Kongregate Wiki

Here are some basics every new editor must know before jumping in, they are so easy, yet unknown to some and hold them from contributing. 

1. Adding a page. To add one, simply click on the Contribute button on the top right, adding a page is one of the drop down menu options over there. Don't get confused with (Start a Wikia).

2. Editing a page. Every page has an edit button, you can click it or choose Classic editor from the drop-down menu. The last one is more professional.  Or simply click hotkey (e).

3. Text tools. There are many text tools on the top, but all are self-explanatory. To hyperlink a text, select it first, then click on the Add link icon.

4. Making a paragraph. To make a paragraph, we choose Heading 2.

5. Adding a photo. Add a photo either by uploading it or finding an already uploaded one on the wiki. Then you can modify its size and position.