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Toss the Turtle
Tossturtle title.jpg
Name Toss the Turtle
Author Foreverkul
Genre Action
Published 2009-09-09
In-Game Awards? Yes
Gameplay Style Launcher
Upgrade System? Yes

Toss the Turtle is a launcher game. It is similar to many of the other launcher games. Instead of a cat or a penguin, you launch a turtle out of a cannon. In Toss the Turtle you have some control over the turtle and there are a large variety of objects in your path that may affect your speed or direction.


You launch a turtle from your cannon and your goal is to launch it as far as possible. Depending on how high and how far you launch the turtle, you gain money to spend on upgrades to help increase the distance of your next launch. You may buy guns and shoot at the turtle, giving it more momentum. The field is littered with different objects that end up in the turtle's path. If the turtle hits various objects during his flight, its speed and direction may be affected.


Sling Shot[]

Level: Default weapon

Cost: $0 Power: 1

Ammo: 3


Description: A primitive weapon


Level: First Tier

Cost: $6000

Power: 5

Ammo: 6

Accuracy: Medium

Description: Well rounded small weapon

Desert Eagle[]

Level: First Tier

Cost: $8000

Power: 10

Ammo: 8

Accuracy: Low

Description: Strong small weapon


Level: First Tier

Cost: $10,000

Power: 15

Ammo: 20

Accuracy: Low

Description: Weak but lots of ammo


Level: Second Tier (reach 25,000 feet plus)

Cost: $40,000

Power: 20

Ammo: 30

Accuracy: Low

Description: Strong but hard to aim

Pump Shot Gun[]

Level: Second Tier (reach 25,000 feet plus)

Cost: $40,000

Power: 50

Ammo: 8

Accuracy: Medium

Description: Area effect allows easy hits

Automatic Shotgun[]

Level: Second Tier (reach 25,000 feet plus)

Cost: $50,000

Power: 50

Ammo: 12

Accuracy: Low

Description: Area effect allows easy hit

Sniper Rifle[]

Level: Third Tier (reach 100,000 feet plus)

Cost: $75,000

Power: 100

Ammo: 10

Accuracy: High

Description: High power and accuracy


Level: Third Tier (reach 100,000 feet plus)

Cost: $80,000

Power: 200

Ammo: 5

Accuracy: Medium

Description: Powerful explosion

Golden Gun[]

Level: Ultimate Weapon (reach 200,000 feet plus)

Cost: $400,000

Power: 5000

Ammo: 10

Accuracy: High

Description: The Golden Gun of Ultimate power.


The Rock Pack - $1000[]

This primitive jet pack is heavy and slow, but it will get the job done. It also comes with free fuel refills! Once purchased, click on its icon mid-flight to activate it.

Chest Bomb - $2,000[]

Strap the bomb to your chest and it will automatically explode if you stop moving. It only has one use before you have to buy another.

Big Cannon - $10,000[]

A strong, durable cannon. Good for private use of launching yourself. Replaces the basic cannon.

Nuclear Thingy - $10,000[]

Nuclear bombs are dangerous, but who cares? They make a huge explosion and you can buy more than one! Click the nuke to use one, creating a massive explosion that'll send the turtle flying for quite a ways.

Jet Pack - $25,000[]

The newest in jet pack technology. Smooth flight and can go very high. Must purchase a Rock Pack first. Click it to activate it.

Super Cannon - $40,000[]

This cannon comes with flashy buttons and a stronger blast. You need to trade in a Big Cannon first.

Missile - $60,000[]

Everyone knows missiles are faster than any jet pack, so why not use this instead? Must trade in a Jet Pack. Click it to activate it.

Gold Cannon - $100,000[]

The gold cannon is of superior design, utilizing maximum comfort to distance ratio! Must have a Super Cannon first.

Tank - $200,000[]

The tank is not only an awesome weapon of war, but can provide hours of fun! It's the most powerful cannon in this shop! Must purchase a Gold Cannon first.


  1. Goomba Card: Stomp 1 goomba
  2. Bronze Goomba: Stomp 10 goombas (Bonus: +10% goomba bounce)
  3. Silver Goomba: Stomp 25 goombas (Bonus: +20% goomba bounce)
  4. Golden Goomba: Stomp 50 goombas (Bonus: +30% goomba bounce)
  5. Diamond Goomba: Stomp 100 goombas (Bonus: +40% goomba bounce)
  6. Flame: Hit a fire guy
  7. Sun Card: Hit a sun
  8. Singed: Burn 10 times
  9. Burnt: Burn 20 times (Bonus: +more things)
  10. Crispy: Burn 50 times (Bonus: +even more things)
  11. Bomb Card: Hit a land bomb
  12. Helibomb: Hit a floating bomb
  13. Fatman: Hit a giant bomb
  14. Book of Bombs: Hit 20 bombs (Bonus: +10% bomb power)
  15. B-29 Bomber: Hit 50 bombs (Bonus: +30% bomb poewr)
  16. Bomberman: Hit 100 bombs (Bonus: +60% bomb power)
  17. Spike Card: Hit spikes
  18. Toothed Wall: Hit wall spikes
  19. Mace: Hit floating spikes
  20. Masochist: Hit 20 spikes (Bonus: +100% anger for ground creature)
  21. Gang Hound: Get shot up
  22. Helicopter: Reach 400 feet vertically
  23. Jet Plane: Reach 800 feet vertically
  24. Rocket Ship: Reach 1200 feet vertically
  25. Reach 1 Mile (5,280 feet)
  26. Reach 5 Miles (26,400 feet)
  27. Reach 10 Miles (52,800 feet)
  28. Reach 25 Miles (132,000 feet)
  29. Reach 50 Miles (264,000 feet) (Bonus: +50% power to specials)
  30. Reach 100 Miles (528,000 feet) (Bonus: +50% power to specials)
  31. Bird Seed: Hit a small bird
  32. Bird Speed: Hit a big bird
  33. Doink: Hit an angry ground creature
  34. Slap Stick: Hit a Banana
  35. Chainsaw: Hit Dad
  36. Driver’s License: Hit a jeep
  37. Contact: Hit a UFO
  38. Effort: Play an hour (Bonus: +50% cannon power)
  39. Commitment: Play 2 hours (Bonus: +50% cannon power)
  40. Obsession: Play 5 hours (Bonus: +100% cannon power)


  Fun and Profit Badge
Easy pts.gif
Toss the Turtle » Earn $1,000 from a single launch
  Help From My Little Friends Badge
Medium pts.gif
Toss the Turtle » Hit 5 friendly little helpers during a single launch
  Medal Meddler Badge
Medium pts.gif
Toss the Turtle » Earn any 25 in-game medals
  "I Like Turtles" Badge
Hard pts.gif
Toss the Turtle » Achieve a distance of 3 million feet during a single launch