I mentioned he is a cat?

Gaudior Edit

Gaudior loves to argue. Pick a topic of conversation, and he will debate with you regardless of pre-existing knowledge. He will live research and debate. He is also a fact-checker. Be wary. Gaudior and ErgoDyne can team up at times.


Inti186 is in charge of cleaning the trebuchet. He is also a sophisticated douche.


LoonyLizard is the room owner, but he's never in The Warehouse. He never turns down the opportunity to play a tower defense game over and over until the game surrenders and begs him to stop.


Lz_erk is some sort of e-hobo or net nomad whose capsaicin-based blood can dissolve hull plating. If found, he can serve as an information dispensary for all things impractical.


MassBloodshed is that one weird person in the chat room. Heal the world with MassBloodshed.


OmnisMoriar.  What else is there to say?  [OmnisMoriar: At least say how awesome I am.] Oh, he likes being called a bastard.


7dust has a soul patch.  


Slappytheclown is the world's first fully-functional homicidal chatroom regular.


ThatOtherGuy is very hard to describe.


TinyTeddie is full of crap.


tirasdah is a horrible mutant that likes dubstep.


zombie is our resident rager. He will type in chat IN ALL CAPS, cursing and insulting everyone who speaks, pretending the rest of us can see his game. No one really enjoys this, but he thinks it makes him a badass.  If he is being calm, though, he is still a jerk.   


Nordavind was the previous owner of The Warehouse and while he's now roaming the site, he never drops by. (I do too! -Nord)

LoonyLizard was gifted The Warehouse once he achieved moderator status, but he's gone (into hiding?).

BobTheCoolGuy is no longer the moderator and unofficial owner of The Warehouse, though he is dearly missed.

Fatcatsven is the newest moderator. He obtained this sacred duty after he climbed Mt.Order. There, he heard the secret of balance from the 9 Dictators of Order. He then swiftly disregarded their divine knowledge in favor of the " :<" emote.  He quit.  He sucks.  Fatcatsven inside you.

Areas in The WarehouseEdit

Know your way around The Warehouse:


It's the exact center of The Warehouse. Here we Kongregate. And party.

Cold StorageEdit

We have to keep our food somewhere. And the Yeti. Truth be told, there is not much food left in there after the Yeti came. We should rename it the Yeti Storage, but where would we keep our food then?

Foreman OfficeEdit

Reserved for some of the hardcore regulars.

Front EntranceEdit

It's locked and barricaded. No one gets in this way.

Loading Ramps (North)Edit

We do not load and unload contraband here.

Loading Ramps (West)Edit

By the loading ramps on the west side of The Warehouse is where we keep our trebuchet. Trolls captured roaming in The Warehouse are catapulted away from The Warehouse with this medieval instrument of warfare.

M&L BarEdit

The M&L (Morgue & Laboratory) Bar is in the southeast corner of The Warehouse, directly above the Morgue & Laboratory. Here, the reanimated corpses serve drinks. Be careful what you order.

Morgue & Laboratory (M&L)Edit

Located in the basement, this room is not frequented by many visitors; most regulars know to keep out. ErgoDyne keeps a close eye on all inhabitants, dead and alive. Rumor has it that ErgoDyne has many top-secret projects taking place, possibly funded by foreign governments; you really don't want to know. ErgoDyne's partner, Bloodbasket , spends all of his time here reanimating the many corpses that come through The Warehouse. It really is best to just stay away... if you can help it. Tuesdays are Taco Nights.

Oversight platformEdit

Far up under the ceiling, there is a large platform with a glass floor and view over the entire Warehouse and a great vista of the surrounding city.

Secret Hole In WallEdit

Can't tell you where this is; Sorry.

Sewer EntranceEdit

The most sneaky inhabitants enter through here. It should not be used if you're unarmed, the sewers have some strange creatures. Some say it's rats and snakes affected by some virus and some blame ErgoDyne for the virus. That's also where Berkoz dumps the victims of his dramatic roleplays... Also, it explains why it smells like a putrid potato.

Sewer LairEdit

An enigmatic room in the sewers. The walls are covered with blood and pictures of religious and political leaders, as well as certain American and British landmarks, there are many notes near the pictures with rather sinister details. The floor is covered with KFC buckets and gyro sandwich wraps as well as what appears to be dried blood. The person who calls this place home is clearly insane.

Side EntranceEdit

All newcomers enter this way. That's how we know they're newcomers. A pit trap on the inside of the door takes care of the natural selection (and feeds the pet shark).

The RoofEdit

The only way up is by the rusty, halfway-broken fire escape ladder on the outside. A hatch lets you climb down into The Warehouse.