The Moderators for the Universal Troll Extinction (MUTE) board would like to present:

"Three Steps to Triumph Over Trolls"

What is the idea?Edit

To get Kongregate users to identify a troll and use the "underused mute buttons" on them instead of feeding the troll. The steps below are directly quoted from the Kongregate thread on this, found [here]. This was created after TheBSG realized that the "Red Mass Mute" Movement thread was not a good idea and needed modifying

Step 1: Identify Your TrollEdit

Trolls come in all shapes and sizes. Oftentimes, their names may suggest crude concepts like female genitalia or racial slurs, but these are certainly only a domesticated sort of troll. Wild trolls run rampant without any distinguishing marks, allowing them to sneak into your chat and ruin your conversation without warning. Spam is the native language of all trolls, and this tends to be the best way to identify them. The common troll mating call, blocks of incomprehensible characters, can be chat-breaking in the least, and lag-causing in the worst. Know your trolls! Once you have identified a troll, don’t panic. They can taste fear.

Step 2: Do NOT Feed The TrollEdit

Under no circumstances should you complain or try to reason with the troll. Trolls usually hunt complaints, and can survive for days on just one person’s annoyance. Direct insults have been known to feed an entire pack of Trolls for years. Research suggests reasoning with a troll actually causes them to a-sexually recreate in an alternate dimension. Don’t contribute to the multidimensional infestation! Most importantly, avoid alerting the troll to your tactics, or they may return in disguise!

Step 3: Mute and be Merry!Edit

Muting a troll is the only known way to kill them. Apparently it severs them from their precious insult reserves, and they starve to death and have to become normal users before anyone will talk to them. This has been shown to be more effective than the multitude of high-powered Ban Hammers and Silence Sticks employed by Moderators, which only irritate and stir trolls into fleeing to another room. Once the troll has been Muted, they will cease to exist, regardless if they proceed to spam. Should the troll return in disguise, simply muting his doppelgangers will quickly cause the troll lose interest so that you can enjoy yourself and return to discussing latest films and midnight snacks.

Summary: What did we learn?Edit

1. Find out who the troll is!

2. Do not talk to the troll!

3. Mute and move on.

4. ??????

5. Profit!