What is Utopia?Edit

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  1. An imaginary island as described in Sir Thomas More's Utopia (1516) as enjoying perfection in law, politics, etc.
  2. An ideal place or state.(haha irony)
  3. Any visionary system of political or social perfection.
  4. An interesting place filled with people, chaos, and everything else.
  5. A place of wonder and enchantment.
  6. Beloved Home

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Room Specific / General RulesEdit


General rules

Room SpecificEdit

Specific rules & trends for the room :

(All rules of Kongregate are at the interpretation of Moderators)

  • Be aware of your behavior. If you are old enough for this site you are old enough to know what that means.
  • Being bored is not an excuse to break the rules.
  • English Only.
  • Speaking about religion or politics is ok. Speaking. Not arguing, trolling or web-hurling e-objects across the room. ;)
  • Links to other places (including gaming sites) are very welcome. Share funny things! (and keep it pg -13). Referral links are not welcome on Kongregate.
  • If you silence-dodge/ban-dodge (come back with an alt to troll), the silence of your main account will be extended if continue the same behavior.
  • If you copy-pasta a whisper, you take responsibility of the content, be it silencable.
  • Nuking = insta-silence
  • Filter-dodging = insta-silence
  • Can't remember this stuff while in chat don't forget the Room Details there are reminders there.
  • Official Room Greeting is "Hi, utopians"
  • Correct spelling is a good way to be welcomed.
  • It is not Sparta. It is Utopia.
  • DON'T PLAY WITH THE TROLLS! You don't know where they've been!
  • This is not a place for 4chan memes.
  • Stuck on a game, or anything else? Burn the rope


What is a reg? If you are a reg you know it.

Wanna be a reg?

  • Regs are regularly in the room.
    • Amount of time in room does not qualify you for reg status. Some people need a year, others a day, it just depends on the person.
    • You do need to be fairly active in the room.
  • They are accepted by the room.
    • Be yourself but try not to be a jerk. Can a jerk be a reg? Sure we all have our off/on days.
    • Don't be an attention whore, there are LOTS of people in the room not just you.
  • They are an important part of the room.
    • Make a contribution to the room. Come in say hi, share who you are but remember acceptance note.

You don't need a list because they are pretty obvs. Since we get new people here is a list of some to look out for.

Not on the list? Check reg requirements and adjust yourself. No one said this was a complete list or that all names on it are accurate.


The people listed have one way or another disappeared from the room. A strikethrough indicates that this user has been permanently banned from Kongregate.

Eternal UtopiansEdit

This is for those Utopians who may no longer be with us, but will always remain a Utopian.

VampShadoeEyeVampShadoe-14 May 2011


Bi-polar SmileEdit

jar4833: :D:D:D:
VampShadoe: jar that hurts my eyes
gorgakthedragon: LOL
jar4833: O.o
VampShadoe: thats what i think i would call bi-polar smilie
gorgakthedragon: A happy face?
gorgakthedragon: oh
VampShadoe: there are eyes on both sides
VampShadoe: so its constantly switching from happy to sad

KayChan Learns How to MuteEdit

KayChan : how do i mute...
No_not_rly: I do not understand what is happening here
Comrade_Somnios: you can't
VampShadoe: hey not really
No_not_rly: haldo
SirSpoogie: want to join the andy fan club?
No_not_rly: andy who?
SirSpoogie: omg
SirSpoogie: ANDY!
VampShadoe: you dont know andy???
VampShadoe: andysk8s
No_not_rly: oh, from here, I thought you were talking about a celebrity or something
No_not_rly: yeah, I know him.
VampShadoe: kay - here is how to mute
SirSpoogie: isn't he amazing
SirSpoogie: i love andy
VampShadoe: you go to their profile and say mute
KayChan: say it?
VampShadoe: yeah
KayChan: do I have to have a mic?
VampShadoe: out loud
No_not_rly: lol
TheTragicHobo: this game is weird D:
No_not_rly: YOUR MOTHER.
No_not_rly: that game rocks
TheTragicHobo: ik
TheTragicHobo: still weird tho
No_not_rly: what's wierd?
Kristine6475: ...
Kristine6475: *epic facepalm*
No_not_rly: he crashed his baloon, and needs to fix it while fending off black slimes.
Kristine6475: you have to say it reeaallll loud though Kay